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10 Awesome Blogs From The Non-profit And Public Sectors


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Blogging is a great inbound marketing and public relations tool that can accomplish many objectives for your organization, such as:
- Provide important information to the public
- Establish thought leadership
- Connect and engage your community
- Provide a different perspective to your organization
- Drive search traffic to your website

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10 Awesome Blogs From The Non-profit And Public Sectors

  2. 2. Benefits of Blogging • Provide important information to the public • Establish thought leadership • Connect and engage with your community • Present a different side to your organization • Drive search traffic to your website
  3. 3. What Makes a Great Blog? 1. GREAT CONTENT THAT’S RELEVANT! 2. Potential for social sharing & engagement 3. Visually appealing with plenty of white space 4. Use of calls to action 5. Well organized and categorized
  4. 4. { }10 Second Harvest This community-centric blog is dedicated to the people who keep this Toronto food rescue charity afloat: volunteers. The blog is full of behind-the-scenes images of volunteers in action. Grade: B-
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  6. 6. { }Wellesley Institute As a research and policy institute, the Wellesley Institute’s blog is what you’d expect it to be: well- research and well-cited with frequent use of graphs. It’s obvious that a lot of work goes into this blog. A must-read for policy buffs. Grade: B+ 9
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  8. 8. { }8 Toronto Cat Rescue In addition to informing its community, Toronto Cat Rescue uses its blog to tug at heartstrings by posting adorable cat pictures. And we all know nothing says viral like a good cat pic. Grade: A-
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  10. 10. { }Oxfam Canada The Oxfam Canada blog is a great read. The content provides both thought leadership on areas such as social policy as well as emotional appeals and evidence of progress to donors. Grade: A- 7
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  12. 12. { }6 Covenant House Covenant House Toronto is dedicated to assisting the city’s homeless youth and uses its blog to help achieve this objective. The blog provide readers with an up-close-and-personal look at the people the agency serves. Grade: A-
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  14. 14. { }Toronto Police Service The TPS blog gives the public a different perspective of the police that isn’t often covered in the media, highlighting the police’s community involvement. Grade: A 5
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  16. 16. { }4 MaRS From listicles to newsjacking, the “MaRS Blog” makes use of popular blog types to highlight innovation in Canadian technology and entrepreneurship. Grade: A
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  18. 18. { }Ecojustice The folks at Ecojustice, a Canadian environmental law charity, do an excellent job at categorizing and tagging their blog posts based on issues. The blog is visually appealing with various authors participating in its production. Grade: A 3
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  20. 20. { } This online privacy organization uses its blog to educate stakeholders about issues concerning digital policy. The frequently used blog also includes external media posts with comments enabled to foster discussion. Grade: A+ 2
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  22. 22. { }SickKids Foundation The “SickKids Main Street” blog might be the best one out there. This blog not only looks terrific, it’s also shareable and engaging, providing donors with a behind-the-scenes look at their money at work. Grade: A+ 1
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  24. 24. John Gilson is a Toronto- based digital marketing and public relations professional, with many years of experience in the non-profit sector. Twitter: @John_Gilson JOHN GILSON
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