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GIC's Guide To Long-Termism

For GIC, taking the long view is fundamental. We ensure that long-termism permeates our practices, breaking the necessary discipline down into five areas: investment philosophy, governance framework, investment mandate, organizational practices, and communication.

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GIC's Guide To Long-Termism

  1. 1. GIC’S GUIDE TO long-termism Long-termism is key to GIC’s investing approach to achieve our mission of a good return above global inflation over the long term. HERE’S HOW WE GET THERE: We keep all stakeholders apprised of any issues and challenges. Nomenclature is destiny; how and what we say is key in bringing out the right behaviours in our people. CONSISTENT COMMUNICATIONS Long-termism is who we are, from top to bottom. We develop our people, measure performance over multiple time periods at the total portfolio level, and differentiate process from outcome. ENTERPRISE ALIGNED GIC is a long-term value investor. We seek to compound fundamental value and source opportunities in price value divergence. We strive to assess value well and maintain price discipline, even in the face of market fluctuations. CLEAR INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY Our stakeholders trust our leadership. The strength of our governance rests on having clear approval authority, regular reporting and separation of conflicting roles. STRONG GOVERNANCE GIC’s sole mission is to preserve and enhance the international purchasing power of Singapore’s financial reserves under our management. Our main investment metric is the rolling 20-year real rate of return. SINGLE MANDATE Putting these principles into practice requires constant vigilance and discipline. The entire ecosystem needs to share the same long-term orientation.