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5 Investing Principles - LRSVP

In our investment decisions, we are guided by our 5 Investing Principles:

1) Invest for the long-term
2) Be risk-aware
3) Leverage strengths
4) Focus on value
5) Prepare, don't predict

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5 Investing Principles - LRSVP

  1. 1. 5 GIC’S INVESTING PRINCIPLES Invest For The Long-Term Be Risk-Aware Focus On Value Capture structural trends, harvest the illiquidity premium, compound returns, and ride through cycles for long-term gains. Align both investment and organisational processes. Take calculated risks, diversify, plan for volatility and be aware of permanent loss. Focus on intrinsic value and exercise price discipline. Divestment is as important as investment. Engage strategically, identify market inefficiencies and develop competitive advantages. Leverage Strengths Prepare, Don’t Predict Seek clarity, not certainty; understand drivers and plan ahead for different scenarios. R S V P L