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Games Industry Analytics Forum 2 - GamesAnalytics


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Games Industry Analytics Forum 2 - GamesAnalytics

  1. 1. How to Build Games forAnalytics
  2. 2. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012How to Build Games forAnalytics• Analytics is all about data• Getting good data is invaluable• Everything we do is based onthe quality of the data2
  3. 3. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012BuildAnalytics in from the Start• Analytics is often low priority• ‘Tagging’ the game is done at the end andcompromised• Where data collection is integrated as anafterthought, the process takes 3-5 timeslonger to implement3
  4. 4. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Effort vs Pain• Events often require a number of pieces of information• These are often not required by the game• But invaluable for analytics, giving a full picture of thebehaviour• Mapping these early makes sending this data muchsimpler“On average games where event collection is retro-fitted into thedevelopment process collect 60% of the valuable game data;which is the equivalent to leaving money on the table."4
  5. 5. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012ASingle Player View• Thereare often multiple systemsinvolved in complexgames• GameServers,Thick clients andTransactionsystems• It is vital to have a single view of the player• Havinga consistentuserIDand SessionID• Thesetie players togetherand allow behavioursto betracked“If dataiscomingfrom different servers,itisimportant that theyare stillidentifiedtobepart of thesame session.Ideallythetimestamp willalsobesynchronisedsothe orderofeventsismaintainedandthe singleviewoftheplayerjourneyismaintained.”5
  6. 6. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Synchronise Timestamps• With a mixture of client and servers• Having a synchronised timestamp is vital• This can either be• Sent in real time to the analytics server andtimestampedthere• Systemclockssynchronisedto deliver aconsistenttimestamp6
  7. 7. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Collet Outcomes• Collect outcomes rather than changes• In a mission, collect what the playerachieved (kills, shots fired)• Upgrades, collect the result and not theindividual elements• This reduces data and makes analysiseasier“toomuchinformationcanbeasdangerousastoo little”7
  8. 8. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Collect Status Data• Status data is general information like XP, Score• Collect these at the end of each event• This gives tracking and records it at significantpoints8
  9. 9. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Game Versions by Cohorts• Player insight is driven by segmentation• Recording changes to the game version• Client Version• ServerVersion• Data Version• This allows analysis of changes betweenversions9
  10. 10. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012Data Completeness• There is no such thing as data completeness• Always aim and expect to add new events• Focus initially on retention events to driveusage• Next focus on monetisation to understandbuying behaviour• Complex gameplay events should be left tohelp drive segmentation10
  11. 11. Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2012