Kindle Publishing Made Easy With Kindle Triangulation Method


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Creating ebooks is easier than you may realize
That's why the next side of the triangle is... Book & Game Creation. My new strategy centers on quality so you won't be making crap ebooks... no more assembly line. But you can still do it fast (and I'm making ten time more money with quality content).

The trick to creating an obscene amount of content fast is not to create content at all. In just a minute you'll see:

10 kinds of books that almost build themselves
11 ways to name your books
Who I would use on the rare occasion I outsource a project
And 2 free sites with the content you need already organized

Go to : for more information

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Kindle Publishing Made Easy With Kindle Triangulation Method

  1. 1. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Method Tips On Writing & Publishing Your Own Book
  2. 2. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation MethodTable of ContentsTips On Writing & PublishingYour Own Book..................................................................................................................................1How to Create a Digital Text Book for the Amazon Kindle...............................................................2The Amazon Kindle: Why It Is a Hit.................................................................................................3Top Selling Amazon Kindle Books: Can Yours Be One?..................................................................4Using Amazon’s Digital Text Platform...............................................................................................6Writers: How the Amazon Kindle’s Popularity Effects You..............................................................7How to Sell an eBook in Amazon Kindle Format..............................................................................8How to Write an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.................................................................................9How to Write an eBook and What to Do with It..............................................................................10 1 – Choose a Category.................................................................................................................10 2 – Create a Title for Your E-Book..............................................................................................10 3 – Write Your Introduction.........................................................................................................10 4 – Write Your E-Book.................................................................................................................11 5 – Write Your Conclusion...........................................................................................................11 6 – Edit Your e-Book....................................................................................................................11Amazon Kindle Books versus eBooks: Which is Best?..................................................................11How to Create a Digital Text Book for the Amazon KindleAre you an author who enjoys writing for pay or for personal enjoyment? If so, you should turn Many new writers are surprised to learn that has a self-publish optionfor their popular e-book reading device, the Kindle.When writing a book to sell on the Amazon Kindle Store, you have two options. You can create ane-book from scratch or use one you already wrote and retain the rights to. To increase earnings, doboth. Profit from your old how-to books gathering dust on your computer and achieve your dreamof always writing a romance novel.The first step in profiting from Amazon Kindle books is to write yours. You can review theAmazon Kindle Store on This enables you to scout the competition. There arehundreds of thousands of Kindle Books available for sale. Choose a how-to topic that is interestingto you, but unique on the website. For creative novels, just write from the heart. This automaticallyresults in a unique novel with a captivating storyline.After composing the e-book, proofread and edit. In fact, do it many times. Even the best writersmake mistakes. Books for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store are subject to reviews. A good bookwith little to no errors should result in positive reviews. These are important to your success. Apoorly reviewed e-book will limit sales. After all, no one wants to buy a bad book.
  3. 3. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation MethodOnce your book is ready for self-publishing, you visit the Amazon website, at Fromthere, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the “Self-Publish with Us,” link and choosethe Amazon Kindle. You will arrive at the digital text platform; log into your account. At thedashboard, click to view your shelf and add a new item.Preparing an e-book for sale with the Kindle self-publishing option is broken into three easy steps.Step one is to describe the book. Complete all fields. Write the title of your book, your name as theauthor, and write a description. If selling a how-to guide, highlight a few steps or topics covered. Ifselling a creative work of fiction, summarize your storyline and introduce the main characters.Once product details are complete, move onto the next step. Step two is uploading and previewingyour documents. To be compatible with the Amazon Kindle, all books must be in digital textformat. Browse to find the text, word, HTML, or PDF document on your computer. During theupload process, these files convert into digital text. The latter part of step two is to preview yourdigital text file. Be on the lookout for formatting issues and alter any errors.Once your files are properly upload and converted, move onto the next step. Step three is settingthe selling price. If you haven’t already browsed the Amazon Kindle Book Store, open a newinternet window and do so now. There are thousands of books available for sale. Yours will be oneof many. A good cover and detailed product description will set your e-book apart from the rest, butso will a good selling price. Do not undersell yourself, but don’t charge too much. First timeauthors, typically charge less than $10. How-to books are usually shorter in length; therefore, theyshould cost less.Once the selling price is set, click on the “Publish,” link. Your e-book is ready to go and properlyformatted for the Amazon Kindle. Within 24 hours, on average, your book will be listed for sale Amazon Kindle: Why It Is a HitAre you an author who is interested in writing e-books for the Amazon Kindle platform? If so, youmay rethink your decision many times before getting started. You may wonder if writing e-booksfor the Amazon Kindle is worth the time. So is it? It depends.As with any other moneymaking opportunity, writing digital text e-books for the Amazon Kindlehas its risks. You can write an e-book, convert it to digital text on the website, and listyour book for sale, but you aren’t guaranteed sales. A good cover, a detailed description, a goodbook, and a fair selling price can increase your chance of profits. But, it is important to look at thepopularity of the Amazon Kindle. Over a year after its release, it is still a hit. As long as peoplebuy and use the Kindle, you can make money.As previously stated, the Amazon Kindle is a popular e-book reading device. Why is that?It is portable. The Amazon Kindle pushes e-books to the next level. Before, users could not escapetheir computers to read a digital book. Even those with laptops were at a disadvantage, because
  4. 4. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Methodthey couldn’t curl up with a good book without a bulky laptop in the way. The Amazon Kindleprovides users with freedom.It’s weight. The Amazon Kindle weighs 10.3 ounces. This is less than most paperback books andall hardcover novels. As previously stated, it caters to those who want to curl up with a blanket anda good book. They can actually do so because the device is so light!It is durable. With portable devices, durability is vital. Those who use these devices on the go, likethe Amazon Kindle, are more likely to drop or damage it. The good news is that a traditional dropshouldn’t damage the Amazon Kindle. In fact, visit and they have a drop test videofor you to watch with your own eyes!It is easy to clean. Unfortunately, many consumers do not consider cleaning ease when buyingelectronics. Not only do some readers like to curl up with a blanket and a good book, but a snacktoo. Visit and browse the reviews. Many users mention spilling a small amount ofliquid or dumping crumbs on the device, but they are all easy to clean. This helps to extend the lifeand use of the Amazon Kindle.It is wireless. The Amazon Kindle is equipped with Whispernet. It uses Sprint’s data network toconnect users to the Amazon Kindle Store on the go. So, not only can owners purchase an e-bookat the drop of the hat, they can do so without a computer and connecting cables. This sets theAmazon Kindle apart from its only viable competition, the Sony Reader.In conclusion, there are many reasons why the Amazon Kindle is not only a popular e-book reader,but a hit. As a writer, you can and should use this popularity to your advantage. Write an e-book,register for a free account, visit the digital text platform, enter in your productdescription, covert your e-book to digital text, set your selling price, and publish. Within 24 hours,your book should be listed for sale on According to their Terms and Conditions, youget 35% royalties from each sale.Top Selling Amazon Kindle Books: Can Yours Be One? If you are an author interested in composing an e-book for the Amazon Kindle Store, you may wonder what you should write about. What topics generate the most interest for how-to books? What is best for non-fiction? Continue reading on to find out. The information below was complied in December 2008. Although best selling books do change, it is easy to spot a trend. If youwant to write and sell digital books for the Amazon Kindle, these trends can help you get started.In November 2008, The Twilight was released in theatres. This movie, based on a book, was notonly a bestseller in print, but for the Amazon Kindle and on the big screen. This book and the
  5. 5. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Methodmovie that followed is geared towards teens and young adults. This is not the first time a book hasled to a movie or one as popular. Harry Potter comes to mind for most.Although it will be rare for your first book to become a bestseller and get movie rights, don’t thinkit is out of the question. Instead, aim for it. If you want to express your creativity and cater to theteen and young adult market, read these books and watch these movies. What are they doing right?Take it and create your own unique storyline.Another best seller in the Amazon Kindle Store is “Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a GreenRevolution and How It Can Renew America.” As for this book’s popularity, it came at the righttime. The past few years have brought about global warming concerns and the impact it will haveon the future. There is much controversy surrounding global warming and people want to knowmore about it. Not only that, people want to know what they can do to protect the future for futuregenerations.Composing a book on global warming is not something the average writer can do. It takes a lot ofresearch. If you are looking for a quick way to make money on, instead opt for ahow-to book. It is easy to research and compose a list of steps Americans can take to lessen theimpact of global warming and save money. List tips and further describe them in detail.Another best seller in the Amazon Kindle Store is “The Christmas Sweater,” by Glenn Beck. Thereare three reasons why this book is popular and in demand. At the time of this article, it wasDecember; the time that most Americans want to get into the holiday spirit. Secondly, this book hasa strong message about family that tugs at the heart. Thirdly, Glenn Beck, a popular television hoston CNN Headline News, wrote this book.Composing a book of this magnitude isn’t hard. Yes, the author’s celebrity status did have to dowith the book’s popularity, but it goes beyond that. Readers were captivated by the story. It’s anamazing, yet heart wrenching tale. In fact, it left many readers reflecting on their own personal life.A book like this is easy to create. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, look inside yourself andchoose a meaningful heartwarming memory or even one that stems from tragedy and build a storyaround it.A number of best selling books in the Amazon Kindle Store have an economy theme. In presenttime, the economy is a huge problem. Millions of Americans are losing their jobs or experiencingcutbacks, many are losing their homes and their retirement savings. Although experts claim theeconomy will bounce back in under two years, Americans are concerned. That is why books like“Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse,” and “The Ascent of Money,”are popular.Composing a book on the economy is ideal if you can get started right away. Regardless of whenyou write an Amazon Kindle book, whether it be now or two years later, closely examine issues thatare impacting Americans. How-to books will always be in demand.In short, there are hundreds of thousands of books available through the Amazon Kindle Store.Your book will be one of many. To make it stand out, you should have a professional cover,detailed product descriptions, and a good selling price. In terms of subject, you can make moremoney with a unique subject or story, but don’t go out of your way to create one. Writers performthe best when they write from the heart.
  6. 6. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation MethodUsing Amazon’s Digital Text PlatformAmazon’s digital text platform, also known as DTP,may not mean much to you. It may be just anotherapplication you don’t need. Stop right now! Don’tthink this way. As an e-book author, Amazon’sdigital text platform is not just an application, but amoneymaking tool. It allows you to covert your e-books into digital text format. What is so specialabout this format? It makes your e-book compatiblewith the popular Amazon Kindle. In fact, whenfinished, your e-book is sold in the Amazon KindleBook Store!You can visit the Amazon DTP two ways. The easiest is by visiting is also possible through Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the“Self-Publish with Us,” link. Choose the Amazon Kindle. In fact, while on this page, examineAmazon’s other self-publishing options.Amazon owns and operates this website. All Amazon accounts will work. If you do not have anAmazon account, create a free one. All users need to visit the “My Account,” section on thedashboard. Make sure your information is up-to-date and accurate. They need a way to contact youand pay you when a sale is made.To start the publishing process, select “My Self,” from the dashboard headings. Then, click to add anew item. A new box will appear. This is step one of three. Enter in product details. An ISBNnumber is requested, but not required. A description of your book is optional too, but this is a must.Reader will not buy a book based on its cover and title alone. Write a short, but detaileddescription. Highlight the steps covered in the how-to guide or summarize the storyline in thehorror book.Also in the product description box is a heading for category and search keywords. These steps tooare optional, but important. Choose the right category for your book. Don’t list a creative horrorbook in with the romance novels and so forth. As for keywords, be accurate. Describe the book inshort words or phrases. Does the e-book show people how to save money? Save money ongroceries, save on groceries, how to save money, and ways to save money are great keyword searchphrases.Once the product details are complete, save the page and the move onto the next. This page is titled“Upload and Preview Book.” A box will appear asking for the media location. Browse yourcomputer to find the file. HTML files are recommended, but documents ending in .txt, .pdf, and
  7. 7. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Method.doc are acceptable. After finding the proper document, upload. The process will begin. The file isnot only uploaded, but converted into digital text too. For that reason, this process can take time.File size and internet connection impacts upload times.The second half of this step is previewing your document. Most files will convert withoutcomplications, but they do occur. In most cases, they are formatting issues, such as missingparagraph breaks. Scan your document. Make necessary changes before saving the page andmoving onto the next.The final step in this process is to set your selling price. Prices can be .99 cents to $200. Accordingto Amazon’s Terms and Conditions, you receive 35% in royalties from each sale. You are paid afteryour royalties total $10. Don’t overprice your book, as it will limit sales. Don’t under price, as itwill impact your profits. Save your price and move onto the next step, this is to publish. Within 24hours, your digital text book will be available for sale on How the Amazon Kindle’s Popularity Effects YouAre you an author who wants to increase your earning and try new avenues of making money? Ifso, you may turn to and their self-publishing feature for the Amazon Kindle. Writingan e-book for the Amazon Kindle platform is a great way to make money from home, but you maybe wondering if it is worth the time.Of course, any moneymaking opportunity has its risks. You can invest a lot of time and effort intowriting a book, only to see little or no sales. This is always a risk, but that risk is minimized withthe Amazon Kindle. Why? Because it is a popular device. Over a year after is release, the AmazonKindle was still on backorder. This device is so popular that the manufacturers are having adifficult time keeping it in stock. This is a good sign. It means there is a good market for digitaltext e-books like yours.So, how exactly does the Amazon Kindle’s popularity effect you as an author?The Amazon Kindle is portable. Most users hold the device with two hands, but it is small enoughthat only one hand is needed. One of the reasons why e-books have a limited market is becausesome readers still want to curl up with a blanket and a good book. The Amazon Kindle now allowsthem to do so. In that aspect, the Kindle expands the market for e-books and your earningspotential.The Amazon Kindle is lightweight. This electronic book reading device weighs in at 10.3 ounces.This is less than most paperback novels! Also, the Amazon Kindle stores hundreds of books and anadditional storage card is available. Owners are likely to buy more e-books because they havenothing to lose by doing so. It isn’t like going to the library or bookstore and walking out with 20books, no extra weight is added to the Amazon Kindle since it is an electronic device.The Amazon Kindle is equipped with Whispernet. This uses Sprint’s EVDO data network. Users donot need to connect the Kindle to their computer with USB cables. In fact, they can browse theAmazon Kindle store and make a purchase from just about anywhere. As an author, this works toyour advantage, as you will get buyers who make a purchase on a whim. If a Kindle owner’s
  8. 8. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Methodemployer is laying off workers, they may automatically search the Kindle Store to find how-tobooks of saving money, finding a new job, or writing a resume. If you have a book on these topics,you may make a sale.The Amazon Kindle has adjustable text size. This means that individuals of all ages, including theelderly, can easily use it. This lets you target a completely new market! Those with disabilities orpoor eyesight don’t have to struggle to readjust the size of PDF e-book on the computer. In fact,many just avoid e-books. The Amazon Kindle automatically adjusts the entire text with ease andthe click of a button.As you can see, the Amazon Kindle has a number of benefits and features that make it unique. Asan author who wants to write books for the Kindle, this is good news. As long as the AmazonKindle is popular, compatible books will always be in demand.How to Sell an eBook in Amazon Kindle FormatAre you an author who has penned an e-book? Are you experiencing slow sales or no sales at all?If so, you should spend time on marketing. By ensuring more people see your e-book sales page,you increase interest and profits. You can also take an additional step. That step is targeting a newmarket, Amazon Kindle owners. Within just a few minutes, you can easily convert your e-book toan Amazon Kindle book and list it for sale on you recently authored an e-book, you likely used Microsoft Word to do so. Microsoft Word ispopular with writers, as it has an easy-to-use format, spell checker, and grammar checker. To sellan e-book, you convert the document into an Adobe PDF file. If you have the original MicrosoftWord document, great! If not, use the Adobe PDF file.Since you already wrote and proofread your e-book, the hard work is done. As previously stated, ittakes only a few minutes to list an Amazon Kindle book for sale. To get started, visit must have a free account. If you don’t, create one.Scroll down to the bottom of Click on the link titled “Self-Publish with Us.” On thenext page, select “Get Started,” from the Amazon Kindle section. This leads to the digital textcommunity. This is your gateway to making money on Sign into your dashboard.Do this using your account information. From your dashboard, add a new item. Youwill then start the three-part process.Step one is to add product details. You are asked to summarize the book you are selling. Enter yourname as the author, the title, and write a product description. Your product description is veryimportant. Shoppers will see it and read it before making a purchase. Describe what your book isabout, but don’t provide too much information. Leave shoppers feeling like there is more to learn.Step two is to upload and preview your e-book. The upload process automatically converts yourdocument into digital text. As previously stated, both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documentscan be converted on Amazon’s digital text platform. During this step, preview your book. Browsethrough the entire document. Formatting errors are rare, but not uncommon. Fix any mistakesbefore proceeding to the next step.Step three is to set your price. If you have yet to browse the Amazon Kindle Store, do so now.
  9. 9. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation MethodSearch for books that are similar to yours. Did you write a horror novel? If so, look for others inthe same genre. What is the average selling price? You want to make money, but a high price canhurt your profits. On average, first-time authors sell their Amazon Kindle books for less than $10.After entering a selling price, hit the “Publish,” button. Your document will no longer be a draft,but a live book. It won’t appear in the Amazon Kindle Store right away. It should take around 24hours to appear.When listing an e-book for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store, you will be asked for a lot ofinformation. This includes your email and bank account information. This is legitimate and do notbe afraid to give it. Amazon needs a way to contact you and pay when your royalties total $10.How to Write an eBook for the Amazon KindleIf you enjoy writing for fun or for pay, you may consider e-books. Electronic books are increasingin popularity, but there is still a limited market for them. Not everyone likes reading books fromtheir computer. As the age old saying goes, most people still want to curl up in a corner with a goodbook. The good news is that they can do so with an e-book. This is due to the development andsale of the Amazon Kindle.The Amazon Kindle is a lightweight e-book reader. It weighs just over 10 ounces. In terms of size,it is considered a cross between a paperback novel and a hardcover book. Although similar in size,the electronic device is much thinner. If that wasn’t enough, it is equipped with Whispernet.Through the use of cell phone networks, owners are able to wirelessly visit the Amazon KindleBook Store to browse, purchase, and upload their favorite e-books, magazines, and newspapers.The wireless technology is included in the cost of the Kindle. Users just purchase additional e-books as wanted.Right about now, you may be thinking “Yes, the Amazon Kindle sounds like a neat device, but howdoes it impact me?” As a writer, it is more than just an electronic book reader, but a moneymakingtool. Many writers are surprised to learn that has a self-publishing option for theKindle. They do. Essentially, you write an e-book, create a free account, visit theirdigital text platform website, enter your product description, upload and preview your documents,and set your selling price. Within 24 hours, your e-book will be listed for sale on inthe Kindle Store.If you have experience writing e-books, you are at a good advantage. You already know how towrite an e-book, the preferred length, and preferred formatting style. For you, it won’t be difficultat all to write an e-book for In fact, you don’t even need to write a new e-book. Ifyou wrote and have rights to an electronic book, you can sell it on the website. Allyou do is upload the file, as previously stated, and the website automatically converts the file todigital text. Since you own the rights to the book, you can list it in the Kindle Book store, as well ascontinue to sell the PDF version on your website or another third party marketplace.If you are an author, but do not have experience writing e-books, you are still at an advantage.Unfortunately, some article writers avoid e-books like the plague. Many are worried about theformatting, the length of the book, and so forth. Yes, the task of writing an e-book can seem
  10. 10. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Methoddifficult and large, but it doesn’t have to be. Essentially, an e-book is a collection of articlescompiled into one. First-time e-book writers are encouraged to stick with easy topics such as how-to books.As previously stated, you should look at e-books as a collection of articles. For example, if youwant to write an e-book on how to save money and live a happy live during these hard economictimes, think of good articles to write. If you specialize in writing web content articles, this will beeasier. The introduction of your article would introduce the purpose of your article, which is to savemoney. Instead of writing a two to three sentence introduction, make it two to three paragraphs.In an article, each paragraph would highlight a new point, such as using coupons at the grocerystore. Instead of highlighting each moneysaving step in four to five paragraphs, spend a whole pagediscussing the issue. As for coupons, you start by highlight their importance, how much moneythey can save the average shopper, how to find them, and tips for using. Once you start writing, theword count and page totals easily add up.In short, if you are unfamiliar with e-books, it is best to look at the creation of one like articlewriting. This process will seem a lot easier and less overwhelming. Essentially, you create longerarticles, arrange them in order of proper flow, and compile them to create an e-book. At the end,create a table of contents based on topics and page numbers. It really is that simple.As for making money with, log into your account, visit their digital text publishingplatform, enter in your product description, upload your HTML, word, text, or PDF file, start theconversion process, set your selling price, and wait for you e-book to appear for sale in the KindleStore.How to Write an eBook and What to Do with ItAre you a web content writer who works for hire? If so, have you taken the time to examine e-books? If not, do. Thanks to the popularity of the internet and e-book readers, such as the AmazonKindle, writing e-books is becoming a good moneymaking opportunity.If you have never written an e-book before, you may be nervous about the process. As a webcontent writer, you specialize in writing articles that are typically about one page in length. On theother hand, an e-book can have 200 pages or more. Yes, when looked at from that point, writing ane-book seems like an overwhelming task. Instead, look at it as writing a series of articles. Thesearticles will later be arranged in order and compiled into one e-book.So, how can you write an e-book?1 – Choose a CategoryIf you are a web content writer, you special in writing helpful and informative articles. This is yourexpertise, so you should stick with it. If you later want to expand to creative writing, do so. First,stick with what you know best. This will make writing an e-book easier.
  11. 11. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation MethodAs for the category, choose a topic that is interesting to you, such as working from home, parenting,or saving money. Or, choose an issue that is important to Americans, such as how to lessen theimpact of global warming, how to make money from home, and so forth.2 – Create a Title for Your E-BookIf writing a how-to book, this will be very easy. What does your e-book show readers how to do?If it is save money, a good title would be “How to Keep Money in Your Wallet.”3 – Write Your IntroductionAn introduction for an e-book is just like an article introduction. The only difference is the length.Summarize the purpose of your e-book, as well as your reasons for writing it. Instead of squeezingyour introduction into one paragraph, use the entire page.4 – Write Your E-BookThis will be the hard part for most. As previously stated, think of it as a collection of articles.Create an outline first. If you want to show people how to save money, start by outlining the waysone can save money. There is saving money on groceries, eating out, clothes, travel, utilities and soforth. Each of these can be a section or chapter.Inside each chapter, break down into articles. For example, saving money at the grocery store canhave one article that highlights why you should, how it can increase your savings, how you can usecoupons, tips for finding coupons, and tips for getting full use out of them. Within minutes, youmay have a collection of articles that can be transformed into a 10 page section or chapter.5 – Write Your ConclusionYour conclusion should summarize your e-Book and what readers just learned. Restate some ofyour most helpful and moneysaving tips.6 – Edit Your e-BookIf you use Microsoft Word, the program will help you capture many grammar and spelling errors.It, however, isn’t 100% full proof. So, proofread and edit your book.Now that you know how to compose an e-book, you may wonder how to make money from it. Thegood news is that you have many options. You can create a website and sell your e-book fromthere, use a third party marketplace, like, or convert your e-book to digital text and sell itas an Amazon Kindle book. To increase your earnings, do all three.A website is easy and affordable to create. and other third party marketplaces are easy to
  12. 12. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Methoduse. As for the Amazon Kindle, you just need a free account. Upload your Microsoft Worddocument to the digital text platform and it will automatically convert the file into digital text. Thismakes it readable for Amazon Kindle users. Your book is then listed for sale at the Amazon KindleStore.Amazon Kindle Books versus eBooks: Which is Best?If you are a web content writer who wants to increase your earnings, you may move up to the nextlevel. For most, this is e-books. Although you can write e-books for hire, you can also write andsell your own. In fact, you have many options when doing so. You can leave your e-Book as is oruse the Amazon digital text platform to transform your e-book into an Amazon Kindle book. Whichoption is best? Both!If you want to make money selling an e-book you composed, it is important to understand yourtargeted market. Unfortunately, it is still relatively small. E-books are increasing in popularity, butsome people don’t want to read a book on a computer. Many still want to feel the pages or literallycuddle with a blanket and a good book. For that reason, you need to target as many potential buyersas possible. That is why you should not only sell your e-book as it, but also convert it to a digitaltext Amazon Kindle book.Most writers utilize Microsoft Word. Its spell check and grammar check programs make it easy tocatch errors. After composing your e-book, proofread it. This is the most important step. Badbooks get negative press and bad reviews. If you want to profit as an e-book author you need aquality book and one that isn’t riddled with errors.After composing your e-book and proofreading, you want to get started with the Kindle Booktransformation. You should do this first, as it is very easy. Visit Create a freeaccount if you don’t have one. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Self-Publish withUs,” link. On that page, choose the Amazon Kindle. You may need to log into your account again.You should be brought to the dashboard.Once at your dashboard for the Amazon digital text platform, choose the feature that allows you toadd a new item. From there, follow the directions. This begins with entering in product details.Summarize your e-book in the product description, enter in your tile and your name as the author.The next step is the conversion. Upload your Microsoft Word document and Amazon will convert itto digital text. Proofread and preview. The final step is setting your price. Once done, click“Publish,” and your book will be uploaded to the Amazon Kindle Store in about 24 hours.The Amazon Kindle is a handheld electronic device. It weighs 10.3 ounces and simplifies thereading of an e-book. Owners can browse, preview, purchase, and download books from the KindleStore without any wires or computer. On average, most e-books sell for $9.99. Amazon pays you a35% royalty fee for each sale. Although small, you can still make a profit. It is because you aretargeting a specific group of customers, Kindle owners.Targeting Amazon Kindle owners gives you an advantage, but it also hurts your profits. Kindles arepopular, but not everyone owns them. They cost almost $400 and Amazon has a hard time keeping
  13. 13. Amazin Kindle Publihing Tips by Kindle Triangulation Methodup with requests. So, don’t just rely on the Kindle the make money from your e-book. Create anaccount with Adobe Create a PDF or use a free PDF converter online. You should covert yourMicrosoft Word document to a PDF file. Not all internet users have Microsoft Word, but all havean Adobe PDF reader.As for the sale of your book, you have many options. You can create a sales page. Post a picture ofyour e-book cover, summarize the book, post reviews, state the selling price, and accept PayPal.Market your e-book sales page through article directories, message boards, press releases, and sales.By handling the sale of your own e-book, you generate the largest income. You don’t have to shareprofits with anyone else. However, if you are limited on time or find the process overwhelming,turn to a third-party marketplace or self-publishing company, such as short, it is easy to profit from a well-written and interesting e-book. Don’t make the mistake oflimiting your income potential.You can take a short cut to your success very quickly by getting hold of an incredible new releasethat will also reveal little knows secrets called The Kindle Triangulation Method to muliply YourEarnings and Profits 10 fold when you implement the simple strategies. You can be up and runningin a few hours , have your book published by the end of the week and start earning money by nextweek.Grab This Resource by Clicking here - or Click Here – Kindle Triangulation MethodBrought to you by Hamant Keval