Email Marketing – An Important Promotional Strategy


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List Bulding is an essential for any online business. We show you the way to build a long lasting trltionship with your customers online. Building a database of your customers and subscribers is one of the most important aspects of any business- online and offline. Start building out on a solid foundation.

Having a mailing list enables you to contact your subscribers, buyers whenever you wish, to build relationships with information that they want and sell them ongoing products that they may be interested in.

In this report we cover -
Email Marketing Means Big Profits
The Optin Sign Up Page
Where Does The Subscriber Go Via The Email?

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  • Email marketing is one of the best advertising methods.
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Email Marketing – An Important Promotional Strategy

  1. 1. Email Marketing – AnImportant PromotionalStrategyEmail Marketing Means Big ProfitsOnline marketing is all about creating an optin listsand finding new ways to keep building them.Designing an email marketing campaign that workseffectively is the primary method. There are twosides to this – the actual campaign itself and therecipient’s experience of this strategy in terms ofsigning up. It is not unnatural for an affiliate marketerto focus on designing the email marketing processwithout paying enough attention to the optin sign uppage and where the subscriber lands after the signup. Here’s a look at these two aspects.The Optin Sign Up PageOptin list building basically implies that visitors to thewebsite signed up voluntarily and have permitted the
  2. 2. affiliate marketer to send them email messages.There are instances when the visitor to the websitecan go away without signing up due to some reasonor other. Getting a visitor to sign up with the websitecan be maximized by following this checklist: Online marketing is all • The signing up process must be an easy one. about creating an optin Visitors should not have to search for the sign lists and finding new ways up page. The sign up should preferably be on to keep building them...... the site’s home page. • Having to fill up too much information can be Click Here To Find Out The quite off-putting for visitors. The initial sign up Fastest Way To Explode must be simple and ask for the minimum Your List information. • If visitors are forced to actually create an account before they can expect the newsletter from the website, they can get discouraged and wont sign up at all. • Preferably only the name and email address must be asked for. • It is better to inform up front about what the subscriber can expect in the emails they will receive. • If information regarding the visitor’s specific interests is requested at the time of opting in, then these must be adhered to so that they Optin list building only receive information they want. basically implies that • Any questions asked at the time of opting in visitors to the website must be relevant to the subscriber. signed up voluntarily andReviewing the above will ensure that the sign up have permitted thepage is effective and makes the visitor opt in and affiliate marketer to sendhelp in the list building process. The main reason them email messages.....behind this review is that the easier it is to sign up,the quicker will it be. By setting expectations that arereasonable in the beginning, there will be fewer optouts from the list.Where Does The Subscriber Go Via TheEmail?
  3. 3. Usually, an affiliate marketer who is gettingstartedsets up a micro site, which is where thesubscriber lands when they click a link in the emailreceived by them. These micro sites must bedesigned well, so that subscribers are happy aboutsigning up. These landing pages need not be of anyspecific size – it could be of a page or more than onepage. In affiliate marketing, of a bigger priority thanthe size of the micro site is how the subscriber feelsabout it. Some tips on ensuring that email marketingcampaigns and micro sites are well designed are: • The email, which the subscriber receives, and the micro site where they land up must have the same tone so that there is continuity. The subscriber must be eager to know more as a result of the experience on the micro site. • The subscriber must get the feeling of being treated specially since they have privileged In affiliate marketing, is a access to a part of the website as a result of bigger priority than the being a subscriber. size of the micro site is • The micro site must be personalized since how the subscriber feels there is no point sending a personalized email when the micro site is not. There is nothing about it. ....... more discouraging than receiving a friendly Click Here To Find Out customized email only to reach a free-for-all web page which could have been done without bothering to sign up. • Micro sites are usually set up for the duration of a special promotional offer. It can be quite annoying when subscribers save an email in their favorites with the intention of going back to it later, only to find a 404 error staring them in the face. It is therefore essential to make sure that the subscriber is redirected to an active micro site or at the very least, let them know what their options are.
  4. 4. In affiliate marketing, it is important to pay attentionto several small details to create a pleasantsubscriber experience, because only then will theydevelop trust and convert into customers. There areinteresting products that describe all the facets of listbuilding in detail, as well as help beginners getstarted with their online marketing business andbecome successful. Affiliate marketing services provided by The Top Biz Group