Richard Holbrooke's World: Memories of a Newsweek Special Correspondent - A Quasibiblios by Myron D. Stokes


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During the Balkans War of 1992-95 which primarily involved Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia following the break-up of Yugoslovia, I was, thanks to former Detroit Bureau Chief Frank Washington, Chief of Correspondents Ann McDaniel and Editor Maynard Parker, a special correspondent for Newsweek, Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International covering the industrial (automotive, aerospace), financial, medical and technological sectors along with investigative duties. The latter including the Oklahoma City bombing cover story element "Three Strange Friends" within which I interterviewed James Nichols on his farm in Decker, Michigan; "One Family's Nightmare", the murder of the Freeman family in Pennsylvania by their neo-Nazi sons; the GM board revolt analysis "Another Pink Slip?" that predicted to the day when former Chairman Bob Stempel would step down; a measured defense of Edsel Ford II in "A Young Ford at The Wheel" and "The Shame of the City", covering the death of Deletha Word after jumping off the Belle Isle bridge in Detroit to escape her attackers. 
"Just as Safe at Any Speed" written with the Washington Bureau's Evan Thomas, helped to reverse the extremely negative reporting surrounding GM's C/K pickup truck controversy. Additionally, I contributed to an extensive analysis of the nation's blood supply "In Search of Safer Blood" (Geoffrey Cowley, Sharon Begley, et al,) and a 6 month investigation, in collaboration with Melinda Beck, leading to a cover story on the safety of America's airlines "How Safe is This Flight?" 
I also had the privilege of being the only reporter to conduct an extensive interview with Rodney King at the height of the LA Riots of 1992 (my brother Doug and I drove out during curfew) while sitting on the hood of King's "magical" Hyundai Excel that managed to outrun, police claimed, a CHP 5.0L Mustang.

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Richard Holbrooke's World: Memories of a Newsweek Special Correspondent - A Quasibiblios by Myron D. Stokes

  1. 1. eMOTION! Automotive and Aerospace Industries Research and Analysis www.emotionreports.comRichard Holbrookes World: Memories of A Newsweek Special Correspondent A Quasibiblios by Myron D. Stokes Copyright 2010 eMOTION! All rights reserved 74 W. Long Lake Rd. Suite 201 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248-809-1905 http://emotionreportscom/ Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  2. 2. "It goes without saying it is impossible for the westerner to appropriately comprehend the complexities associated with profound cultural and intra-cultural dynamics within a compressedland area: These having evolved over centuries as a result of this region becoming a safe haven for intellectuals, artists and those fleeing the persecution of the Spanish Inquisition, the 30 Years and 100 year religious wars - not to mention the hyper-nationalist pride harnessed under Yugoslavias Marshal Josip Broz Tito." --- I did not know Richard Holbrooke, but Im nevertheless convinced that eventually I would have, given the fact of similar, though separate, spheres of activity. And although I didnt realize it until years later, we both made the decision to not accompany then Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown on the trade mission flight to Croatia that resulted in his and the deaths of 34 others. Like Churchill, a man absolutely born for his times:Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke: 1941-2010 Image:US State Dept.Out of a sense of psychological self-preservation, I had confined these and other events of 15 years agoto the "dark places" of my mind, despite the fact this circumstance alone counts as pivotal to everythingthat has happened in my career since.Permit me to explain.During the Balkans War of 1992-95 which primarily involved Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia following thebreak-up of Yugoslovia, I was, thanks to former Detroit Bureau Chief Frank Washington, Chief ofCorrespondents Ann McDaniel and Editor Maynard Parker, a special correspondent for Newsweek,Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International covering the industrial (automotive, aerospace),financial, medical and technological sectors along with investigative duties. The latter including theOklahoma City bombing cover story element "Three Strange Friends" within which I interterviewedJames Nichols on his farm in Decker, Michigan; "One Familys Nightmare", the murder of the Freemanfamily in Pennsylvania by their neo-Nazi sons; the GM board revolt analysis "Another Pink Slip?" thatpredicted to the day when former Chairman Bob Stempel would step down; a measured defense ofEdsel Ford II in "A Young Ford at The Wheel" and "The Shame of the City", covering the death ofDeletha Word after jumping off the Belle Isle bridge in Detroit to escape her attackers."Just as Safe at Any Speed" written with the Washington Bureaus Evan Thomas, helped to reverse theextremely negative reporting surrounding GMs C/K pickup truck controversy. Additionally, Icontributed to an extensive analysis of the nations blood supply "In Search of Safer Blood" (GeoffreyCowley, Sharon Begley, et al,) and a 6 month investigation, in collaboration with MelindaBeck, leading to a cover story on the safety of Americas airlines "How Safe is This Flight?"I also had the privilege of being the only reporter to conduct an extensive interview with Rodney Kingat the height of the LA Riots of 1992 (my brother Doug and I drove out during curfew) while sitting onthe hood of Kings "magical" Hyundai Excel that managed to outrun, police claimed, a CHP 5.0LMustang. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  3. 3. Crash site of USAF T-43 carrying SECCOM Ron Brown, Dubrovnik in Velji Dol Image: and DoDBack Story Serbian Leader Slobodan Milosevic Image initial interactions with Brown had been the result of our global auto industry reportage with aprimary focus on dissecting the mechanics of Japans export-oriented economy, and an artificiallycontrived Yen/Dollar relationship wherein the manipulation of the Yen downward had created a clearlyunbalanced playing field favoring Japanese imports into the US.A strategy, by the way, now only too well understood by China. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  4. 4. Ronald Harmon Brown Image U.S.Department of CommerceBrown was of great assistance, along with GMs Chief Economist Mustafa Mohaterem, in crafting thetone of the Newsweek Japan cover story in 1993 "The Big Three Strike Back"; an analysis that wouldlater garner for myself and Frank Washington the coveted Detroit Press Club Foundation InternationalGolden Wheel Award for Automotive Journalism.From our first conversation, I was impressed with Brown and felt immediate kinship; not for the leastof reasons that he was an absolute doppelganger of my brother Barry. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  5. 5. Ron and his press secretary the beautiful, articulate, poised and flawlessly professional Carol Hamilton,never failed to respond to requests for financial and trade policy data. More often than not, Id get acall saying "Mr. Brown is on the line, can you speak with him?" When connected, hed usually say thathe was on his way to the airfield and we could talk until he arrived. Within those conversations, herestated, reiterated and emphasized his intention to address the trade imbalance with Japan:"Whenever we meet with Japan trade representatives," he said, "I hold their feet to the fire as it were,by reminding them the growing trade disparity is not acceptable." A 1996 Los Angeles Times piece subsequent to plane crash corroborated this position: "More important, Brown and U.S. Trade Representative Mickey Kantor took an aggressive position in regard to Japan, arguing that its markets were essentially closed to U.S. autos and auto parts. The Clinton administration responded with a threat in 1995 to put a 100% tariff on Japanese luxury imports. A trade war was averted when Japan agreed to take steps to buy more U.S.-made vehicles and auto parts." Illustration 1: Mickey Kantor during UCLA presentation Image: In my view, the same stance must be taken with China. UCLA.eduA Fateful Meeting I had conveyed a warning from our sources to Brown during a September 18, 1995, meeting at the Detroit Economic Club following his presentation, that it was not safe for him to go Croatia; he invited me along anyway to prove everything would be alright. Carol Hamilton had called earlier that day and said "Ron wants to see you after the luncheon". In my possession was a draft of the investigative piece that included ourdata relative to the re-initialization of what was euphemistically called "ethnic cleansing" in the formerYugoslavia, the provable assertion of collusion between the supposedly warring governments of Bosniaand Serbia by their respective Presidents Alijah Izetbegovic and Slobodan Milosevic, the existence of a"shadow" government created to divert up to 90 percent of the aid provided by Muslim countries forBosnian Muslims enduring the 44 month siege of Sarajevo to the government and paramilitaries ofMilosevic and Dr. Radovan Karadžić, his primary implementer of Serbias genocidal strategies thatwere outlined in a 1980 Serbian Academy of Sciences (renamed Serbian Academy of Sciences and Artin 1986) document. It was said to be a mirror of Himmler and Goebbels "Lebensraum" or living spacepolicies that instead of calling for the extermination of Jewish, Russian, Polish, et al, "untermenschen"(sub-humans) it concluded in essence that "If these strategies (ethnic cleansing) are carried out, theBosnian Muslim will cease to exist".The data also detailed the discovery and architecture of of a US-based financial network laterostensibly determined as used to fund on-going and future terrorist operations inclusive of thatoccurring on 9/11. (note: According to former Serbian paramilitary with whom I conversed months later, Osama BinLaden was sheltered in Serbia andBosnia following the 1993 World Trade Center attack, with full knowledge of Milosevic andIzetbegovic) Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  6. 6. I said to him "According to sources I trust, there are people who want you gone." He responded with "Iknow there are people that would rather that I not occupy this office, (Browns interactions with theVietnamese were being questioned at the time) but thats politics." "I dont mean they want you gonefrom office, but gone from this earth", I said. "Well, if that is the case”, he replied, “then theres notmuch I can do. If I responded to every threat I received, I couldnt be effective in this position." "I understand fully, but that doesnt make the threat any less real," I recall saying, "and the words to mewere, its not a good time for Brown to go to the Balkans on a trade mission, whenever it occurs" (thetrip logistics were still being worked out at the time). At that point, he suggested that I go along, towhich I responded I would "check with my editors". Part of me very much wanted to go (I had agreed to go to Sarajevo a few months before without hesitation, although the family was not exactly thrilled with the idea) and another part just could not ignore the warning conveyed. A fitting tribute: Launch of the oceanic and atmospheric research vessel Ronald H. Brown Image: NOAA Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  7. 7. President Bill Clinton and SECCOM Ron Brown in a happy moment Image: White HouseI asked if he agreed with President Clintons position -and by extension Richard Holbrookes- one that,in the views of several influential Bosnians, seemed bent on preventing them from defendingthemselves, and in fact gave all indications of favoring Serbia. A sentiment, mind you, that exists tothis day as demonstrated by current input of elements of the tripartite presidency and influentialpolitical parties moving the former Yugoslavia towards EU and NATO membership.He said, "I absolutely agree with the Presidents position." As a result of that response, I chose not todiscuss the draft. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  8. 8. US AirForce T-43 of the type utilized by the DOC Based on Boeing 737 Image: US AirForceAftermath of Crash"The Commander further advised that seasoned pilots who were familiar withthe weather aberrations common to the area where the plane went down, suchas the venturi effect of the mountains, canyons, valleys that regularlyconverted 10 mph breezes from the Adriatic into 100 mph gale force winds,gave them their full attention. In his view, the plane was led to its death..."Having received word while in attendance at the New York Auto Show in April of 1996 (thesame day, coincidentally, a relative, Carl Stokes of Cleveland, died) of Browns plane being lostin a storm while on approach, I immediately asked Bosnian contacts, one of whom had a farmabout 80 miles away from the crash site, to get someone there. They establishedcommunication with a Croat commander apparently first at the scene. He stated that "Ayoung Black woman" had survived crash, was assisted aboard a rescue helicopter, but died enroute to the air base. He also stated that he had witnessed recovery of what appeared to be theDigital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) which the USAF had stated was not fitted to thisparticular aircraft. The Commander further advised that seasoned pilots who were familiarwith the weather aberrations common to the area where the plane went down, such as theventuri effect of the mountains, canyons, valleys that regularly converted 10 mph breezes fromthe Adriatic into 100 mph gale force winds, gave it their full attention. In his view, the planewas led to its death, as they had every reason to abort given the prevailing conditions. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  9. 9. Illustration 2: Tourist explore the shops and cafes of Mostar via its bridge restored in 2005 Image: UNCHRSourcesThere was good reason to trust in the reliability of data conveyed by our sources, especially thewarning about Browns Croatian trip.Earlier that year, as the siege of Sarajevo continued, I had come into contact with members of theNational Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and underground. Following an interview atthe University of Detroit, I was subsequently, after several "determination of trust" conversations, giveninformation (note: People who were sources to the New York Newsdays investigative reporter RoyGutman, credited with initially uncovering Serbian "ethnic cleansing" activities and concentrationcamps in 1992, were sources to us as well) that Milosevic fully intended to re-implement EC no matterwhat the world thought.The strategy that evolved was my traveling to Sarajevo to interview former Deputy Prime Minister ofBosnia and current President of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) party Dr. Zlatko Lagumdzija,but then it was decided he come to Michigan to take advantage of being in proximity to Dearborn,thelargest Muslim community outside of the Middle-East for fund raising/economic restoration activities.And, a second home: He attended high school in Allen Park, a Detroit suburb.Although I was looking forward to the Sarajevo trip, it was a dangerous undertaking, even as war zonesgo. The city could be accessed even in the midst of the siege through an underground tunnel. Problemwas, it required either driving mountain roads at night without lights or in convoy due to the potentialof attack. In fact, not long after the time of my cancelled visit, an armored vehicle within aconvoy carrying Richard Holbrooke and his negotiating team to a meeting with Izetbegovic, plungedoff a mountain road killing 3 of the Envoys aboard and a French soldier. In his book To End a War, heblamed the Serbs for their deaths, as they had denied them passage via a safer road. “Three years as acivilian in Vietnam", he recalled, "had exposed me to occasional combat and its awful consequences,but this was different, this was my team.” Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  10. 10. ThreatMilosevic ostensibly learned of our change in plans, and we were advised that a hit team had beendispatched to the US to assassinate Dr. Lagumdzija (the threat, real or hoax, could not be dismissed,since it was widely believed he ordered the killing of several prominent Serb and Bosnian-Muslim officials, and later was thought to have directed the 1999 murder of Slavko Ćuruvija, aSerbian journalist and newspaper publisher) who had survived a previous attempt (grenade attack) onMay 22, 1993, although barely. And while recovering in Sarajevos State Hospital, a sniper firedinto his room window missing by inches, primarily due to the visual distortion of orange tinted plasticwindow coverings replacing glass blown out by constant shelling.The framework of the story presented to the Newsweek editorial team for a possible investigativepiece, was in some instances quadruple sourced via on/off the record and deep background sourcesowing to the sensitive nature of the matter as regards US and world efforts, led by RichardHolbrooke, to broker a peace. It included:The village of Srebenica, declared a UN safe-haven at the prompting of Dr. Lagumdzija in 1993, as thefirst target and then surrounding enclaves. Every effort, it was said, would be made to cover theattackers tracks, and as the world found out to its horror in late September 1995, an estimated 9,000men, boys and elderly were systematically exterminated in a way that brought the words "finalsolution" to mind. All told, up to 300,000 (these numbers are disputed) people may have perished inthis second wave of EC; deaths along with the rapes of up to 20,000 women that, in my view, couldhave been prevented given the knowledge we had.On or about 10 June in a near-desperate effort to convince Newsweek editors of Milosevics intent to re-implement EC under the very noses of the world, the Bosnia military allowed me to convey theapproximate schedule of a counterattack to break the siege of Sarajevo. The agreement was if thebreakout occurred within the 10-day time frame given, it would serve as proof that our informationsources were valid, and we would go with the story. The Bosnian military did indeed attempt thebreakout against encamped Serbian forces during the G-8 conference (June 15-17) that year, only to beinterfered with by the threatened insertion of 12,500 UN troops intended to prevent Bosnias army fromoverrunning Serb positions.It was this strange response from the US State Department, NATO and UNPROFOR that completelystunned the investigative team and our Bosnian colleagues. "Why would they want to stop us frombreaking the siege of our own city?" one asked incredulously. Additionally, there was resistance fromRod Nordland in Newsweeks Belgrade Bureau to go with the story, and whose opinion,understandably, carried considerable weight given the fact he was "on the ground".Despite the promise to go forward with the investigative piece subsequent to the data provided beingproved correct, it was not carried out - much to my, and our Bosnian contacts, profounddisappointment.I memod the editorial teams in London, NY, and Tokyo expressing my frustration saying: "The next timeyou wonder how 1 million Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks in 1916 under the supposedly watchful eyes of acivilized world, or how the New York Times ignored information from the American Red Cross and other sources in 1940that death camps were in full operation and instead contacted Hitlers Chief Propaganda Minister Dr. Josef Goebbels toverify; with the end result of 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians and millions of others were exterminated via these deathcamps and the Nazi war machine; how 2 million Cambodians could be removed from existence by the Pol Pot and hisKhmer Rogue in 1975-76, or at least 400,000 Rwandans systematically murdered in 1994, you think about this decision.People will die in Bosnia who did not have to." Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  11. 11. Following this exchange, I decided to get data over to NBCs Tom Brokaw in the hope that the storywould not simply die. Brokaw, if you recall, famously called the Balkans "The land of the demons"owing to the pace, ferocity and pure evil demonstrated within the conflict. Unfortunately I was unableto connect with him.In July, reports started coming in from refugees fleeing conflict areas that mass killings were takingplace, and these reports were being corroborated by the Red Cross among other humanitarian andhuman rights organizations. Additional Srebenica victims discovered in waste dump in 2010 Image: B-H News.comSatellite images on 13 July purportedly showed the executions actually taking place, and images ofSeptember 21-27 1995 revealed disturbed earth - possibly indicating mass graves - around Srebenica.At the time, I was attending an automotive press program at the Palace of Auburn Hills and was alertedto the news flash by fellow journalist Thom Cannell. Across the screen came images of backhoesuncovering bodies, and I must tell you I emotionally lost it at that moment. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  12. 12. I dont recall whether Rod Nordland was directed or did so out of a sense of remorse, but Newsweek crafted a moving multi-page section“Death of a Village” putting faces to names ofmassacre victims in the town of .Lehovici. A powerful narrative with photography to match, Nordlandreceived the National Press Clubs Edwin Hood Award for Diplomatic Correspondence.I heard from Dr. Sendijarevic within hours of the discovery of the mass graves. He simply said, "Iknow you tried and its appreciated. You are always welcome in Bosnia..."Adding to the discomfort of the day, it was conveyed that a message had been sent fromMilosevic seemingly directed at those who had been trying to prevent the massacre: "This is whathappens when you interfere with me."It was years before I could sleep through the night...A State of Collusion Holbrooke walks with Milosevic during Dayton Peace Accord discussions Image: DoS Bosnia President Alijah Izetbegovic Image: WikipediaTo this day many people, inclusive of those involved in the Dayton Peace Accord process, did notunderstand that Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic and Bosnian-Muslim President Alijah Izetbegovicwere in a de facto state of collusion for at least two of several reasons: 1. Milosevic, according to sources, arranged for Izetbegovics plane ticket home after his release from prison in 1988 after having been confined there since 1983 following his arrest and imprisonment by the Communist government for seeking to establish an Islamic state allegedly called for in his book "Islamska Deklaracija" (Islamic Declaration). 2. Izetbegovic fostered a strong departure from traditional Islamic doctrine as applied to sovereign governance. He proffered in the above referenced book that (paraphrased) "if the Muslim did not dominate in a given geographic locale, then those within that area cease to be Muslim, and therefore do not qualify for economic assistance or protection." This view, verbally conveyed to close associates, explains why a multitude of Bosnian Muslim towns and enclaves were stripped, at the order of Izetbegovic, of their weapons or any means to defend themselves, and as a consequence, they were left as lambs to the slaughter. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  13. 13. President Slobodan Milosevic of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, President Alija Izetbegovic of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and PresidentFranjo Tudjman of the Republic of Croatia sign the Dayton Peace Accords. The Balkan Proximity Peace Talks were conducted at Wright-Patterson AirForce Base November 1-21, 1995. The talks ended the conflict arising from the breakup of the Republic of Yugoslavia. The Dayton Accords paved the wayfor the signing of the final ?General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina? on December 14 at the Elysee Palace in Paris. (U.S.Air Force/Staff Sgt. Brian Schlumbohm) Caption and Image: Department of DefenseIt goes without saying that it is impossible for the westerner to appropriately comprehend thecomplexities associated with profound cultural and intra-cultural dynamics within a compressed landarea: These having evolved over the centuries as a result of this region becoming a safe haven forintellectuals, artists and those fleeing the persecution of the Spanish Inquisition, the the 30 Years and100 year religious wars - not to mention the hyper-nationalist pride harnessed under YugoslaviasMarshal Josip Broz Tito. To bring this into sharper focus", said Dr. Sendijarevic who among others within the National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, lent his knowledge, expertise and connectivity within the Balkans at crucial points in time, "One must appreciate the physical and cultural reality of this lands legendary tolerance of all who came to her, as exemplified by a Mosque, a Synagogue, a Christian and anDr. Vahid Sendijarevic Orthodox Church on one street corner within Sarajevo. To hear it often said byImage:Troy Polymers westerners regarding the horrific times we had to endure during this war that So,what? Theyve been killing each other for centuries. Nothing is further from the truth." Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  14. 14. Pivotal Role of 1992 Izetbegovic/Lagumdzija Kidnapping by JNA (Yugoslav Army) Soldiers andSubsequent Dobrovoljack Incident Under appreciated in Crafting of Dayton Peace AccordThe four hours I spent with Dr. Lagumdzija revealed anintensity of intellect and determination to accomplish theobjectives ahead . It was also very apparent that he waslooking beyond the current conflict for the simple reason thatour conversation, despite smatterings of discussion aboutidiosyncrasies born of atypical Islamic ideologies espoused byIzetbegovic and the incomprehensible ruthlessness ofMilosevic and Karadzic, focused on restoration of criticalinfrastructure. JNA vehicles in the aftermath of the Dobrovoljacka Street"There should be no issues of communications out of hostage exchange incident 3 May 1992 Image: BTDSarajevo", Sendijarevic said during this same meeting, "when there exist Ph.D level specialists quitecapable of designing and maintaining an appropriate architecture".There had been unexplained slowness of communications within Izetbegovics government, and thisfact in and of itself impeded the peace process. Some observers felt it was deliberate.Nazis?"If you dont understand that Milosevic and Karadzic are avowed Nazis," (The existence of theHimmler directed Muslim contingent, the Handzar or Scimitar, unit during WWII, acknowledged) saidone of the Bosnia Congress members present, "Then the mechanics of the peace accord will be basedon seriously flawed assumptions."Examination of this conflict by current and future historians will conclude the assertion has merit. "Inmany ways", says one historian colleague, "The siege of Sarajevo and the Balkans conflict at large canbe viewed as the last battle of World War II."Also discussed was "The fatal flaw" in NATO and UNPROFOR (UN Protective Force) operationalprocedure as they sought to restore societal balance within the conflict arena. "The reason MarshalJosip Broz Tito was so successful in maintaining order" (as well as simultaneously neutralizing Germanand Russian military activities during the second world war) said Dr. Sendijarevic at the time, was hisastute understanding of the multi-culturalism, the religious differences, the always just-below-the-surface nationalism that could be tapped by those seeking power, and a terrain that was both bane andblessing.“This mountainous region rendered cities and other population concentrations readily defensible, but atthe same time easily cut off from re-supply or rescue if needed. Tito ordered all groups within theformer federation to contribute to the common defense, and further mandated that all cities must beself-contained with an ability to produce and field heavy defensive weapons as well as feed itscitizenry. "A modern version of the Greek City-State, if you will. Unfortunately, NATO troops are confiscatingthe major weapons caches thus leaving the cities defenseless. As of right now, we know that plans areafoot by Milosevic to relaunch his ethnic cleansing efforts, and if he is not stopped, many lives will beneedlessly lost."At that point another person said, "Can you help us?" I responded, "We will do our best to the extentmedia may be able to influence a given outcome." Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  15. 15. Prof. Dr. Zlatko Lagumdzija admonishing members at SDP rally Image: SDPIt was further asserted that the May 2, 1992 kidnapping of President Izetbegovic, his daughter Sabinaand then Prime Minister Lagumdzija following their return from the failed Lisbon peacenegotiations, was staged by the Bosnian leader to the extent he allowed himself to be captured, exceptthat Lagumdzija may not have been aware of it. "Izetbegovic and his daughter were never in anydanger", said one source, "but Dr. Lagumdzija, who strongly recommended that the president not landat Sarajevo airport, is quite fortunate to be alive, as continuing attempts on his life subsequentdemonstrated." (note: In the interests of objective reporting, there are some Bosnians who believe Dr. Lagumdzija had full knowledge that theLisbon trip, with its ill-advised stop in Sarajevo following, was a cover for both a rescue mission of General Kukanjac and the capture of the city.)It can be concluded with some degree of confidence, based on existing records and interviews,including Radio Free Europes discussions in March 2010 with retired Bosnian Territorial Defense(BTD) general Jovan Divjak, (formerly of the JNA but joined the BTD in early 1992 and aided in thedefense of Sarajevo during the siege) that this high-level kidnapping, followed by the Dobrovoljackastreet (Sarajevo) incident on May 3,1992 in which several JNA soldiers were killed attempting ahostage exchange involving the commander of the military district, General Kukanjac, for the return ofthe kidnapped Izbetbegovic party, was deliberately crafted to set the stage and circumstances for a"Trojan Horse" Serbian attack. Had they succeeded, some surmise, Sarajevo would have been under thecontrol of Milosevic that day.According to Divjak, "Zlatko Lagumdzija... tried to persuade Izetbegovic not to land in Sarajevo butrather in Split, Croatia, which was safer. Izetbegovic insisted that the Yugoslav Army had guaranteedhim a safe landing." , Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  16. 16. Still, there is reason to suspect that Holbrooke was aware western assumptions and actvities in pursuit of a Balkans peace were considered by all sides of the conflict, especially the Bosnian- Muslims, as overly simplistic, highly prejudicial, unnecessarily dismissive and very dangerous. "I never met anyone more tenaciously committed to delivering on results and negotiating and doing whatever had to be done to achieve positive outcomes," said his friend Steve Clemons hours after his death during an interview with MSNBCs RachelUN APCs guard Sarajevo airport during Balkan war Image: NATO Maddow."And sometimes, people get lost in the methods and means, and thinking that has to be very moral andright. And Richard didnt get lost there.”Holbrooke, in addition to being, by all accounts, focused to a fault, incapable of suffering fools at all,brusque, brash, courageous, and indefatigable, he was, above all else, loyal to those whom he reported.Indeed, he went with the hand he was dealt for all it was worth, as evidenced by the Dayton peaceaccord -however flawed- signed by all parties on December 14, 1995 in Paris.Personal Impact Land Rover PR Director Bill Baker overseeing loading of Rovers bound for Kosovo relief camp onto IL-76 airlifter Image: Land RoverIn the ensuing years, virtually every professional and personal career decision Ive made wasinfluenced by the foregoing events.Included was -at the urging of friend and colleague John Chuhran- the 1999 launch of eMOTION!magazine, an automotive and aerospace industries research and analysis publication originally launchedin print and currently digital; assisting Decisive magazine publisher Randi Payton in the developmentof On Wheels magazine in 1996, targeting an underserved yet extraordinarily influential marketsegment; being supportive of a decision by Land Rover PR director Bill Baker and his team to ship,via IL-76 cargo aircraft, 11 Rover vehicles for use by medical personnel at a refugee camp set up forKosovo conflict victims: A decision made after a planned overland trip that would have included mediacolleague Sue Meade, was aborted following the near-fatal shooting of UN representative DanielCastro Mora during a route "recce" mission; an affirmative response to Eritrean government surrogates,during a 3 day conference hosted in June of 1999 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, that I approach Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  17. 17. then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan with a request he intervene more forcefully in the on-goingEritrean/Ethiopian conflict that at up to the time had cost the lives of over 100,000 people. I mentioned to Chamber President Tom Donohue that I would be speaking with the Secretary General (he was the keynote speaker at dinner that evening) and then approached his chief of security. After a brief introduction, Annan said "Walk with me". As we progressed to his vehicle, I presented him with a signed copy of eMOTION! magazine and then said "Mr. Annan, I have a message from the presidents of Eritrea and Ethiopia through their surrogates here; they ask that you increase your efforts to resolve this conflict, and further request that you invite both of them to a neutral location to accomplish. "I will indeed redouble our efforts", he said, "and convey to them I will be in contact." Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan The presidents of both countries were brought together at the Image: United Nations UN building in October 1999, resulting in a ceasefire.There was also the decision to become involved with a public/private initiative with colleagues fromindustry, government and academia designed to support US industrial base preservation activities suchas those undertaken by the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission, andhelping to bring together the intellectual resources to craft architecture for infrastructure of a newindustry, HeavyLift. An endeavor based on a commercial application of Boeing C-17 airlifters with theintent to challenge Russian/Ukrainian dominance of this air cargo industry subset.Ive also had the the opportunity to work with the group of verycommitted and capable people responsible for the founding of theProject on National Security Reform (PNSR) and collaborativeNGOs such as the Hudson Institution and the Center forStrategic and International Studies (CSIS). By coincidence, someof the people within these organizations have been directlyinvolved in the reconstitution, solidification, joint governanceand national defense for the former Federation of Yugoslavia; andfor several years, thanks to National Defense UniversityFoundation board member Dr. Sheila Ronis, the privilege ofparticipating in hosting the International Fellows prior to their Dr. Sheila Ronis prior to Boeing C-17 demonstration flight Image: US AirForceannual graduation.Additionally, Dr. Ronis edited the recently released book "Project on National Security Reform VisionWorking Group Report and Scenarios" and was kind enough to acknowledge my research contributionsto that work. Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  18. 18. Present Day Illustration 3: Dr. Zlatko Lagumdzija meets with President Bush; having met with then SECOS Rice and Gen. Powell earlier Image:"Arguably, one could conclude that Holbrookes legacy may be on the verge ofbecoming undone if the current Balkans state of affairs is not re-examined withurgency and specificity."--- As we speak, what may be perhaps the final chapter in a regrettable human drama centuries in themaking, is unfolding as the former Yugoslavia, governed by a tripartite presidency consisting of aBosnian, a Serb and a Croat, seeks membership in the EU and NATO.These co-presidents are drawn from the two ruling parties, Milorad Dodiks Union of IndependentSocial Democrats of the Serbian Republika Srpska and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) led by Dr.Lagumdzija, of the Muslim-Croat Federation.Despite decades of efforts, the path to a lasting stability in the region that brought the Great War uponan unsuspecting world in August 1914, remains fraught with obstacles and undeniable danger. To thisday, the legitimacy of Holbrookes signature piece of diplomacy, the Dayton Peace Accord, is intenselyquestioned, if not outright rejected, by not a few people who count, and Dr. Sendijarevic is amongthem. He advocates a return to the pre-Srebenica genocide borders of Bosnia-Herzegovina and believesanything less is unacceptable, which of course places him at odds with Dr. Lagumdzija."I dream," he said to me recently, "of having the opportunity to remind President Obama that there isno single benefit to the US if he implements a precedent that the constitution and borders of one nationcan be changed by aggression and genocide."Arguably, one could conclude that Holbrookes legacy may be on the verge of becoming undone if thecurrent Balkans state of affairs is not re-examined with urgency and specificity.Indeed, statesmanship and endgamesmanship tread a treacherous and fragile path in the Balkans, andall too often, one that gives way with horrific results.Cover image: Guardian UK Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  19. 19. EpilogueSlobodan Milosevic died in 2006 while awaiting trial in his cell at the Hague (he claimed he was beingpoisoned, and there are some indications he may have been correct in that assumption) while AlijahIzetbegovic (his son Bakir won election to the co-presidency in October) died in 2003. Croat PresidentFranjo Tudjman, who was not discussed prominently here but no less than a central player in theBalkans conflict, died in 1999.Former Serb Republic President Radovan Karadzic, captured after a decade of flight, is expected to beconvicted of war crimes -despite his insistence he was granted immunity by Holbrooke if he withdrewfrom politics in 1996- as were two of the core Srebenica genocide operatives, Ljubisa Beara andVujadin Popovic, this past June. General Ratko Mladic, also designated as a core participant in theSrebenica tragedy, is still at large. The Hague judges left no doubt as to why the life sentences were imposed on both in rulings that seemed torn out of the 1961 Adolph Eichmann trial transcripts in Israel: "The scale and nature of the murder operation, with the staggering number of killings, the systematic and organised manner in which it was carried out, the targeting and relentless pursuit of the victims, and the plain intention – apparent from the evidence – to eliminate every Bosnian Muslim male who was captured or surrendered proves beyond reasonable doubt that this was genocide. "In the context of the war in the former Yugoslavia, and in the context of human history, these events are arrestive in their scale and brutality [with] "the plain intention to eliminate every Muslim male."SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolph Eichmann Image: Bettmann To the victims of this conflict, to Ron Brown and Richard Holbrooke and all Archives who gave their lives in pursuit of closure to one of the darkest periods in thehuman experience, we say, "Rest; your sacrifice and efforts are firmly ensconced in the annals ofhistory..." ###Publishers note: The views and events discussed here are from the personal notes of the author andas such, except in the presentation of provable data, are subjective in content while striving forobjectivity. As Bob Woodward once said to Wayne State University students in 1993, "Journalism, inmy view, is the search for the version of the story closest to the truth." eMOTION! PublisherMyron D. Stokes presents Ford Market executive Francisco Codina with 2006 Car of The Year Award for Lincoln MK-Z Image: Ford Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
  20. 20. Editors note: Every effort has been to give proper image credit. If we have improperly identified the image source,please send a note to that effect and we will correct it. mstokes@emotionreports.comRelated links and references: Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905
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  22. 22. an activity which helped lead to the cessation of hostilities in October 1999; the coordination of reliefactivities with US, European and Middle-East based colleagues subsequent to the Bam, Iran,earthquake of 2004, the Pakistan earthquake of 2005, and co-structuring of academic andindustrio/economic base developmental programs with colleagues in Pakistan and India.Associate Publisher, Motorsports Editor, John T. Chuhran has covered motorsports as an award-winning journalist for more than a quarter century. From 1992-94 he served as Director, MediaRelations and primary spokesman for Championship Auto Racing Teams, Inc. (CART) the governingbody for the PPG Indy Car World Series. For more than two decades he has been a sports writer andeditor for such media as The Philadelphia Bulletin, Gannett Westchester (NY) Newspapers, theBridgewater (NJ) Courier-News, the Associated Press, United Press International, BBC Radio and theReuters News Service. He has served as communications Manager (Product), Press Fleet Supervisorand Press Information Specialist of Mercedes-Benz North America where he was responsible for allmotorsports and professional sports activities of the company. He also has been the primary mediaprofessional at a selective New York City investor relations firm where he optimized media exposurefor several companies that launched IPOs and Secondary Offerings. During this time, he was also thede facto Media Relations executive responsible for all media activities of the Professional Sports CarRacing series (now known as IMSA) during the ownership of Andrew Evans. Currently, Mr. Chuhranmanages the media centers at several NASCAR racetracks during event weekends, and he maintainsextremely positive relationships with the motorsports media. He also continues to write as acontributing editor for motorsports outlets such as The Star (Mercedes-Benz) magazine.As a primary result of analytical accuracy and depth of content, ER yields notable Google searchresponses to quasi-generic terms such as "2010 Automotive Industry Analysis" (6,9 and 10 of94,500,000 returns 12/13/10). Now approaching a decade of existence, The eMOTION! global team includes some of the most capable journalists and analysts drawn frommedia, government and academia.Web Editor: Matthew Siporin Download: Project On Nation Security Reform Vision Working Group Report and Scenarios south-china-sea Copyright 2010 eMOTION! Fair Use by media and academia with attribution is hereby granted 248-809-1905