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Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Submits RFP To Boeing For Ten 747-8F Freighters


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Submission of this RFP, we believe, demonstrates confidence in the world's premier aircraft builder, the potential of restored financial sector equilibrium within 12-18 months, and the capability of this advanced airplane to take a lead role in the permanent air augmentation of US industrial base global supply chain as outlined in our business plan," said Myron D. Stokes, Managing Member.

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Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Submits RFP To Boeing For Ten 747-8F Freighters

  1. 1. Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Air Transport Solutions For The 21st Century For Immediate Release September 16, 2009 8:00 EDT UTC/GMT -4 Hours Contact: John T. Chuhran 248-310-2650/252-220-2566 248-535-1883 (text) Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Submits RFP To Boeing For Ten 747-8F Freighters; Reveals Strategic Air Partner's Completion of Mid-West MRO Heavy Maintenance Facility in Michigan to Service Single and Twin Aisle Airliners Facility to Include Anchor Global Air Operations Epicenter for Boeing Commercial C-17 and Proposed C-17 Overflow Training and Heavy/Light Maintenance Operation, Thus Positioning Michigan to Partially Reconstitute Diminished Automotive Industrial Base With Aerospace
  2. 2. Somewhere in Michigan -- September 16, 2009. Continuing a series of media advisories beginning May 28, 2009, stressing the need to maintain production of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III strategic/tactical airlifter and address erosion of US industrial base concerns, Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC, a Florida-based, Defense Logistics Agency listed ( air transport solutions entity with principal offices in Bloomfield Hills, MI and Chicago, IL, is now revealing submission of an RFP (Request For Proposal) to Boeing Commercial Airplanes, a unit of The Boeing Company (BA) outlining a requirement of five firm order and five optioned high-efficiency 747-8F freighters. Requested delivery timeframe is 4Q 2011 to 4Q 2013. The aircraft will be based in Michigan, and will serve to expand the existing freighter air fleet of one of its two strategic air partners, who will operate the planes. This represents execution of a modular business model construct recommended by one of the world's top airline business consulting firms. Aircraft acquisition funding will be accomplished through use of up to USD5billion in accessible resources. "Submission of this RFP, we believe, demonstrates confidence in the world's premier aircraft builder, the potential of restored financial sector equilibrium within 12-18 months, and the capability of this advanced airplane to take a lead role in the permanent air augmentation of US industrial base global supply chain as outlined in our business plan," said Myron D. Stokes, Managing Member. "As we continue our pursuit of a US/NATO controlled heavy and outsized industry, currently controlled by Russia and Ukraine with their AN-124s, using very modestly modified commercial variants of Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III (BC-17) the 747-based supply chain air augmentation initiative is a near -term implementation element of our transportation and logistics sector realignment grand strategy. And, we are appreciative of global logistics personnel at GM and Ford, respectively acting on the instructions of Rick Wagoner, Bob Lutz, Brad Ross, Jac Nasser, Sir Nick Scheele, Vaughn Koshkarian and Joe Greenwell, who lent their time and expertise during the 2001-2004 case study development phase, co- developing a comprehensive permanent air augmentation of supply chain methodology designed to minimize vulnerabilities and systemic inefficiencies once engaged." Stokes further noted air augmentation of supply chain has been a recurring theme since the HeavyLift project, based on a restructured version of the USAF/Boeing collaborative undertaking, Commercial Application of Military Airlift Aircraft, was pursued by GHH and designed to mitigate weaknesses as outlined in a recently released RAND study. Michigan Mid-West MRO Although Global HeavyLift Holdings' core focus has been creating architecture for infrastructure of a US/NATO controlled Heavy and Outsized industry using commercial C-17s, its primary mission, along with colleagues in the academic, industrial and governmental
  3. 3. sectors, is preservation of the industrial base. It also understands the critical role that the State of Michigan, with its virtually inarguable historic role as birthplace of the world's auto industry, and the engine that drove the US to pre and post World War II prosperity, must play in the nation's economic recovery. "The revitalization of the nation's industrial base will have enormous implications in the long term for the country's strength and capabilities, not only for industry, but national defense. As you know, economic security is national security. Many people have forgotten that fact, but I have not," says Dr. Sheila R. Ronis, a national security strategist and Director, MBA/MSSL Programs and Associate Professor, Management Walsh College in Troy, Michigan. "This initiative by Global HeavyLift and its air partners will start the process of bringing jobs strategically important to the nation, jobs of the future that are much more difficult for other nations to take away." MRO Is Complete and Ready For Operation The already complete Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility at an as yet undisclosed location in Michigan, will create 8,000 direct and supply side high-skill positions within a 24 month timeframe with an average salary of USD70,000. Hiring begins first quarter 2010 in order to take advantage of tax breaks associated with jobs creation. According to a senior MRO executive, the facility's location has all the right advantages, in terms of housing, schools, shopping and entertainment. "It has enabled us to attract, and continue to attract, the best in aircraft servicing talent. "Obviously, all jobs are not created equal, and replacing a core manufacturing position with Burger flipping at Micky D's or as greeter at Wal-Mart just won't accomplish much of what's needed. Moving Michigan in to a position wherein it can adjust for auto sector losses through an expansion of aerospace industry support as represented by this MRO, and the near immediate impact on the base, is exactly what's required. "We are encouraging aerospace industry suppliers around the world to start considering Michigan for relocation in accordance with this initiative along with significant attraction incentives currently available," he said. A Heavy Maintenance Facility with USD300,000,000 in Projected Annual Revenue. The work place itself is state-of-the-art heavy maintenance operation capable of performing "C" (airworthiness) and "D" ( structural and aircraft systems comprehensive) checks, and features 3 work bays capable of handling 24 Boeing aircraft each of single and twin-aisle types including DC-9, MD-80, 717, 737, 767, 777 and 747, for a total of 72 AC per year, It will generate, according to projections, USD300,000,000 annually.
  4. 4. Within 2 flight hours of multiple international airports, and its location along the Polar Route, this Mid-West MRO will be most convenient for major airlines. "Most don't realize that Michigan was home to a short lived aircraft design, engineering and production effort known as the Lockheed-Detroit Aircraft Company in 1931," said Stokes. "Their first intended product was a prototype all metal, low wing monoplane Fighter with retractable landing gear, the YP-24. The effort ended after a crash destroyed the aircraft. "Most also forget that Bill Boeing was born in Detroit." Michigan As Anchor to Five Global Air Operations Epicenters Global HeavyLift also expanded on comments in its 5/28/09 release relative to a Commercial C-17 (BC-17) base in Michigan serving as the anchor facility for five global air operations epicenters in the US, Middle-East, Europe and Asia. Atlantic and Gulf Coast States being considered for the second US BC-17 epicenter include Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Middle-Eastern countries under consideration include Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, while Belgium, The UK (Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland) Hungary and Spain constitute the European contingent of possible locations. Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and India are among the Asia potential locales. Global HeavyLift associates have already visited potential locations in the US, Europe and Middle-East over the past four years, inclusive of Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Britain, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Oman, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, while briefing Japanese and Vietnamese Consular officials. These visits were in line with GHH's stated goals when founded in 2002 as a hybrid "Think-Tank" to "Bring together the intellectual resources within industry, government and academia, to craft architecture for infrastructure of a new, globe spanning industry, HeavyLift, using commercial variants of Boeing C-17." Image: Boeing
  5. 5. Each epicenter both here and abroad will be in close proximity to, or sharing, a combined commercial/military operations air base in recognition of the proposed dual role of Commercial C-17, which is to be instantly available in times of national emergency in all countries in which it is based. The Michigan epicenter, an extension of the MRO, is proposed to include a C-17 overflow training facility in addition to light/heavy maintenance capability, and will support existing C-17 training and maintenance operations such as those in Flowood, MS (172nd Airlift Wing) Scott AFB and Boeing's Long Beach location. Diavik Diamond Mines, Northwest Territories of Canada BC-17's operating out of Michigan will be available for heavy and outsized cargo missions in and out of the Diavik diamond mines, Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This project is one of 17 cases studies conducted to determine if BC-17 use would have reduced facility build to output time. Their availability will become increasingly important as global warming affects the structural integrity of the ice roads still used 8 weeks of the year as a critical supply chain support route. An existing airstrip of 5,249' length, currently receiving 737 and C-130 Hercules (L-100) aircraft, can easily accommodate BC-17 with its 87 ton payload as opposed to the 25 tons for the C-130. Fewer trips and the ability to carry D-8 Class Bulldozers and similar vehicles categorized as outsized should reduce supply chain costs and complexity over the projected 20+ year life of this project. "Had we been flying BC-17s in 2006, we would be there even today," Stokes said. "We had several contacts with the Diavik logistics people at the time who were in the middle of a supply chain crisis with an urgent completion deadline to meet. In any event, the climate for obtaining "A" model first generation C-17s on a Congressionally approved USAF resale basis has improved notably, we believe, as a result of the recent ending (June) of the mandate against retiring any Lockheed-Martin C-5s beyond the 14 mothballed or dismantled in 2004." Quick Facts: * 747-8F aircraft are being funded via a financial instrument possessed of sufficient equity for this purpose. Total value of proposed aircraft acquisition is USD 3,000,000,000. * Firm is in process of acquiring additional administrative office facilities in Southfield, MI. * Several highly placed government officials in various counties, and corporate executives have been instrumental in crafting this aerospace industry based revitalization effort. * Discussions on-going at moment to identify lead bank for USD18.4billion capital raise for acquisition of 40 new and 60 "A" model C-17s by a consortium of financial institutions. * Firm reveals its participation in 1Q 2008 quest to gain control of Jaguar and Land Rover with intent of maintaining UK ownership and production. * Firm has registered with USAF (WPAFB) to take over production of C-17 should Boeing elect to discontinue this position as sole source supplier.
  6. 6. Overall Economic Impact Global HeavyLift's September 6, 2009 release discussed in detail how the negative impact resulting from Economic War accelerated industrial base erosion has been up to this point grossly underestimated. "Our current and proposed activities, in conjunction with our partners, should help to achieve the diametric opposite in Michigan's, and by appropriate extension, the nation's, economic stabilization outcome expectations," Stokes says, especially when one considers the 4 elements involved: One; expansion of the current freighter fleet of our strategic air partner with new, high-efficiency 747-8Fs, two; Completed Mid-West Region MRO to service up to 72 Boeing aircraft per year, three; BC-17 Anchor air operations epicenter for four sister bases globally and four; expansion of the MRO to include a C-17 overflow training and maintenance operation. Taken collectively, it doesn't require rocket science to understand the positive effect. It goes without saying that air operations often serve as the crucible of economic development. "We'll leave it to our colleagues in the economics departments of the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University to calculate the economic impact in accordance with the Keynesian Economic Multiplier Principle as it was meant to be used, its falling a bit out of favor among some economists following the early 1970's recession notwithstanding", he said. ### Previous Releases: al-budget-dod-usaf-airlift-3650.htm
  7. 7. About Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC Founded in 2002, GHH is a strategic air transport solutions entity born of a multi-year public/private effort among forward thinkers in both the private sector and government to mitigate emerging and observable vulnerabilities in the U.S. industrial base global supply chain. Such vulnerabilities are represented by the fact that no ocean-borne shipping is in U.S. hands at present, thus potentially subjecting American corporations, especially automotive, and their global operations to the whims and perhaps economically hostile activities of and by foreign governments. Add to this the risk of terrorist activities, which have, according to the Department of Homeland Security, targeted maritime operations; i.e., ships, ports and ocean containers. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) listed, it is the goal of GHH and its strategic partners around the planet to work with key logistics personnel within these corporations and government agencies to conceptualize, craft and structure long-term global supply chain alternative transportation methodologies through continuous -- not stop gap or emergency -- air augmentation solutions. Its most important mission, however, has been in the co-development of global architecture for infrastructure of a new American controlled industry, Heavylift, utilizing the excellent airlift performance characteristics of the Boeing BC-17. Global HeavyLift Holdings, LLC 74 W. Long Lake Rd. Suite 103 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 Telephone: (248) 310-2650 Text: (248-535-1883 Defense Logistics Agency listed Chicago Office GHHLLC/CEN Properties 6200 N. Hiawatha Suite 620 Chicago, IL 60646 Telephone: (773) 777-2208 Fax: (773) 777-2746 This is a confidential communication and may be legally privileged. if received in error, please notify sender immediately and destroy. Please do not forward, copy or maintain an electronic representation of same. Thank you. 2009 GHHLLC