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Presentation on the typography of an advert


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Presentation on the typography of an advert

  1. 1. The contrast of the colour of the text and the background creates drama, for the audience, emphasising the genre of the film being advertised. A consistent house style of colours is used within the text to create identity and recognition for the target audience. Upper-case lettering is slightly rotated to have impact as it is an important piece of info. Although the page is largely image dominated, the audiences eyes are immediately drawn to the headline as it is positioned in the centre in a large font size. The headline uses an old serif font type in a style suited to the horror movie being advertised. This is for legibility and so the genre of the film is instantly recognised. It is also suited to the format it is displayed in as this font type is most commonly used in magazines. It also suits the era of the film. Kerning has been applied to make the characters slightly overlap each other. A block colour is used behind some of the text and the drop cap to attract attention. A more professional size, serif style, font is used for the article as it’s purpose is to inform and not to advertise e.g. text is bigger and bolder if its purpose is to attract attention. The font size decreases depending on the importance of the content
  2. 2. • Designers display typography of an advertisement often including vibrant colours, a large font size, being displayed in bold and using a font style suited to the genre of the film. • This is to attract the attention of the intended audience and to create impact on the audiences memory.