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Producers/Creators – this is here to show that Top of the Pops originally was a show        Header – This gives informatio...
 The target audience of thismagazine are mainly females as                                                      The metho...
The masthead - is not the same as on           Lure - this could be a lure as it says “wethe front cover and it doesn’t sa...
Stand first - this is     Background - this creates                Main headline/Lure - this is in blue/purple block capit...
 The article itself is basically about an interviewwith One Direction about the festive season(Christmas). This could be ...
 Top of the Pops has been                                   The magazine has had severalpublished, by BBC magazines, in ...
Powerpoint Analysis of Top of the Pops One Direction Edition
Powerpoint Analysis of Top of the Pops One Direction Edition
Powerpoint Analysis of Top of the Pops One Direction Edition
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Powerpoint Analysis of Top of the Pops One Direction Edition


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Powerpoint Analysis of Top of the Pops One Direction Edition

  1. 1. Producers/Creators – this is here to show that Top of the Pops originally was a show Header – This gives information about Pixie Lott on BBC and so it helps advertise the magazine because if people used to watch the encouraging the reader to read more and again this is show and liked it they may think they will like the magazine and therefore buy it. more likely to be someone young girls would admire.The masthead – It is the same logo onevery edition of the magazine so that it is Selling lines/Cover lines – These inform potentialeasily recognisable to regular buyers. Also buyers of the other music artists and featuring init is in bright baby blue and so clearly this edition and so will attract and relate to thestands out at the top of the page although target audience as they fit in with the genre of theit only takes up about a fifth of the page. magazine which is in fact Pop but sometimes theBackground – the background is mainly white genre of this magazine may include R&B/Hip Hop.sticking to the house style. This could be Also the language of these reinforces the targetbecause the page is crammed full of images audience being young girls as it is easy for them toand bright colours and so anything other than understand and not something that would reallya white background would be too much. As the interest has lots of bright colours and images this Main image – as One Direction are currently wellcould suggest it is to suit the target audience as known icons, especially to people who relate toif they are young girls this will be what this magazine and their music style, it will attract ainterests and attracts them to the magazine v niche audience or those who don’t usually buy it.the most. Also this is a long shot of One Direction with theFlasher – this draws readers attention to v boys at the front crouching and as they are allthis particular exciting extra feature of the enclosed in on each other this suggests they aremagazine, intriguing them to what is going good friends which makes them come across ason inside the magazine. Also as the text says friendly to the audience influencing them to buy the magazine. Also as they are all smiling , this“Boys’ real fears” it suggests that the gives the connotations of welcome to buyers and itmagazine is aimed at young girls as they are fits in with the whole feel of the magazine, the eyemost likely to be interested in boys at their catching features for example.age.House style – the house style is consistent Main Cover line – it tells everyone who is on theand uses swirly/funky writing suggesting it front cover , although it is only small. However,is again suitable for girls of a young age. It the bit in bright letters stands out and thealso uses the colours baby blue, pink language “flirt factor” suggests it is directed at, white and black which would be the girls and younger girls around the age of 8. Alsocolours most liked/suited to young the writing, with a heart on the “i” again suggestsgirls, especially the pink. These colours also it is aimed at girls and also the font suits the popsuit the genre of the magazine as they are (funky) genre of the magazine.quite funky and funky/bright is associated v Warning – this is very important becausewith pop. Barcode/date/issue/price – it it is a warning about if an allergic reaction Use of a pull quote – Their are aRule of thirds – is the traditional layout of a couple of pull quotes used to is important on all magazines occurs, with some makeup that came withmagazine as it adds interest to the target audience intrigue a niche audience as they are but is placed at the bottom the magazine, and what to do. This is soand the cluttered layout shows that the magazine from the artists that the audience away from the main copy as it that people/adults are aware as youngis filled with content and also relates to the target would most aspire to and these is not as important to the children may be using it and so that theaudience and lively feel of Pop music/artists. artists are included in the pop genre. genre of the magazine. magazine covers themselves.
  2. 2.  The target audience of thismagazine are mainly females as The methods used to attract thePop is associated more with them target audience are:and they seem more interestedin it. Also the target audience of  One Directions facialthis issue is mainly those who are expressions relate to the wholeinterested in some of these, if theme/feel of the magazinenot all, music artists and perhaps relating to the genre of Pop whichthose more similar to these then relates to the target audienceartists listed on this magazine. and there interests.Also as most of the artistsfeatured in this issue are boys  The girls featured on thisthey are unlikely to attract any cover, e.g. Kelly Rowland, and theage of other boys unless the clothes that they wear may attractartists are role models to some a niche audience who aspire to beboys possibly of a young age. The main age group that are like them as they also like Pop. Putting the makeuplikely to be interested in this Also all of the artists featured may Pictured here is with the magazine ismagazine could be young girls attract people who are not always some makeup another effective way(around the age of 5 – 13) as the weekly buyers of the magazine for that came with to attract the targetmain Pop artists featured on this the magazine audience as some example it may usually be peoplecover are teenage boys or varied which young girls may just interested in just Pop who buy itin age girls which girls both aspire emphasises the want the magazine but just for this issue thoseto/are more interested in. fact that the because of the interested in the artists who arentTherefore, they are unlikely to target audience is makeup that comes always on the cover.attract young adults and young girls as with it and thereforeonwards. boys would most this may be a one off  Also the general House Style of The majority of the target likely not be occasion that they buythe magazine, the bold, bright andaudience may be children and so interested in the it encouraging funky eye catching writing andon no wage (or little pocket makeup and the more/extra non usual colours, will automatically attractmoney) so will not be able to fact that the buyers. It is also an the target audience as they willafford a magazine as expensive makeup does not effective way for the straight away know it is a Top ofas this and so if the children want appear very magazine to make the Pops magazine and it willthe magazine they will generally expensive more money as this relate to them but it may alsobeg the parents for it who are on suggests it is for a issue will be slightly attract non frequent buyers of thean average wage and so can young audience more expensive just magazine.afford a £3.99 magazine (when it as they may because there iscomes with makeup). damage it easily. makeup with it.
  3. 3. The masthead - is not the same as on Lure - this could be a lure as it says “wethe front cover and it doesn’t say have highlighted everywhere you can getcontents, it says “Inside the mag...” inside boys’ heads” which should relatewhich suits the house style for the to the target audience, which iscontents page of TOTP and also this suggested they are young girls by this,language used may suit the target and so will lure them in to read more.audience better as it is easy for youngchildren to understand. Also the Also the use of the word “We” in theglittery/starry effect around the subheading “We (heart) boys” makes themasthead suggests this magazine is reader feel included/ a part of theaimed at girls as that is what, magazine.stereotypically, would interest them.By line - this is a credit for who the Editorial - there is no real editorial whichphotographer of the cover image is. This could be because it would dis-interest thecould again be just to advertise their target audience as they are children andmagazine but in an effective way so that if children can have short attention spams.people know who the photographer is itmay intrigue them to buy other issues Subheading & Summaries - There is awith that photographer featured. subheading, always in swirly black writingThe main image - it is the image of thefront cover with numbers pointing to on a white background, splitting pages intothe features to show what page they sections to make it easier for readers toare on so it is easy to understand for follow. There is also a summary of theyoung children. There are a few images pages under a brief heading to intrigue theto suggest it is image led therefore. audience to read more. It is also always inThere is also an image of The Wanted black with the page numbers in pink on aat the bottom of the page which takes white background; therefore all of thesome of the focus again suggestingthat girls are the main readers as this colours used stick to the house style andwould interest them and what they are interest the audience.wearing again relates to the magazinesPop genre. However, there is a fair House style - Again the colours Pink,amount of writing on this page which Baby blue, Black and White are used tocould be so that it is easy to understand stick to the house style and relate to thefor young audiences as there is a lot of target audience; (the baby blue wouldexplanation. Also there are two smaller also appeal to young girls as it is not aimages;, one of girls perfumes and oneof a dress, which make it clear that this definite/dark blue which would interestmagazine is aimed at girls and boys more). Also most of the writing onfurthermore, young girls as one of the this page is in a suitable font that wouldperfumes is Hello Kitty, for example. appeal most to girls of a young age.
  4. 4. Stand first - this is Background - this creates Main headline/Lure - this is in blue/purple block capitals on a light blue background andan introduction bit mise-en-scene because of the so again suits the house style and maybe the stereotypical gender being interviewed.of information colour blue associating with Also it could be a lure because it uses a catchy slogan type phrase that intrigues theabout the artists winter. The colour also fits in target audience to want to read more but also suits the season/time of year it isbeing interviewed with the fact that the target (Christmas) which could also influence the colour choice as blue has connotations ofso that if people audience (children) like lots of cold/ice and snow . Also as the word “unwrapped” is bolder and has an exclamation afterread this they maybe interested colour to interest them. it, it makes it seem more important to the audience and so they feel obliged to read on.enough to read Main Image – This is a longfurther on in the shot of One Direction whoarticle. are all wearing casualBy line - this is a credit for clothes suggesting thewho the double page spread magazine is quite informalis by e.g. Who the reinforcing that it is aimedphotographer of the image is at children. They are alsoand who the author of the wearing blue/whitearticle is. This could again be coloured clothing which fitsjust to advertise their in with the colours of themagazine but in an effective double page spread.way so that if people know Finally, this clothing suitswho the writers are it may the Pop/Trendy feel/genreintrigue them to buy other of the magazine.issues with that writer in. Caption reference to OneColumns - there are Direction - this could be to3 columns of equal emphasize how importantwidth so sticking to One Direction are to thisa consistent house magazine and to makestyle of using rule of more people aware thatthirds. However, they are featuring in thisthey wrap around issue. House style- herethe stars connoting Use of pull quote/Flasher- here is a quote it shows the Topthat the page is pulled out from the text (usually an interesting Advertisement – here is an advert about how to win ‘1D’ goodies of the Pops titlemainly colour led one) so that when the audience read it they suggesting that One Direction must be well recognised and known by and page number(to suit the target will read the rest of the text as well. The quote people interested in Pop which also suggests these people will know which isaudience) and is inside a ‘festive’ flasher to make it stand out ‘1D’ are a regular feature in ‘TOTP’. Also the language “goodies” again important on arelates to the and draw people in as it is a bold purple/blue suggests it is aimed at children who are girls and so this advert is magazine andseason/time of colour. Also the target audience, at the age something they would be interested in. Finally, the word “win” is in shows ayear. they are, may have interest in bold colours and bold black swirly letters, sticking to the house style, but standing out as consistent house shapes which will interest them further. important to attract attention because it has an exclamation after it. style.
  5. 5.  The article itself is basically about an interviewwith One Direction about the festive season(Christmas). This could be because this issomething the target audience, of young girls, willfind interesting e.g. the fact it is One Directionbeing interviewed and the fact it is aboutChristmas time. The style of the article is written and displayedto suit One Direction and the Pop genre. Forexample, the word “pressie” is used to suggest themagazine is informal which suits the Pop genreand the age of ‘1D’ and the target audience ofchildren. It is written in 3 equal/quite long columnsconsisting of approximately 250 – 300 words. Thiscould be again to stick to the house style but alsoto ensure the text is not too long to put off theirtarget audience (as it is in a slightly bigger thanusual font). The main headline is dramatic as it uses play onwords to suit the festive season and entice thetarget audience to buy the magazine so that theycan read more. It could also interest those who donot normally buy the magazine just because it iscatchy and the font relates to Pop and childrenand possibly boys, who aspire to be like ‘1D’, as itis the colour blue.
  6. 6.  Top of the Pops has been  The magazine has had severalpublished, by BBC magazines, in editors over the years, includingthe UK, monthly, since February Peter Lorraine, Corinna Schaffer1995. and Rosalie Snaith, and contributing editors including It is a supplementary Adam Tanswell. Its currentmagazine for the TV show Top editor is Peter Hart.of the Pops. Alongside arevamp of the TV show, it was  Although the magazine hasoriginally produced as the been known, in the past, tomissing link between Smash include R&B artists; its mainHits and NME, but its format genre is currently Pop as it hasgradually changed so it now featured girl groups, such as Theincludes less music content. It Spice Girls, in which theis still in publication even magazine was famous for givingthough there was the the group their nicknames.cancellation of the TV show.  During the magazines revamp An online version of Top of (at the time of the showthe Pops was launched and can revamp) it made a demographicbe found at shift to young girls and this is still its current target audience. However, it sometimes is stated Top of the Pops currently has that ‘TOTP’ is a teenage/younga circulation of 105,025. people’s gossip (Pop) magazine.