Powerpoint Analysis of Dizzee Rascal NME Edition


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Powerpoint Analysis of Dizzee Rascal NME Edition

  1. 1. The masthead – It is the same on every Rule of thirds – is the traditional layout of a magazine as it adds Header – This gives information aboutedition of the magazine so that it is interest to the target audience and the cluttered layout shows that music tours as this is a music magazine the magazine is filled with content and also relates to the wacky feeleasily recognisable to regular buyers. of R&B/Hip Hop . and it suits the season as it is obviouslyAlso it is in bright red and so clearly an Autumn edition.stands out at the top of the pagealthough it only takes up about a tenth Selling lines/Cover lines – Theseof the page. inform potential buyers of the music artists and bands featuring in thisFlasher – this draws readers attention edition and so will attract and relate toto this particular exciting extra feature the target audience as they fit in withof the magazine, intriguing them to the genre of the magazine which is inwhat is going on inside the magazine. fact Rock/Indie but sometimes varied like this issue is R&B/Hip Hop.House style – the house style isconsistent and uses big square writing. Main image – as Dizzee Rascal is a wellIt also uses the colours Red, White and known icon, especially to people whoBlack which is quite serious as the relate to this magazine and his musicmagazine was originally meant to be style, it will attract a niche audience ormore like a news paper called The New those who don’t usually buy it. Also thisMusical Express. The colour red has is a long shot of Dizzee Rascalconnotations of love for music, in crouching and as he is slanting the topparticular this genre of music. half of his body and has his arms spread out it gives the connotations ofBackground – although NME is generally a welcome to buyers and it fits in with theRock/Indie magazine the background is of whole feel of the magazine, thegraffiti & so suits the genre of thismagazine & its target audience of R&B/ wackiness for example.Hip Hop because of the icon Dizzee Rascal& his clothes tie in with the style of the Main Cover line – it tells everyone whobackground & the magazine. is on the front cover and is in Big capital bright letters with a dropUse of a pull quote – This intrigues the shadow to stand out. Also the wordsniche audience to buy the magazine if ‘Dizzee’ and ‘Rascal’ slant to fit in withthey want to find out more about or the slanting image and again the wholewhat Dizzee Rascal says. theme of the magazine.The footer – this gives the information of other (mainly rock) music artists relatingto the genre of the magazine, featuring in this issue & so gives the impression there Barcode/date/issue/price – it is important on all magazinesis a lot going on in this magazine & that it is varied which then attracts more but is placed on the bottom right away from the main copy asbuyers. it is not as important to the genre of the magazine.
  2. 2.  The target audience of this The methods used to attract themagazine are both male and target audience are:female but mainly those whoare interested in Rock/Punk  Dizzee Rascal’s facialbut for this issue mainly those expression relates to the wholewho are interested in R & B/ theme/feel of the magazineHip Hop style music and rock relating to the genre of R&Bmusic and some of these, if which then relates to the targetnot all, music artists and audience and there interests.perhaps more similar to theseartists listed on this magazine.  Dizzee Rascal himself and the The main age group that clothes that he wears mayare likely to be interested in attract a niche audience whothis magazine could be varied aspire to be like him as they alsoin age as Rock related artists like R&B. Also he may attractvary in age so may have varied people who are not alwaysfans and the age group for this weekly buyers of the magazineissue are younger people, for example it may usually bepossibly teenagers, as R & people interested in Rock whoB/Hip Hop relates more to buy it but just for this issue thoseyouth and the R & B artists like interested in R&B, on top ofDizzee Rascal are also younger those who are, just because nonso are unlikely to attract NME buyers are fans of his.middle aged people. The majority of the target  Also the general House Styleaudience may be students and of the magazine, the bold big eyeon little or no wage so, catching writing and colours, willalthough the NME magazine is automatically attract the target£2.40 suggesting it may be audience as they will straightyoung adults on a small wage away know it is an NMEpurchasing it, it is not too magazine but it may also attractexpensive like the average non frequent buyers of thealternate magazine. magazine.
  3. 3. The masthead - is again the Banner & Date - consistent banner saying “NME contents”, at Layout - this again uses the rule ofsame on the title page; this the top, like on all NME contents pages and the date is thirds like the front cover so stickingshows a consistent house consistently featured. Plus they are in the house style colours. to the house style. Also the layout isstyle which then reinforces still quite formal relating to the fact itthe brand identity. was originally a newspaper but it has toned down a bit to suit the genre ofThe main image - it is the music it conveys and for the nichefocus of the page suggesting audience it is conveyed to.the contents is mainly imageled and it is the same size and Subheading & Summaries - Thereshape of a CD cover; is a subheading, always in blocktherefore, it relates to music white capitals on a blackand the images relates to the background, splitting pages intowriting below it. It has also sections to make it easier forbeen edited to look like a readers to follow. There is also aphotograph which makes it summary of the pages under aseem more informal and so brief heading to intrigue therelates to the target audience audience to read more. It is alsomore. Also what she is always in black with the pagewearing is informal & relates numbers in red on a whiteto the genre of this issue and background; therefore all of themagazine (R&B/Rock). colours used stick to the houseHouse style - the band style.names are listed in red with Subscription - this shows pastthe page number in black and issues that the readers may haveon a white background also read and so if they enjoyedshowing a consistent house and related to those they may feelstyle in the use of colour. they will relate to and enjoy this issue, and the future issuesLure - this text engages the displayed, as well and so it willniche audience to what they encourage them to buy it. Thererelate to. are also details of the phone number and website and price Editorial - this sets the tone. For example the text says “Thank god the listed to again engage the target sun as disappeared, eh?” This connotes an informal mode of address audience to feel involved with the making the audience feel more involved and related to the magazine. NME magazines.
  4. 4. Background - this creates mise-en- Main headline/Lure - this is in black block capitals on a white-ish background Caption reference scene because of the graffiti on the and so again suits the house style. Also it could be a lure because it uses a to Dizzee - this wall. The graffiti on the wall also fits catchy slogan type phrase that intrigues the target audience to want to read could be to in with the genre of this issue (R&B) more but also as the writing gets bigger as it goes down the page that could emphasize how important Dizzee and Dizzee rascal himself. also be a lure by getting readers to follow it and believing as it is bigger it is is to this magazine more important/interesting.Main Image – In and to make more people aware thatthis image Dizzee he is featuring inrascal is wearing a this issue.red jacket andthat is one of the By line - this is acolours of the credit for who thehouse style of this double pagemagazine. Also spread is by e.g. Who thethe expression on photographer ofhis face is a the image is andsneaky/guilty look who the author ofthat may relate to the article is. Thisthe target could again be justaudience of this to advertise theirmagazine or draw magazine but in anthem in as it looks effective way sointeresting. that if people know who theHouse style- here it writers are it mayshows the NME intrigue them totitle and the date buy other issuesand page number with those writer in.which is importanton a magazine and Second Image - this is of a radio andshows a consistent bottles of beer which could be becausehouse style. Stand first - this is an this is associated with the R&B type Columns - there are 4 columns of equal width so introduction bit of informationgenre of this page. This also suggestsDrop Capital - the drop capital is 6 sticking to a consistent house style. However, that the target audience is young adults about the artist being they wrap around the image of the radiolines down; therefore sticking to the interviewed so that if people as they stereotypically drink the most connoting that the page is mainly image led and bottles of beer would not behouse style. Also it could lure you in read this they may be (images are more important) perhaps because displayed on a page for youngeras it is black and bold so stands out interested enough to read they know their target audience prefers more audiences as it may encourage them toand will attract attention. further on in the article. images than text. drink and so be harmful/uninteresting.
  5. 5.  The article itself is basically about DizzeeRascal and the year that he claims ‘was his’which is 2009 and so the article covers theawards Dizzee won in 2009 and his greatachievements so far in a short life story ofhimself. The style of the article is written anddisplayed to suit Dizzee Rascal and his style e.g.R&B. For example in the article there is someslang used “man” which suits his style but alsosuggests the target audience of this magazinewould be young adults/teenagers as this type oflanguage would most appeal to them as theymay understand it more. It is written in 4 short columns consisting ofapproximately 75 – 100 words. This could beagain to stick to the house style but also toensure the text is not too long to put off theirtarget audience. The main headline is dramatic as it usesalmost play on words to entice and engage itstarget audience to buy the magazine so that theycan read more. It could also interest those whodo not normally buy the magazine just because itis catchy and the font relates to youth.
  6. 6.  Krissi Murison was named New Musical Express has eleventh editor of the magazine onbeen published in the UK, 29th July 2009 and became, the firstweekly, since March 1952 and female, editor of the magazine inis the most popular music September 2009. The magazine ismagazine in the UK to date. currently edited by Luke Lewis  The genre of this magazine, during It was originally a newspaper the period 1972 to 1976, wasbut moved to magazine format associated with gonzo journalism, itduring the 1980’s. then became and is currently associated with Rock/Punk due to the An online version of NME was writing of Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill. Although artists from otherlaunched in 1996 and now has 5 genres, such as pop and R&B, can bemillion users per month. - occasionally featured in NME.http://www.nme.com/  NME’s target audience is uni-sex In the first half of 2010 it was although it could be argued that it isstated that the magazines mainly aimed at males as Rock/Punkcirculation was 33,875 which is is generally more associated with males. The age group is mainly young53% down on a 2003 figure of adults ranging from 16 – 20 but72,442. people who are in there late 20’s have been known to purchase the magazine and have an interest in it.