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Gregory's Gift of Hope - Cats available for adoption

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Ggoh catspart1 06142012

  1. 1. These are the cats who are looking for their furever homes.Could you be that person to grant their dreams?
  2. 2. Beaches• Breed: Orange Maine Coon• Approx. DOB: 1/31/2010• Personality: Beaches loves to be petted and loves snuggling. He can be a bit shy at first, but very affectionate after he warms up to you.• Situation: He was a stray hanging out by the dumpster behind Hallmark store in New Richmond with his brother, Hallmark.
  3. 3. Brock• Breed: Gray DLH• Approx. DOB: 11/2008• Personality: Brock is shy at first but is warming up to people. Brock needs some time but will make a great pet.• Situation: Brock was wandering outside of GGOH and ran inside when a volunteer opened the door.
  4. 4. Buddy Mayham (adopted)• Breed: DSH White and Orange• Approx. DOB: July 2011 Buddy• Personality: Buddy is sweet and loveable. Buddy has cerebella hyperplasia which is a neurological disorder causing him to sway when he walks.• Situation: Buddy was found in a ravine at a park with his mom and siblings.
  5. 5. Buzzy• Breed: DSH Tabby• Approx. DOB: 04/2007• Personality: Buzzy is friendly, playful, and curious.• Situation: He was a stray that was brought to GGOH by a concerned citizen.
  6. 6. Cookie• Breed: DSH Black and White• Approx. DOB: 01/2001• Personality: Cookie is friendly and loves to cuddle.• Situation: Cookie was going to be euthanized just because her owner didn’t want her anymore.
  7. 7. Daffi• Breed: Black DSH• Approx. DOB: 06/2009• Personality: Daffi is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.• Situation: Daffi and her four brothers and sisters were born and raised at GGOH after their stray mother gave birth to them.
  8. 8. Delaney• Breed: Tortoise Shell DSH• Approx. DOB: 01/04/2009• Personality: Delaney can be shy at first but is very sweet. She enjoys watching the other cats and playing with her toys.• Situation: She was a stray in New Richmond. She was found after another animal had bitten her in the ear.
  9. 9. Elton• Breed: Tabby DSH• Approx. DOB: 05/2011• Personality: Elton is a little shy but sweet once he warms up to you. He likes to play with toys and sleep.• Situation: Elton and his siblings were found in a dumpster and GGOH stepped in to help the kittens.
  10. 10. Hallmark• Breed: Orange DSH• Approx. DOB: 1/13/2009• Personality: Hallmark loves to greet you at the door and loves affection. He enjoys being petted and loved.• Situation: He was a stray hanging out by the dumpster behind the Hallmark store in New Richmond with his brother, Beaches.
  11. 11. Jack• Breed: White and Black DLH• Approx. DOB: 2006• Personality: Jack is a loving cat who is very talkative. He is super friendly and affectionate.• Situation: Someone had declawed Jack and then threw him outside. He showed up on someone’s doorstep and was brought to GGOH.
  12. 12. Jaxson• Breed: Orange and white DSH• Approx. DOB: 07/2009• Personality: Jaxson is shy but loves to be petted once he warms up to you.• Situation: Jax was found outside with two of his siblings at ten weeks old. Jax went to foster care for a little while then was surrendered to GGOH.
  13. 13. Keegan• Breed: Gray DSH• Approx. DOB: 7/31/2007• Personality: Keegan is a little shy at first but after she gets to know you she is very sweet and loving.• Situation: Keegan was roaming in New Richmond and was brought to GGOH. Keegan was pregnant and ended up having four kittens, who have all been adopted.
  14. 14. Khloe• Breed: Black DSH• Approx. DOB: 2002• Personality: Khloe is very affectionate and really sweet. She loves to cuddle and play.• Situation: Khloe came with her friend, Kooley, after an elderly owner needed to go into a nursing home and had no where for her cats to go.
  15. 15. Kylie• Breed: DSH Tabby with White• Approx. DOB: unknown• Personality: Kylie is very timid and shy. She is getting better with people everyday but it will take a little time.• Situation: Kylie was hiding by the dumpster at GGOH and was very scared.
  16. 16. Lily• Breed: Gray DSH• Approx. DOB: 1999• Personality: Lily is very shy and likes her space. She is warming up to people and just needs someone to show her some love.• Situation: Lily was a family’s cat for 12 years and then the family decided they couldn’t keep her anymore. After 12 years, the family surrendered her to GGOH.
  17. 17. Louie• Breed: Black DSH• Approx. DOB: 04/2003• Personality: Louie is very sweet. He spends most of his time snuggling and cat napping.• Situation: Louie was found outside GGOH. He is declawed in the front so someone must have thrown him out.
  18. 18. Little LuLu• Breed: White and Gray DSH• Approx. DOB: 05/2008• Personality: Lulu is very playful and loves to chase toys. She enjoys cuddling and likes to be petted.• Situation: Lulu was a stray found out in the cold with her tail partly frozen off.
  19. 19. Marshmallow• Breed: Tuxedo DSH• Approx. DOB: 2008• Personality: Marshmallow is very sweet and loves people. She likes to cuddle and be with people.• Situation: Marshmallow was brought to GGOH by a concerned citizen who paid the surrender fee just to make sure she had a great home and would be taken care of.
  20. 20. Mocha• Breed: Black DMH• Approx. DOB: 04/2011• Personality: Mocha is really cute and likes to cuddle. She loves to play and bat at toys.• Situation: Mocha was found on Hwy 65 by two motorcyclists. Mocha was only 2 pounds when she was found and was very ill. She had emergency vet care and recovered. She is now a healthy, loving cat.