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Growth Green Agriculture | Agricultural Investments


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Growth Green Agriculture PLC is an agricultural investment company solely investing in agriculture and farmland in emerging markets such as the Ukraine and Ghana.

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Growth Green Agriculture | Agricultural Investments

  1. 1. Growth Green Agriculture is an investment company solely investing in agricultureand farmland in emerging markets such as the Ukraine and Ghana. By producingwheat, chia and other crops in a low cost environment and selling them on the world-wide market, we aim to provide our investors sustainable returns for distribution asannual dividends.The time is right to invest in agriculture business. Interest rates are at historically low levels and thevast majority of big corporations are struggling to make their anticipated profits. In the currentmarket, most start-ups will fail to meet their commercial targets. At the same time, the world iscrying out for more food, more biofuels and more energy.More than 1 billion people are starving today. Food production will have to increase by more than50% just to provide for the basic needs of the global population predicted for 2050. This will placesignificant demands on the farming sector and agricultural prices are anticipated to rise significantlyover the coming decades.It is happening already. In 2009 alone, the average price of agricultural products rose by 11.9%,while average inflation in Europe was only around 2%. Investors in cash, stocks and bonds made just3% return (The Economist, January, 2010). That is why green investments are not only ethical andsocially responsible but also hugely attractive. They have the best guarantees and forecasts.In short, there has never been a better time to make a green agricultural investmentAccording to the UNs Food and Agriculture Organisation, the number of malnourished people in theworld rose to over 1 billion in 2008 and this figure is likely to increase (The Economist, 19/11/09).Major global challenges are just decades away and todays reports on global warming; tradingimbalances and escalating demand for resources are only the beginning.
  2. 2. Growth Green Agriculture wants to be part of turning the trend around. We know that we can showinvestors that socially responsible agricultural investments in emerging markets can lead to bothgreat profits and a better world for future generations.We believe it is possible to generate solid returns, capital wealth and environmental protection at thesame time. We would argue that, by definition, sustainable investment is the only investment that hasa future. We accept that the only viable way to attract adequate investment capital to restore andmaintain global health is to ensure that sustainable investing is more attractive than the alternatives.We want to give ethical investments a new face and provide the market with innovative and creativesolutions, while at the same time consulting on profitable investment opportunities.Growth Green Agriculture strives to be socially responsible to all the environments in which weoperate, to build strong, reliable relationships and to generate solid profit for our management clientsthrough sustainable agriculture investment projects.Now is the time to consider investments which go "back to basics".Investing into solid fundamentals makes more sense than ever.Growth Green Agriculture believes that green sustainable agricultural investments will be the overallbest performing of all readily available investment possibilities.Now is the time to consider simple, basic and green investments with high and stable returns. Theincrease in the global bio-diesel production has lead to a significant decline in food production andconsumable crops. With the global population anticipated to reach over 9 billion people over the next40 years, the demand and therefore also the prices for basic crops is set to increase. This opens up anopportunity to profit from a green and sustainable investment with potential with high annual returns.Investing in sustainable agriculture is a secure way to sustainable profits!
  4. 4. UKRAINE OUT PERFORMSThe combination of fixed world-wide prices for soft commodities, the abundance of rich black soiland the low cost of labour, ensures that farming in Ukraine can be far more profitable than anywhereelse in the world. Growth Green Agriculture expects to exploit this opportunity to see a 15% returnon investment and commit to high annual dividend returns to investors.INVESTMENT FORECASTThe experienced management team of Growth Green Agriculture is convinced that investing inUkrainian agricultural land has the potential for sizable growth and solid profits. The FarmingOperator’s conservative estimate on return on investments is upwards of 12% per year.Growth Green Agriculture’s business model incorporates a proactive program using local labour andfarming experience, combined with cutting edge Western European agro-technology in order tocreate the most financially attractive and sustainable performance for the investors.Green Investments With Solid ProfitsGROWTH GREEN AGRICULTURE PLC4th Floor36 Spital SquareLondon, E16DYUnited KingdomLondon Telephone: 020 7247 8186London Fax: 020 7377 9454International Telephone: +44 20 7247 8186International Fax: +44 20 7377 9454Email: