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A Day In The Life Of Crandall Public Library


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A Day In The Life Of Crandall Public Library

  1. 1. <ul><li>February 2010 </li></ul>A Day in the Life of Crandall Public Library
  2. 2. We asked… and you answered… How is the Library making a difference in your life?
  3. 3. Crandall Library is one of the places I use for entertainment, information, education, and many more reasons. I absolutely love this library and all it has to offer. It helped me while I was attending college to become a teacher. The resources available helped tremendously. My financial circumstances are limited so renting movies, books, and taking my niece there are a large part of my life. I brag about the library often and how much I enjoy having it in our community.
  4. 4. I read books for pleasure. I read books to gather information and to learn new things. I appreciate being able to borrow books from a public library. I’ve been doing it all of my life- ever since I received my 1 st library card when I was 6 years old! I moved here 12 years ago. My two children, now 17 and 14 years old have grown up with Crandall Library. It is the hub of downtown GF and a catalyst for bringing the community together! Many, many thanks!
  5. 5. I seem to visit the CPL at least twice per week...either for a film, book checkout or research. CPL is making a difference in my life by being such a &quot;full service&quot; library. We recently moved within the city and our choice of location included walking distance to CPL. A fantastic resource; it’s always a deep pleasure to come in.
  6. 6. Crandall Library is my resource for books, audiobooks, magazines, reference. I love the &quot;new&quot; library. I am so glad to have such a wonderful facility to borrow from and to have so many choices in what I borrow. Knowledge and information are so important to me and what better place to get that than at the library I love this place! What an asset to our community. A pleasure each & every time I visit!
  7. 8. The library has always been one of my favorite places to go. I get a lot of pleasure out of walking through those doors and spending time looking up books and checking them out. The &quot;new&quot; library is absolutely beautiful and simply a wonderful place to spend time. I love coming here, I love reading at all times. It’s a great space! We meet 2x week and enjoy using the conference rooms when they are available.
  8. 9. The Crandall [Library] is an example of how a new library should be designed- comfortable, quiet, plenty of restrooms, light-filled and a staff that has be re-energized by the wonderful changes! Reading is an enjoyment of life- takes me places I’ll never go. The film series is a part of my life, year-round. A wonderful place to see excellent films with [the] community.
  9. 10. We thoroughly enjoy- and need- the Crandall Public Library. We enjoy audiobooks and CDs. We come to most of the evening movies. GREAT! It’s been so nice to visit and that people get [to] enjoy the books. I love the library- especially when I can have the time to browse. I pick out books, movies and magazines to enjoy during my winter break. It’s the best deal in town!
  10. 11. The boredom of my two-hour daily commute is alleviated by books on CD from Crandall Library. It not only helps the time pass pleasantly, it turns an unproductive time of my day into a learning opportunity. Life would be bleak without the books, music programs, etc. We've recently moved to [the] So. Glens Falls area. Crandall Library is a wonderful resource and everyone should take advantage of all it has to offer. .
  11. 13. We love the relationships forged with the folks in the Children’s Dept. and the programs they offer. We enjoy being able to borrow materials, books, movies, etc. We try to make a day of visiting the library by supporting independent business in our nearest city, because we usually go for lunch after leaving. Our children love books and the library fosters this. Free, educational programs serve as a staple in our weekly activities as a family.
  12. 14. My daughter enjoys preschool story time and art. Wonderful ideas and stories! The staff is always welcoming, calm with the children, and excited to be doing the activities. A great asset for our community! Let’s us enjoy time with our children and watch them find books they love to read My children love coming here and getting books & video tapes. They enjoy the atmosphere.
  13. 16. The children’s dept. staff are outstanding! The multitude of programs are directed at all age groups and my grandchildren have benefited greatly from the early integration with peers in reading, art, and play. I have a son who is 3 and we have been participating in the children’s programs for 2 years. It has been wonderfully enriching for him. And all of the staff have been so AMAZING & always extremely helpful. We look forward to our time spent here! (He is an only child so this is also a wonderful opportunity to socialize!)
  14. 17. Enjoy coming here and bringing our young granddaughter. My daughter has been coming here nearly every week for story time since she was just over a year old. We’ve begun doing the art class too. We often use the playroom too. She loves coming here, even on days when nothing is scheduled. Our family enjoys coming for community events too, like the holiday crafts this past December. It is such a warm environment. It allows my granddaughter to mingle with kids of her own age. Also it lets her do some different creative projects.
  15. 19. 1) Saves me time- commuting 2)Saves me travel related expenses 3) Saves me from substituting meetings in uncomfortable settings 4) Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. 5) It’s a library folks & libraries are a solid foundation of any community. Access to books on CD for long car rides. Books on travel. Classics- both books & movies. Access for all in our community. I’m here every week. Crandall Library is an essential part of my life.
  16. 20. It’s just a great resource for books, videos, music, etc. Great new space. I love the library! If they don’t have what I want they get it for me! In this tough economy, it’s GREAT to be able to see movies & read books & magazines for free. I couldn’t be happier with the variety of items. I’m a regular customer!
  17. 22. We’ve met some great new friends for ourselves & our daughter Great kids programs. Books on CD are a part of my daily commute. Great Children’s Programs My children have good social interaction with other children in a great learning environment. Fantastic free resources for my limited budget, and the librarians are always friendly and helpful even though my little children can be noisy at times.
  18. 24. I have no computer internet- so I job hunt and stay close to family in/out of the area [with] email. The library offers so many different ways to get information. The use of the Library internet access point allows me to search online and contact distant family members. I do not own a computer. Thank you.
  19. 25. I love to read- about anything & everything. Your videos are excellent as well. I enjoy coming to the library it’s very relaxing Our family comes to this library at least 3 times a month! We have used the internet access and requested books from other libraries! This library is a great asset to this and outlying communities. Thank you!
  20. 26. I am currently out of work on worker's compensation. The library has expedited my claim information via internet access and has helped provide entertainment through loaned books and DVDs while my income has been reduced. I have also accessed information I am using to help me in my rehabilitation efforts. Love books on CD for traveling for work
  21. 28. I totally enjoy using the online site to search [for] favorite & new authors & request items. Then coming in to pick up & quickly checking out with the self checkout station. Having these options helps me to fit in my love of reading into a very busy travel schedule. The library adds a lot of entertainment to my everyday life It is truly a source of information for my children as well as myself
  22. 29. I could never afford my “book habit”. Every time I come to the library I feel like I just finished an expensive shopping spree- but haven’t spent a dime. I can get several books/topics & pick & choose. I can choose escape books/novels when I just need to “get away” in the comfort of my own home! Just love it! It’s easy to use. I like self check out. My daughter thoroughly enjoys reserving books online. Pick up/check out is easy and convenient.
  23. 30. I live to visit the library and am grateful for having it. It gives me something to look forward to. Thank you. This library is amazing!! I request books all the time and Crandall finds them for me so I can read them and enjoy them. THANK YOU!! Love this library Virtually any book I’ve wanted to read has been available via loan if not in the stacks. DVD selection is terrific. Film Fest is terrific. The space is terrific. Programs are many & varied.
  24. 32. I moved from Texas back to NY a few years ago. In deciding where to live, I looked for places with good libraries. I chose Glens Falls because the library was so good. Imagine my pleasure when the renovations took place- now the library is not good, it’s great! Access to information not easily found over the internet and a good place to come where it’s quiet and just get away and read a book. Wonderful selections…
  25. 33. Right now we do not have the money to buy books from bookstores so the library is INVALUABLE to us! Plus, we actually feel &quot;green&quot; by borrowing books rather than buying anyway. Lastly, we LOVE the renovation and could sit in the library for HOURS!!! And oh, we also love the books sales and folk life series. The Crandall library is a true gem! It is a regular weekend destination for music and exploration of new books and/or research for me.
  26. 34. I love the added space and the selection of audiobooks. Also, growing up in Glens Falls, my parents took me to visit the library fairly often. It’s a source of comfort as I can visit here regardless of what’s going on in my life. It’s a beautiful space. Easy to find books/CDs or DVDs. Staff always very helpful. The 1 st place I stopped when I moved to the area. Thank you.
  27. 36. I like coming to the library to study, using the internet, learning new things. Taking out books, DVDs , etc. I finally have a place where I can get internet & just hang out. I love to borrow movies and different shows, too. I concentrate while doing homework, I can find great books! I relax more in peace and quiet.
  28. 37. I spent time at the library when I was a child, and now I am bringing my son there too! He loves having such a huge selection of book and videos, and I love encouraging his love of reading, as well as my own! An excellent place to share and bond with my 17 year old daughter. It gives people and the kids something to do and a place [to] go and have fun [and] meet new friends.
  29. 39. Provides great opportunities for all of my children! Great choices of books and stories on DVD for me. My son and I try to come for at least 1 hr a day to sit by the fire and read. It is the calmest part of my day. My children & I attend the library every week all year round. The children enjoy the books & movies, it helps them find extra support for school projects. I love the art and music.
  30. 40. My children (ages 4, 5, & 9) LOVE to come to the library to pick out new books and use the computers. Thank You! I’m ashamed to say that I had not been to the new library until my father and his wife came for Christmas. And readers, they were eager to see it. After bringing them in, I started bringing my daughter in every Tuesday after kindergarten to get books & DVDs and for her to play on the computer. It’s been a fun meeting place for her and her friends too! Thank you for being so wonderful!
  31. 41. I have 3 kids, 5 years apart in age. The 9 year old loves to search the stacks, the 15 year old likes to search the web and the 3 year old and I kick around the parent room- she plays with toys and I upgrade my parenting skills reading the books available for me. It is a beautiful setting and everybody in the family enjoys being there. My daughter loves to come here to play
  32. 42. We love Crandall Library. Especially your new facilities- its beautiful and so well equipped. We home-school and at Crandall library we get so many resources for educating our children. Thank you. My children and I enjoy visiting as often as we can! We especially love the summer reading program for kids and adults. A great place to share family time and experience local activities together. We feel lucky to have such a wonderful library in our community that offers many opportunities.
  33. 44. This library is worth its weight in Gold. Great programs, wonderful collection of history items- the Folklife center, film festivals [and] very, very helpful staff. My favorite building in downtown Glens Falls, NY. It helps you relax your mind and you learn new things every time you’re here. Plus the people are great. I love Crandall Library! When my daughter was younger we attended many of the children’s programs. When I have time, I enjoy viewing the art exhibits.
  34. 45. I use the library because I do a lot of reading and can not afford the books. Making a difference for history reference & meeting new people. We moved here 25 years ago (back to Hometown USA) and were delighted to find such a wonderful, well-run facility. I love the book sales as does my husband. We’re retired now & I use the library even more. I know it’s silly but I love driving through down [town] just to look at “our” new library!!
  35. 46. Crandall has always been a large part of my life. From the time when I was a toddler, I’ve been coming to Crandall to meet people, read books, and attend events. I used to play games downstairs . . . when I was very little, and today I use the library to take out college books that I otherwise would’ve spent a fortune on. I also find the library’s DVD collection quite extensive & enjoyable, in addition to the many great books they offer. It’s the heart of Glens Falls
  36. 47. I love what the library offers. Today I am going to the book sale. I bring [my] kids there for whatever events they put on. To me the library is the center of the city. Having been in the community from 2001-2006 and to return from Florida to care for my uncle who is elderly, the library here has been great. I thank the staff, and everyone with the renovation here. It’s a pleasure to be re-welcomed to the community. It’s a way for receiving books & tapes close to home (over 65, no car) without charge. Without it I couldn’t read or see tapes as often. Thank you.
  37. 48. I love that Crandall Library is so close to where I go around here in Glens Falls. I enjoy the massive amounts of videos to choose from. The staff is incredibly helpful to all who come and are unsure of how to use the services that they now have. I have been coming here for years and I plan on bringing my kids here someday too. I have been coming here since I was a child w/ my mom! 48 years of being a patron!
  38. 49. <ul><li>Crandall Public Library </li></ul><ul><li>Glens Falls, NY </li></ul>February 16, 2010 How many patron visits? 1,998 How many people used your public computers? 309 How many reference questions did your staff answer? 532 How many children participated in programs? 65 How many adults participated in programs? 90 What was the total circulation for the day? 3,919 How many hits did your website receive? 1,074 Photos, stories & statistics compiled by Guinevere Forshey