The benefits of extrusion cooking


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The convenience factor, and the straightforward nature of the extrusion process, has been key to the steady growth of the breakfast cereal industry in recent years. For companies considering entry to the market, simple, cost-effective extrusion technology is a logical first production step. It is also a technology widely used by established multi-nationals around the world.

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The benefits of extrusion cooking

  1. 1. Digital Re-print - September | October 2010 The benefits of extrusion cooking Grain & Feed Milling Technology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. ©Copyright 2010 Perendale Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872 NEXT PAGE
  2. 2. Extrusion Feature News September - October 2010 Feature Extrusion als, develop Product warning issued products, train staff for UK Feed Mills and produce samples for test marketing in conditions of complete confidentiality. T he exclusive UK-supplier shock values, mills can also downs and is suitable for use up plant, and kosher-pareve for Extruded breakfast- l e a d i n g make significant savings on to 350˚F (177˚C). “Ideal for year-round use, the product of world cereals –component protection their bottom line according lubricating bearings, bushings range is already causing a stir in a healthy option lubricants has issued a warning to the results of an in-depth and slides, and rollers, Medallion the feed mill sector and ISL is Extrusion mills across the country positive cost analysis project Extreme™ also includes the offering free audits of current to feed provides the that increasing pressure from and efficiency audit recently anti-bacterial agent, Lubristat, provision forbran and germ, in ability to develop a broad anyone interested The benefits of animal feed companies may conducted by ISL. “A lack of to limit the growth of bacteria a no-obligation cost saving audit. spread of cereal products, losing about 25 extrusion cooking and the versatility of the only H1 protection means that bearings on, and within, the body of percent of a grain’s protein mean a move to approved greases. twin-screw extrusion ne ed re pl acing f ar more the grease” Leanne explained. with at least 17 key nutrients. along process means that new frequently and the amount Whitmore’s point to a48 grams ofMore inforMation: With recent wholegrain recommended productsn are scontinually p e c i a l i t y of product used is often also test conducted daily aby the Whole Grain Specialityand 32 I du trial S by major Industrial Council, Lubricants beingLubricants, the UK distributor significantly higher than we’d Japanese brewery specifically Castle Foregate, cereals added to the portfolio. grams in a typical serving, breakfast o W h i t m o re’s a n ge o f expect” explained Leanne. looking at E-coli, which key part of Shrewsbury For f example, breakfastrcereals are the are a showed a healthy lifestyle. Shropshire perfectr vehicles sfor thesnutritious whole “This lack of efficiency has huge that the Lubristat additive notproducts feature a combination p oduct , ha r e c e n t l y and Multigrain SY1 2EL Extruded ready-to-eat breakfast cereals have all the qualities today’s demanding consumers expect of a multiintroduced a new-generationas part implications, an impact only controlled of grains such as United Kingdom barley or grain servings recommended cost Wholegrain products retain, after process- the growth wheat, rye, corn, convenience food. They offer nutrition, taste, value and variety and are instantly available. Significantly, many of a H1 approved product to meet on production with down- originalbacteriathe rice, actually the opportunity for cereal healthy lifestyle. They are established ing, all three parts of the of grain – but can and offer Tel: +44 1782 710012 breakfast cereals also benefit from a positive reputation in health terms – a growing issue in consumer choice. favouritesdemandconsumers aware of time causedbran maintenance –exterminate an existing colony. to develop products with an this with and is in talks with the germ, by and endosperm in their original manufacturers Email: proportions: refining normally Perfect for use across the implication of dietmills across the UK and component replacement, a number of in a healthy lifestyle. Wesbite: removes the imaginative appearance featuring new tex- and Ireland to begin supply. and an impact on energy “Many mills have chosen costs because more is to use non-food-approved required to work the T he convenience factor, and It is possible to enter the breakfast can be extended with additional units and, greases for their bearings machinery.” the straightforward nature cereal market without the expense of mar- using Baker Perkins’ process expertise, make because they feel that the old- “Taking into account of the extrusion process, has keting your own brands. The practice of a range of high added-value flakes, multigrain generation H1 products didn’t product costs, quantity been key to the steady growth of the independent cereal manufacturers supplying flakes and filled pillows. provide adequate component of use, and the cost of New breakfast cereal industry in recent supermarkets on a contract basis, or ‘co- Co-extrusion equipment, flaking rolls, protection, but increasing replacing be arings – Simple pushbutton years. For companies considering entry packing’ – acting as a sub-contractor to major toasters, cereal cookers, syrup coating units, pressure from animal food which our new lubricant for digital results! to the market, simple, cost-effective producers – is widely accepted. shredders and dryers can be added to form manufacturers is seeing the reduces from an average extrusion technology is a logical first Baker Perkins has helped milling com- versatile plants suitable for a wide range market changing” explained of three times per year RIDA®QUICK SCAN AT LAST .... low-cost classified advertising that really works! production step. It is also a technol- panies develop profitable breakfast cereal of high-specification cereals produced in Leanne Combrinck from ISL. to just one – our positive ogy widely used by established businesses in a number of European markets volume. “The new-generation of cost analysis project has From 2010, whether your business is a blue chip multi-national or a sole multi-nationals around the world. – and in another sector, supplies equipment Typical end products include a wide products provides even more proven that many feed trader ... GFMT has changed the rules of classified advertising. to major UK bread bakers owned by milling selection of filled pillows and a broad protection under pressure than mills could spend just 59 From early 2010 all GFMT Classified Advertisements will now appear on Twin-screw extrusion is a proven and organisations. range of flakes, including corn and bran non-food-grade lubricants – in percent of their current the websites our TWO online distribution channels: DocStoc and Scribd. versatile technology for cereal processing: it flakes. fact our Medallion Extreme™ budget which is obviously The Cereal Master EX concept Both these high traffic channels specialise in the targeted positioning of is the basis for products involving corn, rice, range offers protection under a huge saving” explained industry, government and academic documents and information. Each doc- bran, wheat, barley and oats. It is a straight- Baker Perkins’ ability to extend and adapt Innovation Centre the most severe conditions, Leanne. “Plus they are ument is accompanied by independent, unsolicited reader statistics, record- forward process - the extruder cooks the existing extruder based cereal lines utilising Manufacturers from around the world tripling the life of bearings even able to assure their ing the number of visitors to each document. All future GFMT Classified ingredients using a combination of heat, a wide choice of units, with minimal invest- visit the company’s Food Innovation Centre when compared to traditional customers that they only Advertisements will now appear in these sites with their own traffic records. mechanical shear and moisture addition; ment, is a key feature of the its service to at Peterborough, UK, which contains a range favourites” she added. As well use food-grade lubricants as being registered with the NSF which, while a bonus at In addition, all Classified Advertisements will now be accompanied by a 250 flavours and colours can be added either breakfast cereal producers. of production and laboratory scale equip- word (maximum) profile of your company or service ... at no extra cost! You directly into the barrel, or afterwards. The ability to incorporate additional units ment, including a twin-screw extruder that as food grade H1 for incidental the moment, may well will also be able to update your profiles twice a year to help you showcase into a line to extend end product capability is can be configured for a wide range of contact with food, the range become mandatory in the new products and services. All profile content will be ‘keyword compliant’ to Profitable businesses fundamental to the decision of many manu- products. of greases resist pound-out, near future so it’s a case guarantee maximum exposure to the major search engines. Extrusion gives milling companies the facturers to select the extrusion process – a Customers use these facilities to develop provide extra protection, and of acting now and making offer a very significant reduction a change for the better” Classified Advertising rates for 2010 will remain the same as those for opportunity to widen their business strat- modular approach to process design allows new products and processes, produce sam- R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd. 2009 ... but with all the extra exposure. egy by processing their own grain, adding the system to expand as the producer’s ples for test marketing, or conduct feasibility in product consumption. she added. Block 10 Todd Campus Phone: +44 (0) 141 945 2924 significant value and escaping the confines of business grows. trials – all in a confidential environment. By providing appropriate The Medallion West of Scotland Science ParkTHE RATES AND AVAILABILITY NOW! CHECK OUT Fax: +44 (0) 141 945 2925 Acre Road, Glasgow commodity pricing at the mercy of influences A Cereal Master EX line producing direct Services include creating complete protection under pressure, Extreme™ range is water Scotland G20 0XA that cannot be controlled, including weather and speculators. expanded cereals such as corn balls, multi- grain rings, alphabet shapes, and cocoa balls product portfolios for new producers. Customers can conduct equipment tri- particularly where components resistant, so stays in place are subjected to high load or even during frequent wash 12 | September - october 2010 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy & & Grain feed feed millinG technoloGy Grain millinG technoloGy PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE September - october 2010 | 2010 | 9 September - october 13 mod.indd 1 06/10/2010 08:5
  3. 3. Extrusion Feature Feature Extrusion down by design features that cut maintenance. An AC drive system is virtually maintenance free, and innovative open-frame design maximises access for cleaning and main- tenance. The newly introduced splined shafts and high torque capacity of the gearbox are designed for optimum reliability and durability. Processes that require a face cutter benefit from a new design of this unit. Changing the cutter blade can be achieved in 15 min- produced, with outline definition much improved vides accurate metering of fillings for products utes without stopping production. compared to previous generation equipment. handled on the cutter-crimper. The system The SBX extruder is par- The pillow-crimper can handle up to features one pump per product stream, More inforMation: ticularly easy to use, with PLC 12 lanes of product simultaneously, form- allowing each to be adjusted independently Keith Graham touch-screen control, and time- ing filled tubes into individual pillows. Easily for precise weight control. Baker Perkins Ltd tures and colours, with a beneficial nutritional SBX twin-screw extruder saving automatic start and stop sequences as interchangeable cutting roll sets allow pillows The cutter-crimper and cream feed system Manor Drive Paston Parkway Peterborough, PE4 7AP profile. The latest generation of twin-screw extrud- standard. to be made in a wide range of shapes and were developed to process the higher out- United Kingdom Elsewhere, Baker Perkins development of ers can produce standard, direct expanded sizes. The pillow crimper can be retrofitted puts now available from twin-screw extrud- Tel: +44 1733 283469 new, modular dies has led to the introduc- cereals such as fruit rings, corn puffs, alphabet Co-extrusion equipment into lines including any make of extruder. ers. Baker Perkins has introduced 12-stream Fax: +44 1733 283004 tion of a range of products with a distinctive letters, rings, cocoa curls, oat loops and crisp Co-extrusion is a recent Baker Perkins dies with an output potential twice the previ- Email: surface texture. These consist of a number of rice with no further processing, except sugar innovation for the cereal industry, and Cream feed system ous maximums, maximising the robust power Website: individual strands, with a sweet centre. coating and drying. The SBX extruder can provides a simple, cost-effective means of The Baker Perkins cream feed system pro- of the latest solid-barrel extruders. Downstream, coating with sugar can respond to market demand for rapid changeo- extending a product range beyond standard Wenger_Ad_2010_210x147mm 5/24/10 9:37 AM Page 1 provide additional options for added-value ver between products and has the inbuilt flex- direct expanded cereals. product development. These dies can be ibility to bring new products to market quickly. It involves the simultaneous extrusion of retrofitted to virtually any make of extruder. The modular barrel of the SBX Master a cereal outer shell and a filling, and extends enables the length of each machine to be capability through the ability to make added- Shaping products matched precisely to the customer’s process value products with contrasting textures and Products are shaped by being forced application, and enables extension later as colours, with innovative flavours and fillings, innovation is our enduring legacy. through the die, and Baker Perkins’ ‘library’ production needs change. and with out of the ordinary shapes that of shapes is continually being expanded; it To further increase flexibility, the range catch the eye. Since 1935, we've been help- ranges from rings or squares to stars and of end products that can be made has been The Baker Perkins co-extrusion system ing customers solve problems letters of the alphabet. increased by incorporating a motor and gear- can be added to an existing twin-screw and capitalize on opportuni- Retrofitting new dies during the mid-life box able to handle twice as much torque as line supplied by virtually any manufacturer. ties faced by their businesses. cycle of an extruder can freshen a product the previous generation of extruder. The essential elements of the system are a portfolio with new and attractive brands. The flexible Baker Perkins die design and die, pillow crimper and cream feed system. Seventy-five years ago, a key segmented agitator configuration - allow- The fillings can be of virtually any colour or answer was a molasses mixer. ing quick product change-over with few flavour – creams, fruit pastes or chocolate Today, the solutions tend to change parts - has been retained, together praline are typical. The product range is be more technologically com- with the high free volume agi- limited only by the imagination. plex – but our founding pledge remains unchanged. tator geometry that enables high outputs to be achieved, Co-extrusion die At Wenger, we innovate to even on low density Die design is crucial in controlling shape, solve customer challenges. materials such expansion and shell structure, and providing as bran and end products of differing formulations and And then we do it again. fine milled shapes from a single extruder. Baker Perkins flours. has a modular die format, which allows A new, shapes to be altered easily and cost-effec- high out- tively by changing a product-specific insert. put model Pilllow-crimper Inventing the new original since 1935. has been introduced, to give a capacity range from 225 - The pillow-crimper provides co-extruded 2000kg/hour of direct expanded pillow cereals in attractive new patterns such SABETHA, KANSAS USA 785-284-2133 INFO@WENGER.COM WWW.WENGER.COM product. as hexagons, ‘cats face’, chevrons and waves. USA BELGIUM TAIWAN BRASIL CHINA TURKEY Cost of ownership is driven ‘Standard’ shapes such as squares can also be 14 | September - october 2010 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy Grain&feed millinG technoloGy PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE September - october 2010 | 15
  4. 4. “The quality of the machinery we manufacture is only as good as the buckets in them – which is why we choose Tapco. ” Gustaaf Zeeman, Managing Director EUROPEAN MACHINE TRADING ’t Zand, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands Janco Zeeman, Technical Director EUROPEAN MACHINE TRADING ’t Zand, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands How Tapco Buckets Help Maintain a Family Tradition of Quality For more than 90 years, European Machine Trading has maintained “The polyethylene Tapco Super EuroBuckets are strong, which is their reputation as a high quality, family-owned business. In 1988, important to fertilizer plant managers. They are tough enough to handle the former feed mill decided to manufacture elevators, transport heavy loads, yet flexible, so they absorb impact from elevator legs, conveyors, bagging machines bypass obstructions and return to their original shape. And, they and other equipment for feed don’t rust!” mills, fertilizer plants and dealers. With 900,000 buckets in 60 sizes, stocked throughout However, one thing stayed the ® the world, Tapco can help take a load off of your mind – same...quality. STYLE SUPER EUROBUCKET and elevators, too. Call us at +1-314-739-9191 or “Our company has been built HEAVY DUTY Polyethylene Elevator Bucket visit to find out why Polyurethane • Nylon on quality,” Gustaaf Zeeman of 75% design engineers, contractors and FANGED HEAD European Machine Trading says. “And quality is what we want in bucket elevator manufacturers in the Elevator Bolt our products. When you make a machine, the components you U.S.A. specify Tapco* with no equal. select must be the same quality, which is why we chose Tapco buckets.” FLAT COUNTERSUNK HEAD (NO. 1 NORWAY) Elevator Bolt ELEVATOR BUCKETS - ELEVATOR BOLTS St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A. Tel.: +1 314 739 9191 • +1 800 288 2726 • Fax: +1 314 739 5880 • The color blue, when used in connection with elevator buckets, is a U.S. registered *Grain Journal, Country Journal Publishing Co., Inc., Decatur, Illinois, U.S.A. trademark owned by Tapco Inc. © 2010 Tapco Inc.® All rights reserved.
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