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Belgium-based Vigan Engineering S.A. is more than a ship loaders/unloaders manufacturer, but a global solution provider for port development, and especially for grain handling.

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  1. 1. Digital Re-print - January | February 2013 PORTSGrain & Feed Milling Technology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom.All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies,the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis ofinformation published.©Copyright 2013 Perendale Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any formor by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872 www.gfmt.co.uk
  2. 2. PORTSB elgium-based Vigan Engineering are customised according to customers’ friendly (no dust with a totally enclosed S.A. is more than a ship needs with many accessories available; conveying, no noise, no material deg- loaders/unloaders manufactur- they are adaptable to a lot of different radation as it is gently conveyed by aer, but a global solution provider working conditions. Capacity ranges Twin-belt system).for port development, and especial- from 100 to 250 tons/hour. Vigan mechanical loaders arely for grain handling. The advantages of the NIV pneu- designed for almost any kind of product matic continuous ship unloaders include in bulk with a density from 0.2 to 0.8, From initial project definition up very little manpower (just a single they are suitable for all sizes of bargesto commissioning, Vigan is able to operator is needed); its hold cleaning or vessels. Dust control devices anddeliver turnkey terminals including a efficiency; its capacity variability (from optional features are available.wide range of equipment and auxiliary 160 to 800 tons/hour); and its easy anddevices thanks to its network of busi- low-cost maintenance. Port equipmentness partners. The mechanical ‘SIMPORTER’ is par- The diversity of Vigan’s range of ticularly adapted for vessels up to Post- equipment is a key-asset to propose theHandling technologies Panamax size and very high-capacity best adequate solution to any project Vigan masters both pneumatic and requirements of up to 1,500 tons/hour. requirements, whether pneumatic ormechanical technologies with a wide It has the lowest energy consumption mechanical is preferred, or even a com-range of machines. Its mobile and port- rate per unloaded ton (0.2-0.45 kWh/ bination of both.able pneumatic machines (grain pumps) ton) and is even more environment- Continuous ship (or barges) unload-24 | January - february 2013 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy
  3. 3. FEATUREers have particularly proven their suit- • In 2006, SDTV grain and fertilizer • The dry bulk terminal at Muugaability for unloading products such as all terminals in Djibouti were equipped Port, Estonia, with fertilizer handlingtypes of cereals, oilseeds, raw material by Vigan with two continuous ship and storage facilities including a railfor animal feeding and other free-flowing unloaders (CSU), a mobile harbour unloading station, belt conveyors andproducts. While it is a rather younger crane, conveyors, stationary and dome storage silos, recently chooseand more complex technology com- mobile bagging stations, flat storage, again Vigan’s UK subsidiary AS-Cpared to grabs and conveyors, their two mobile portable machines. Last Projects Limited based in Stockport,number is continuously increasing world- summer the terminal ordered three England to carry out the third phasewide due to their environmental assets additional mobile bagging lines. of expansion to their terminal. This- minimisation of product spillage, dust • The French port of Sète inaugurated includes three new dome storage silosand noise pollution - and their overall its grain terminal extension in (total additional storage of 27,400profitability key advantages - more con- August 2012, for which, Vigan tonnes) plus associated intake andstant unloading rate, shorter unloading provided one mechanical ship loader outloading belt conveyor systems.time, most efficient hold clean-up, and with bucket elevator (capacity 800 Completion is scheduled for Juneless manpower needed for example. tonnes/hour) for vessels up to 2013. Moreover, the major advantage 25,000 DWT and one pneumaticshouldn’t be forgotten: the operators’ CSU (capacity 400 tonnes/hour) for More InforMatIon:safety which is maximum with CSUs. barges and coaster vessels up to Recent achievements include: 5,000 DWT. Website: www.vigan.comGrain &feed millinG technoloGy January - february 2013 | 25
  4. 4. Milling Technology magazine. Content from the magazine is available to view free-of-charge, both as a full LINKS This digital Re-print is part of the January | February 2013 edition of Grain & Feed online magazine on our website, and as an archive of individual features on the docstoc website. Please click here to view our other publications on www.docstoc.com. January - February 2013 first published in 1891 • See the full issue • Controlling the explosion risks within hammer mills • Visit the GFMT website • • Contact the GFMT Team Recycling surplus factory food In this issue: into quality animal feeds • Efficient barge unloading technology • Use of computer • Feed • Subscribe to GFMT programming enzymes in animal diet in animal formulation nutrition INCORPORATING PORTS, DISTRIBUTION AND FORMULATION A subscription magazine for the global flour & feed milling industries - first published in 1891 To purchase a paper copy of the magazine, or to subscribe to the paper edi- tion please contact our Circulation and Subscriptions Manager on the link adove. INFORMATION FOR ADVERTISERS - CLICK HERE Article reprints All Grain & Feed Milling Tecchnology feature articles can be re-printed as a 4 or 8 page booklets (these have been used as point of sale materials, promotional materials for shows and exhibitions etc). If you are interested in getting this article re-printed please contact the GFMT team for more informa- tion on - Tel: +44 1242 267707 - Email: jamest@gfmt.co.uk or visit www.gfmt.co.uk/reprints www.gfmt.co.uk