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A preview of the upcoming VIV Europe 2014 event

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VIV Europe special

  1. 1. Digital Re-print - March | April 2014 VIV Europe 2014 special Grain & Feed MillingTechnology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. ©Copyright 2014 Perendale Publishers Ltd.All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872
  2. 2. Special themes World Expo for Animal Husbandry & Processing Come to Utrecht in 2014 and connect to all players in today’s complete meat production chain. May 20-22, 2014 | Utrecht, the Netherlands MORE INFORMATION visit our website VIV Europe2014 VNU13-0083 adv VIV Europe 2014 210x297 tbv Europa 08-2013.indd 1 20-08-13 15:51
  3. 3. logo-eu THIS EXHIBITION IS HELD WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE UNION OF CHAMBERS AND COMMODITY EXCHANGES OF TURKEY (TOBB) PURSUANT TO THE LAW NUMBERED AS 5174 Istanbul Expo Center Halls: 1-2-3 Estambul Expo Center , Salas 1-2-3 23-26 April - de Abril 2015 LA PUERTA DEL MOLINERO QUE SE ABRE AL MUNDO MILLER’S GATEWAY OPENING TO THE WORLD 6th International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Feed Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition 6a Feria Internacional de Maquinaria para Molinos de Trigo, Harina, Sémola, Arroz, Maíz y Alimentos para Animales & Exhibición de Tecnologías para Legumbres, Pastas y Galletitas
  4. 4. VIV special supplement | IIIGRAIN&FEED MILLING TECHNOLOGY VIVEurope2014 urope-2014.indd 1 07-03-11 11:32 V IV Europe 2014 will be back to business when the world expo for poultry and livestock husbandry and processing returns in May. It feels wonderful to have the opportunity again of hosting the best business event in animal agriculture for poultry and feed industry leaders from around the world. With 20,000 key players from 140 countries expected to attend, this edition of VIV Europe is set to be bigger than ever. In addition to the grand amount of visitors from within the industry, there will be visits by entire diplomatic delegations as well. They will be coming to take a look at the world premieres on display or taking part in a series of scientific congresses that are being organised parallel to the show. Six hundred exhibitors from 45 countries have their latest products ready for the long awaited world expo. Complete cattle farm com- plexes and systems which cannot be exhibited because of their size, will be visited via special field-trips. Foreign governments will also be in attendance, taking a look behind the scenes at hands-on farms in the Netherlands via exclusive VIP programmes. After all, together with the United States, the Netherlands has a worldwide reputation in the field of innovative livestock, meat and egg production. Complete & Compact VIV Europe 2014 means business, in fact it is an excluxive Business- to-Business show for professionals in the production and processing of poultry meat and eggs and other animal proteins. Its watchwords are that it will be complete and compact. Complete in the pure sense that all global leaders from feed to meat and eggs will be at the show. We have a full week of business opportunities lined up for them, built around the three days of the VIV Europe 2014 exhibition itself which runs from Tuesday May 20th to Thursday May 22nd. Compact refers to the fact that the VIV Europe showground in the Dutch city of Utrecht offers all the facilities in which to do business, but in an environment that is comfortable for every visitor. Our visitors will not need shuttle buses to move between the exhibition halls. VIV Roadshows The last four years have been spent working on the return of VIV Europe to Utrecht, the ‘mother show’ of what has now become a thriving, worldwide network. The birth of successful VIVs around the world has also allowed us to expand our network, make contact with new partners, visit government ministries and establish relationships with livestock breeding organisations, which has of course helped us promote VIV Europe. Last year we held roadshows in 20 countries. We attended shows organised by others, where we arranged congresses, organised seminars and held workshops in order to demonstrate that we wanted to share knowledge and tell the world that it had to come to Utrecht since that is the essence of this event – assisting the worldwide industry: building relationships and sharing knowledge. More than ever before, people from foreign government departments are welcomed as if it was a state visit, and everything humanly possible is brought to the plate to ensure every single visitor is in the most comfortable state to do business and expand their individual network. In addition Utrecht and Amsterdam have a great deal to offer as well. The world premieres, the diverse programme of conferences and activities, the atmosphere, the farm visits and the scientific programme, and the people – that is what makes this edition of VIV Europe unique. Now the moment is almost here. The most prestigious trade show for innovative poultry and livestock husbandry and processing is back in the Netherlands for the world to see: VIV Europe 2014. We are ready. Are you? Ruwan Berculo International Market Manager VIV F CropTech-FeedTech debate: Wed 21 May 2014 11.00 – 12.30 CropTech-FeedTech debate Adifo Flexible feed formulation and production Karel Vervaet Dinnissen Processing & upgrading of (new) raw materials; How feed insects, algae and fruits sustainable and safe to animals Henri Michiels Wenger Inline product analysis control of the extrusion line process Jan Swiers and Thomas Jørgensen Muyang Input not yet available Nutreco Additives to enhance Feed mill efficiency Paul Koolen Chemoforma Feed additives for livestock and aquaculture, nucleotide products Dr. Haufmann Feed returns to its favourite showplace Feed forms a focal point of VIV Europe 2014, exhibition manager Ruwan Berculo confirms. International developments in the compo- sition and manufacturing of feeds will feature strongly on the agenda. “We always cover the agribusiness spectrum from feed to meat in every VIV event. But Utrecht in May will underline the feed aspect in several ways. For example, when our visitors arrive at the show they will find that a hall near to the main entrance contains displays by all the leading suppliers of feed manufacturing technology as well as for com- panies marketing ingredients and additives. A second hall only about a minute away on foot will have more nutritional products on show. “By our preliminary calculation there will be more than 40 exhibi- tors with machinery or equipment for feed mills. In addition to that, about 15 companies supplying feed manufacturing systems will be represented on the stands forming a special CropTech-FeedTech pavilion.” Ruwan also explains that a debate on digital engineering at the heart of feed production has been arranged for the CropTech- FeedTech conference taking place on Wednesday 21 May. Before the conference launches an open discussion involving all of the participants, it will begin with short presentations on the digital engi- neering theme by six global suppliers who will address automation in all parts of the feed manufacturing chain, from mixing and conveying to pelleting and extrusion. “Their comments are sure to be highly relevant to the profit- ability and competitiveness of every feed manufacturer, by offering a view of how automation can be extended further into the processes of the mill,” Ruwan continues. “Everyone in the feed business can gain from the knowledge transfer sessions available to our visitors as well as from seeing the displays of our exhibitors. “It is something that we have emphasised repeatedly in the series of VIV Europe Roadshows which we have been taking around the world to promote the 2014 event. The people attending these Roadshows have included the directors and managers of feed manu- facturing companies. They have made clear that they plan to attend the show in May, because of its strong feed flavour and it is being held in Utrecht, their favourite place for a professional business show!” Facts & Figures - 43 exhibitors - 19 exhibitors located in the CropTech-FeedTech pavilion - A total of 1443 sq.m. CropTech-FeedTecj knowledge - Exhibitor from 15 countries - Complete turnkey solutions, logistics/handling/transport,storage, components, IT-solutions.
  5. 5. A Summary of the activities and special delegations scheduled as part of VIV Europe 2014, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Innovations • VIV Europe 2014 Innovations Gallery The State-of-the-Art circle, located in the Centre Court, is a prime location for exhibitors to Introduce new innovations. Hostesses will be pleased to guide any interested visitors to the exhibitors’ stand. • VIV Europe 2014 Dutch Excellence Field Trips Reed Business has organized a series of Field Trips in The Netherlands on Monday 19th May (the day before the trade show VIV Europe 2014 starts). The following Field Trips are available - Broiler production & processing - Table egg production & processing - Pig farming - Feed mill technology & practice VIPs have free access to one of the tours. Conferences & Seminars Monday 19th May • Incubation 2014 Positive Action Publications will host a pre-show conference at the Mitland Hotel in Utrecht on Monday 19th May (the day before the trade show VIV Europe 2014 starts). Tuesday 20th May • Biosecurity Academy by Kiotechagil On Tuesday 20th May, 13:30 hrs to 15:50 hrs, Kiotechagil will present the latest trends in biosecurity. • CropTech-FeedTech debate-conference by VIV On Tuesday 20th May, 11:00 hrs to 12:30 hrs, VIV and Perendale Publishers will address the subject Digital Engineering in Feed Manufacturing. • GMP+ Conference On Tuesday 20th May, 14:00 hrs to 15:00 hrs, a GMP and conference will be held on trends & developments in Feed production. • Invest in Africa A series of round table discussions regarding investment opportunities in Northern African countries on Tuesday 20th May. • Romijn-Conference: Feeding, and not eating the world An English-language series of lectures by WPSA, NL-branch addressing sustainable intensification in relation to organic produce and related challenges in food security, Tuesday 20th May from 14:30 hrs to 17:00 hrs. • Seminars by exhibitors A series of 1-hour seminars presented by exhibitors • VIV Europe 2014 Opening The official Trade Show-opening, taking place on Tuesday 20th May, 10:30 hrs. Key note address by: • Ruud Tijssens, President of the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (fefac) • Anastasia Alieva, Global Head of Fresh Food Research at Euromonitor International • Ben Dellaert, Vice-Chair of the International Egg Commission (IEC) The winners of the Personality Awards will be announced dur- ing the VIV Europe 2014 Opening. Wednesday 21st May1 • Animal Health Summit by VIV An extensive two-part program (morning and afternoon): 1. Seminars by exhibitors addressing technical best practices on the subject of Animal Health on Wednesday 21st May, 10:30 hrs to 13:30 hrs 2. WVPA Conference “Poultry Health Threats” on Wednesday 21st May, 13:30 hrs to 16:30 hrs. • Biomin-Seminar A seminar on latest findings of the Biomin research study focusing Poultry Health & Nutrition on Wednesday 21st May, 14:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs. • Early-feeding Conference by VIV This conference will cover technical topics with regard to feeding new born chicks. Date to be announced. • Poultry Drinking Technology Conference by VIV A conference focusing on best practices in drinking technology, discussing topics related to hygiene and equipment. Date to be announced. • Invest in Africa A series of round table discussions regarding investment opportunities in Northern African countries on Wednesday 21st May. • Invest in Russia A series of Round table discussions regarding investment opportunities in Russia on Wednesday 21st May, 15:15 hrs to 17:45 hrs. • Seminars by exhibitors A series of 1 hour seminars presented by exhibitors • WATT Global Media Animal Welfare Conference A conference developed by WATT Global Media addressing welfare issues in Animal husbandry, Wednesday 21st May, 10:30 hrs to11:30 hrs. • WPC2016 Conference A Poultry conference introducing topics that will be discussed in more depth during WPC 2016 in Beijing, China, Wednesday 21st May, 12:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs. VIV Europe 2014 Summary of activities IV | VIV special supplement GRAIN&FEED MILLING TECHNOLOGYF
  6. 6. Network opportunities Monday 19th May • VIV Europe 2014 & Rabobank Grand Eve An invitation-only network evening starting at 17:00 hrs on Monday 19th May, will be held at the Rabobank Global Headquarters in Utrecht. Open to 400 VIP relations of VIV & Rabobank. Key-note speakers: • Dr. A.A. (Aalt) Dijkhuizen, Chairman Topteam Dutch Topsector Agri&Food, presents his vision on sustainable intensification. • Mr. Adjiej Bakas, Trend Watcher This enterprise supports BIG CHALLENGE. This is an initiative led by a series of other Dutch industry players collecting donations within our industry for KWF Cancer Foundation (a Dutch organi- zation funding cancer research). Access to the Grand Eve requires a fee of EUR 50,- p.p. to ensure the attendance of registrations. These fees will be collected and paid in full to BIG CHALLENGE, a certified association. The number of invitations is limited. Tuesday 20th May DPC Network Cocktail - 17h00-19h00 A cocktail event, hosted by the Dutch Poultry Centre at the Centre Court, enabling VIPs and special international delegations to network with DPC members. Tuesday 20th May, by invitation only. VIV Trade Dinner Africa - 19h00-20h30 Networking dinner enabling the investors and decision makers from Africa (mainly the invited delegations from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia) to network with exhibitors. This event is open to exhibitors upon paid regis- tration (EUR 85,- p.p.). Free of charge for African attendees. Wednesday 21st May VIV Spanish Network Cocktail - 17h30-18h30 A cocktail event, hosted by VIV at the Centre Court, enabling VIPs, exhibitors and special international delegations within the Spanishspeaking countries to network. Wednesday 21st May, by invitation only. Special delegations • Poultry Veterinary Science Group A group of Poultry experts committed to advance poultry veterinary science in Europe. • ENAJ European National Agriculture Journalists The ENAJ Federation of European Agriculture Journalists will visit VIV Europe with some 30 editors. • Eurasco 2014-AGM Annual General Meeting of Eurasco, the network of Directors and Representatives of European Animal and Agriculture fairs (Sunday 18th May to Tuesday 20th May). • Special international delegations arranged and co-ordinated by VIV: - China (in co-operation with Beijing Tech & DPC) - Central America (in co-operation with RN-Embassy) - Ethiopia (in co-operation with NABC) - India (in co-operation with DPC & InterAds) - Germany - Hungary - Iran (in co-operation with Sunsafa & IAHPG) - Mexico (in co-operation with UNA and RN-Embassy) - Nigeria (in co-operation with PAN, RN-Embassy and Nate Farms) - North Africa => Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia (in co-operation with BOI France) - Poland (in co-operation with the Polish Embassy in NL) - Russia (in co-operation with Asti Group & DPC) - Saudi Arabia (in co-operation with DPC) - Southeast Asia => Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam (in co-operation with VNUE AP) - Sudan (in co-operation with BOI France) - USA Pre-show Campaign VIV Europe 2014 RoadShow The RoadShow activities to promote VIV Europe 2014 include round table meetings, conferences, master classes and other net- work opportunities taking place in Myanmar, China (twice), Saudi Arabia, Russia, North Africa, Iran, Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Other special promotion highlights will be the VIV International Nigeria Summit, the VIV International Pork Production Summit 2014 USA (in co-operation with IPPE2014 Atlanta) as well as the International India Summit as part of VIV India 2014. VIV Europe 2014 Press Conferences A wide range of press conferences will run from February 2014 in Asia, Europe and Russia. VIV special supplement | VGRAIN&FEED MILLING TECHNOLOGY Successfully introduced in other VIV shows this theme will be further extended at VIV Europe 2014. At VIV Europe experts and exhibitors will be presenting their best knowledge and techniques in the field of feed production. Animal feed is also the theme of the opening congress on Tuesday May 20th. Exhibitors will be presenting all of the latest techniques and animal feed will be examined in depth. This will also cover topics such as ingredients, additives and veterinary medication – the latter also being of major importance since there is a direct relationship between food quality and food safety. The VIV Animal Health Summit starts of with a series of seminars in co-operation with the WVPA. For special theme Animal Health, VIV Europe organises several activities, for instance the Animal Health Summit. The WVPA (World Veterinary Poultry Association) will co-host the Animal Health Summit with their Animal Health Conference on Wednesday May 21st. Please find below a selection of the Animal Health programme. MeatTech is a brand new theme for VIV events. Each year the supply chain for meat, poultry and aquacul- ture is getting further integrated. VIV has a long history with top decision makers in the bigger integrations and producers of poultry and pigs. Therefore VIV recognizes a growing interest from visitors in meat slaughtering and further meat processing. This growing interest is the starting point for the specialized MeatTech them at the larger VIV trade shows. F
  7. 7. VIP Europe Roadshow R unning up to the main trade show in Utrecht, The Netherlands, VIV Europe organised a global tour: the VIV Europe Roadshow. Take a look inside this 8 month roadshow, consist- ing of master classes, summits, pavilions and more unique networking opportunities for professionals to connect worldwide. Utrecht – "Interacting directly and on a personal level with governments, the top of the business world, decision-makers in the animal production chain and showing them what we can do. And immediately inviting all these people to come to VIV Europe in Utrecht in May 2014. That is the purpose of our North African mis- sion", says Didier Nech from BOI, agent and pro- moter of the international event for the livestock, meat, poultry and egg sector since 2000. This new approach, in which a travelling networking event with master classes and a preview of the exhibition visits five countries, puts VIV Europe 2014 prominently on the agenda. It marks the return of VIV Europe to the place where the organisation, which now operates on a global scale, started initially. 175 million consumers "The reason we are paying so much attention to North Africa is because these countries are on the threshold or in the middle of a major turnaround; and in some cases this turnaround is already complete. Although in some cases there is still political instability, we expect that our exhibitors and knowledge specialists can help these countries to develop or build their animal protein sector. These are countries with a total of around 175 million consumers, where a lot of investments will be made in the coming years in response to the growth requirement. Especially for the poultry sector, but for the production chains of cattle, goats and sheep there are also enormous opportunities", Didier Nech sum- marises. At the end of November the roadshow travelled to Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. The approach differed per country. "In most countries we had to work extremely circumspectly and comply with the formal pro- cedures, so in those countries we had direct contact with the government. Through Ministers and other highly placed government officials we also had better access to the top people. That put us in contact with the big animal husbandry organisations, leading producers, managers in the processing industry and research institutes. We have mapped out everyone who matters. Around a thousand prominent individuals were invited to our roadshows, followed by a personal invitation to visit Utrecht in May 2014", says the French partner of VIV Europe. More than just attracting visitors The roadshows are about much more than just attracting visitors, says Didier Nech. "Of course we try to reach and interest as many potential visitors as possible. In addition we help put together VIP delegations at the same time, because VIV has earned a lot of goodwill around the world with that approach. These VIPs are then welcomed to Utrecht and shown around whilst being showered with every attention. We also start sharing our substantive knowledge already during the VIV Europe roadshow, by means of master classes. Everything is aimed at enabling us to support the development in these countries, together with our exhibitors and scientists. All the links in the production chain are represented, so the VIV Europe Roadshow is a representation of what people can expect at VIV Europe", is the promise. Morocco, November 26-29 The VIV representatives visited the Dawajine exhibition, devoted to poultry breeding, which is considered an important exhibition in Morocco (around 350 exhibitors, including 100 from other countries). Nech: "We systematically vis- ited the stands of all the national companies. We were in touch with the FISA (Federation Interprofessionnelle du Secteur Avicole), an effi- cient organisation with several departments for animal feed, for eggs and for slaughter practices. In addition we organised individual meetings with important visitors to the exhibition." Algeria, November 29 - December 4 In Algeria the mission was organised in con- junction with the Ministry of Agriculture. "In this country," explains Didier Nech, "it is advisable to take the official approach alongside the business approach. In this country there are many operators in the poultry section, both public companies and VI | VIV special supplement GRAIN&FEED MILLING TECHNOLOGY installation friendly perfect fitting shock explosion proof tight solid easy to clean easy expandable QUICK CONNECT® QUICK CONNECT® pull-ring more time- efficient during assembly. INSTALLATION FRIENDLY and easy to dismantle. PERFECT FITTING in long durability with top quality – that is our pipework and distribution system. SHOCK EXPLOSION PROOF safely JACOB pipework system. TIGHT connection for our pipework systems. SOLID and precise in case of retrofitting. EASY TO CLEAN and easy replaceable. EASY EXPANDABLE by variability of our modular system. Request a catalogue! +49 (0)571 95580 or at The QUICK CONNECT® pull-ring makes the acclaimed Jacob modular pipe system even more economical for installation. In new plants for animal feed, pharma- ceuticals, chemicals, food, glass, semi- conductors or environmental technology as well as for upgrading existing layouts user-friendly system installation becomes precise and easy due to the great versatility of mass-produced pipe components. ORIGINAL QUALITY TO A MODULAR DESIGN  Straight welded, lipped-end pipes and components.  ø 60 mm to ø 800 mm in a standard range.  Up to ø 400 mm normally dispatched immediately from stock.  Larger than ø 350 mm also available with flange connection.  Powder coated steel or hot-dipped gal- vanised steel as well as stainless steel.  1-3 mm wall thicknesses.  Larger diameters / special requirements upon request.  Shock-explosion certified pipes and components available. Fr. Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Tel. +49 (0)571 95580 · EUROPE’S NO. 1 IN PIPEWORK SYSTEMS 514450_GrainFeed-MillingTechnology_47x270_gb_4c_RZ_01.indd 128.02.14 15:06 “I feel the Iranian feed industry is hungry for new technology. This exhibition is an excellent venue to accomplish this.” - Michael Cody – Vice President DPI Global "It was a very successful and educative semi- nar." - Elizabeth O. Igbo, Animal Scientist, Federal Min. of Agric. & Rural Dev. Abuja. "The Nigeria Summit proofed to be an excel- lent opportunity for many of the veterinarians involved in poultry health in Nigeria to get together and we were able to exchange ideas as to how they can organise themselves as a special interest group of their veterinary association, which in turn could affiliate with the WVPA." - Dr. Hannes Swart, Currently CEO of Deltamune, Director of Avimune and Managing Director of Avi-Farms. "I congratulate VIV on hosting a good first event in Nigeria." - Michael Pretorius, Regional Sales Manager Africa/Middle East Alltech. "It made a lot of impact on the Aqua and Poultry world in Nigeria." - Daisy Eruvbetine, Member of African Poultry Network Steering Committee and member of WPSA International. F
  8. 8. big private players. We were working together with the Chamber of Agriculture, the Algerian animal husbandry institute, CNIFA (National Poultry Business Association) and a group of approximately twenty key producers in food processing and marketing (CEVITAL). The main slaughterhouses were also involved." VIV organised round tables meetings with groups of participants in the capital and in some of the important regions like Biskra, Tlemcen and Tizi Ouzou. Libya, December 14 - 17 In Libya not all the target regions could be visited, for security reasons due to the political situation. "We organised meetings in Tripoli where we invited companies from Benghazi and other places to reach us there. In conjunction with the Vice-Minister of Agriculture, we organised round table meetings with the Directorate of Animal Husbandry, the Veterinarian Network (National Center of Animal Health), business associations (Libyan Union of Veterinary Product Importers) and various operators in the animal feed and poultry sectors. Also in Libya, we organised a VIP delegation that will be visiting VIV Europe," says Didier Nech. Tunisia, December 17 – 21 The business organisation for poul- try is very well organ- ised and connected (GIPAC Groupement Interprofessionnel des produits avicoles et cunicoles). Nech: "We have a good relationship with them and our mission was organised jointly. Round table confer- ences with companies took place in Tunis. We also visited Sfax in the south of the country, where round table meetings were organised. With GIPAC we discussed the possibility of building a "Tunisia stand" at VIV Europe, to support the Tunisian poultry business and to create a meeting point for Tunisian visitors and representatives from the poultry sector. GIPAC is in charge of this activity, coordinates the VIP delegation and ensures that conferences can be held during VIV Europe." Egypt, January 11 – 14 In Egypt the approach was more or less the same as in Tunisia, including meetings with institutions, business associations and private companies. Round table conferences were organised in Cairo. "In Egypt we worked closely with the WPSA. They organised an important forum, the 7th international Poultry Conference (March 24-27 2014)." VIV Expo Pavilion Iran From 20-22 February we went to the beautiful Kish island, Iran. We had the pleasure to support the first edition of the International Kish Poultry & Livestock Expo by organising the first international VIV pavilion. A modest number of companies joined the pavilion. Due to some international restric- tions (or hesitations) a consider- able number of companies par- ticipated via their local distributor. Despite the challenges everyone agrees that Iran is a country with a lot of potential. It is expected that the newly installed Government will follow a modern course. At this moment Iran uses only 1/3 of the total agricultural capac- ity, which makes this country definitely an upcoming location to monitor very closely. K.P.L.E 2014 brought together 5,000 key-players from 20 provinces. From poul- try producers and layer or broiler farmers to technicians and local equipment dealers, they all attended. International exhibitors rated the exhibition with a 7.4 on average. Mr Carlos Garimartin – Area Sales Manager Exafan said: “Iran is a very important market where we had some customers but never found a good trade fair to extend our con- tacts. Finally we have a place to meet the people in the business in Iran.” VIV International Nigeria Summit The VIV International Nigeria Summit on January 15th was a tremendous suc- cess. Over 260 professionals attended this summit, which consisted of several pres- entations focussing on Feed & Nutrition, Breeding & Hatching, Aqua Culture and Farm Management. Looking back almost every visitor had just one conclusive ques- tion: ‘Why just one day?’ A major compli- ment for this very first VIV Roadshow event in Nigeria. To warmly accommodate our African visitors, VIV Europe will have a very special VIV African Trade Dinner on Tuesday May 20th. VIV special supplement | VIIGRAIN&FEED MILLING TECHNOLOGY F
  9. 9. VIII | VIV special supplement GRAIN&FEED MILLING TECHNOLOGY 18-19 June 2014 Geneva, Switzerland Supported by FollowingthesuccessoftheAnnualSoftCommoditiesTradingSummit,and the launch of the Risks in Agriculture: Emerging Markets last November in Ghana, IRN is bringing you the Risks in Agri Trading: Emerging Markets 2014 Summit which will strengthen your knowledge on emerging markets and help you develop your risk management strategies when trading in those regions. Experts speakers from: Olam International Ltd, Export Trading Group, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, ADM Cocoa, Cargill, Ecom Agro industrial Corporation Ltd, Vivescia Group, Biosev, Barry Callebaut ORGANISEDBY: Want to know more? Please contact: Jessica Jonah | Marketing Manager T: +44 (0) 207 111 16 15 E: Media Partner ECONOMIC GEOPOLITICAL LEGAL SUPPLY CHAIN LS L MCC 2 LS L MM LS DP LS MCC 1 66 LS M LS LS LS 4 5 10 6 DP F
  10. 10. LINKS • See the full issue • Visit the GFMT website • Contact the GFMT Team • Subscribe to GFMT A subscription magazine for the global flour & feed milling industries - first published in 1891 INCORPORATING PORTS, DISTRIBUTION AND FORMULATION In this issue: • Researching and reporting: the roller flour milling revolution • What is Fumigation? A technique of pest control using a toxic gas • VIV Europe preview Our pull out centre section March-April2014 • Bread is the foundation of civilization • Conserving grains: through drying • Flour miller values weighbridge technology on the island of Zanzibar first published in 1891 This digital Re-print is part of the March | April 2014 edition of Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine. Content from the magazine is available to view free-of-charge, both as a full online magazine on our website, and as an archive of individual features on the docstoc website. Please click here to view our other publications on To purchase a paper copy of the magazine, or to subscribe to the paper edi- tion please contact our Circulation and Subscriptions Manager on the link adove. INFORMATION FOR ADVERTISERS - CLICK HERE Article reprints All Grain & Feed Milling Tecchnology feature articles can be re-printed as a 4 or 8 page booklets (these have been used as point of sale materials, promotional materials for shows and exhibitions etc). If you are interested in getting this article re-printed please contact the GFMT team for more informa- tion on - Tel: +44 1242 267707 - Email: or visit