Spotlight on GFI EndPoint Security 2013


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Spotlight on GFI EndPoint Security 2013

  1. 1. 1By Joshua DaggsSales Engineer
  2. 2. 2Overview» The problem» Scenario» The solution» Demonstration» Summary
  4. 4. 4The problem“In the past two years, 70% of businesses have traced the loss of sensitive orconfidential information to USB flash memory sticks”– Ponemon Institute: July 2011“The use of pen drives as an easy-to-carry storage device has increased inthe recent past and internal reports have confirmed that over 70 percentcyber security breaches in the armed forces are due to their unauthorizeduse”– Army Officials report: Thehackernews, 2013“Utah Department of Health reports Data for about 6,000 recipients was lostby an employee of an outside contractor while traveling; the employee savedthe personal information to an unencrypted USB memory stick. Breach CostsProcessor $94 Million. The breach included Medicaid recipients names,Medicaid identification numbers, age and recent prescription drug use.”– Michelle L. Price: Associated Press 2013
  5. 5. 5Scenario» Employee has an iPod with 80GB storage space» Transfers half a gigabyte of corporate data in less than 10 minutes» Sensitive company information (such as product plans and designs,sales and accounting information, product design, human resourcestrack records) are sold to a third-party, that could be a competitor» Employee loses his iPod containing security sensitive information
  6. 6. 6A look at conventional control methods» Banning all device usage in an organization» Blocking drives on every computer» Blocking connection ports on every computer» Physically monitoring all connections 24/7None of these are feasible solutions in today’s business environment
  8. 8. 8Regain control with GFI EndPointSecurity™» The key to managing portable devices is in the control over:□ What devices are in use□ When they were used and by whom□ Control what data can be moved between systems and devices» GFI EndPointSecurity provides comprehensive control on use of iPods,USB drives and many other popular portable devices» Actively manage devices by machine, user, access level, file type, timeand content
  9. 9. 9Top features (1/2)» Volume encryption for removable storage devices» Granular access control, through the use of read-only and read/writepermissions on a user-by-user and device-by-device basis» Controls data transfers involving removable devices through real file typechecking and content awareness» Data leakage risk assessment capabilities» Automated client-side agent deployment» Group-based protection control» Logs device-related user activity
  10. 10. 10Top features (2/2)» Allows administrators to block devices by class, file extensions,physical port or device ID from a single location» Allows administrators to grant temporary device or port access for astipulated timeframe» Centrally monitors the network, detects connected devices andperforms various tasks» Allows data on removable devices to be encrypted to prevent dataloss or theft
  11. 11. 11Key features in depth (1/2)Data leakage risk assessment capabilities on new dashboard»The risk assessment engine assesses the risk level of endpoints and thenetwork, based on:□ activity,□ usage of removable devices,□ their type and□ the protective measures in place»The dashboard provides visually concise information on items requiringattention»Risk assessment can be performed on demand or on a schedule, providingvisibility into all the devices ever used on the network
  12. 12. 12Key features in depth (2/2)Data awareness» Data aware control of files transiting the endpoints on removable devices» Content awareness based on the values in regular expressions ordictionary files» Out of the box predefined searches, detect well known security sensitiveinformation such as credit card numbers or ID card numbers» Supports popular document types such as .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, etcEnhanced file control capabilities» Real file type checking works with embedded archives» Define file type checking and content checking based on file size
  13. 13. 13How does it work?Installed agentInstalled agentGFI EndPointSecurity monitorsand controls device usage
  14. 14. 1401010101010101010100101010101010101010Complete control of the data on mobile devices
  15. 15. 15Product benefits» Protect intellectual property and security sensitive information» Prevents introduction of malware and unauthorized software on thenetwork through BYOD» Easy-to-follow user interface» Supports latest operating systems from MicrosoftAvailable in the following languages:
  16. 16. 16GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack add-on» The GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack is a full-fledged reporting add-on» Schedule automatic IT-level and management reports based on datacollected» Report on□ devices connected to the network,□ device usage trends by machine orby user,□ files copied to and from devices(including actual names of files copied)□ and much moreDevice usage report
  18. 18. 18Summary» The exponential growth in portable storage device technology andadoption has made it easier for data thieves to get away with sensitivecorporate data» Administrators must have a way to technologically control the use ofportable storage devices» GFI EndPointSecurity is the technological solution which:□ Prevents data theft and protects intellectual property□ Safeguards network operability by blocking malicious software□ Supports productivity by blocking games and other non-work related files□ Supports legal compliance by blocking objectionable material and piratesoftware
  19. 19. 19Product testimonialsPrior to the installation of GFI EndPointSecurity, users were downloading anduploading all sorts of files to and from their PCs and servers. Now, withsurgical precision, I can control and monitor what is happening on the network- who is doing what, when, how and where. Thanks GFI.- Tony Malvarez, Aerotecnica S.A.
  20. 20. 20Product kudos» Thousands of customers worldwide use GFI EndPointSecurity» Numerous product awards such as:
  21. 21. 21Thank you for taking the time to join us todayPlease feel free to contact us with any questions or comments us atsales@gfi.comIf you would like to see what GFI EndPointSecurity can do for you,Download a free trial copy by visiting us Software is your complete software solution provider for SMBs