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  1. 1. Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business
  2. 2. Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business What is a fleet card? We Help Your Business Grow Increased Profits • Gain access to all major fleet networks • Work with Government, corporate and local fleets • Settlement goes directly into your bank account Turn-Key Proprietary Fleet Card Program • Speed up cash flow by eliminating receivables • Eliminate bad debt risk • Unlimited issuance of AF fleet cards to your customers • Fleet consultant to assist in fleet program sign up • On-line control and reporting privileges to fleet managers • 30-day billing with 10-day grace period for your fleets Marketing Services • Business listings on all major fleet network websites • Direct quarterly mailings to local area fleets • Local representatives promote your business to fleets • Access to marketing workshop & loyalty program • On-line marketing portal and custom 30 second video
  3. 3. Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business EXAMPLES OF KEY FLEETS INCLUDE: These companies currently process over 95% of Federal Government, 70% of State Government & 80% of the nation’s commercial fleet transactions.These fleets combined spend approximately $16 billon annually maintaining their vehicles…how much is spent in your business?
  4. 4. Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business Our card can be your card!
  5. 5. Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business Accepted at 65,000 locations nationwide!Benefits For Your Fleet CustomersFree unlimited card issuance (unlike Voyager/WEX) Benefits For Your Business Issuance of your shops own fleet card Make existing customer’s loyal to your business Attract new fleet business Extend payment terms to fleet customers (Access Fleet assumes all risk) Get paid weekly Eliminate bad debt from your books Gain the competitive edge on your competition!
  6. 6. Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business
  7. 7. Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business Archive customer’s contact info Track customer’s buying patterns (frequency & volume) Incentivize customers to purchase more frequently Direct advertise products, service and promotions to your entire database or individual customers via text and/or email Create triggers for key events in your own business as well as your customers lives Track promotions for effectiveness
  8. 8. Growing and Securing Your Fleet BusinessCredit and Debit Card ServicesFD50 and FD10 Pin PadProvides acceptance of Voyager, WEX, Fleet One,Fuelman, and the Access Fleet CardFull acceptance of Visa, Master Card, Discover,AMEX (Consolidate onto one machine)Our wholesale processing of Visa/MC can save youthousands in fees annuallyAccess Fleet is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA
  9. 9. Growing and Securing Your Fleet BusinessAuthorized Dealer ProgramAccess Fleet provides convenient and affordable payment options Programs available as low as $79.00 per Month1 First Data FD50 Processing Unit Capable of processing all fleet cards and Visa/MC, Amex, Discover consolidation services are included.2 Customized Online Marketing Portal Link to existing websites and social networking pages.3 30-Second Commercial Spotlight Produced with professional image animation and custom voiceover. Broadcast capable. Embedded in your custom marketing portal and can be linked to existing media and for use on internet, TV, radio.4 Direct Mailer Campaign 50 Quarterly customized 6”x11” postcards sent out to targeted businesses highlighting your service and incentive programs.5 Access Fleet Marketing Workshop Provides powerful marketing tools to strategize, create and implement professional marketing campaigns through an easy-to-navigate online user dashboard.6 Customer Loyalty Program Archive customer contact information, track purchasing, communicate promotions via text and email messaging and much more.7 Fleet Referral Program Our fleet referral bonus program ensures the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Access Fleet offers lucrative bonus programs to your local AF representatives for driving new customers to your shop. To help our customers offset the cost of this program, Access Fleet offers wholesale processing of all Visa/Master Card Transactions- Reinvest monthly savings into growing your business.
  10. 10. Growing and Securing Your Fleet BusinessWho is Access Fleet? Access Fleet was established in 2007 and provides turn-key fleet management tools, fleet card acceptance and marketing solutions for auto care and fleet businesses across the United States. We have 20 years of combined experience in the fleet industry. Access Fleet offers a comprehensive program to acquire, service and retain business for our Authorized Dealers. Through our relationship with Fleet One, the Access Fleet card is now accepted at over 65,000 locations across the United States. Access Fleet is a processor of Voyager, Wright Express, Fuel Man and Fleet One cards.Who is our focus? Our focus is on organizations who have more than one vehicle on the road for business use and also the service providers who care for those vehicles. Our Goal Our mission at Access Fleet is to maximize avenues of profit for businesses via specialized marketing programs and cutting edge multimedia tools. All the while, speeding up our customers cash flow and saving them money on their existing business.
  11. 11. Thank You!Growing and Securing Your Fleet Business