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Torino City Lighting Project with GE


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GE ConstantColor CMH StreetWise lamps replaced high-pressure sodium yellow lamps in 61 fittings installed at 6 meters high with a wheelbase between 20 and 22 meters. This achieved the desired result as the lamp is designed to improve the light quality, with CRI 70 instead of CRI 25, providing energy savings, and a color temperature at 3000K. GE's StreetWise lamps will improve a light system's efficiency by about 17 percent and also allow the lighting flux to dim to 65 percent, saving energy during low traffic hours or low road use.

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Torino City Lighting Project with GE

  1. 1. livable &efficient Reference Project Outdoor Lighting City of Torino ITALY
  2. 2. Outdoor Lighting City of Torino ITALYChallengeReplacing the high-pressure sodium yellow Key Benefitslamps in 61 fittings – by only replacing thelamps - to improve the light quality Improved light quality Improved energy savings Visual comfort by white light with high color renderingSolution Improved the social and functionalConstantColor CMH StreetWise lamps environmentallow the lighting flux to dim to 65 percent,saving energy during low traffic hours orlow road use CMH StreetWise
  3. 3. Outdoor Lighting City of Torino ITALYLuminaire type Street lighting solution GE’s solutionMAINCARACTERISTICS ORIGINAL INSTALLATION NEW INSTALLATION provides High Pressure CMHLight source Sodium StreetWise 17% savings improvedCCT 2100K 3000K efficiencyCRI 25 70 aboutSystem wattage /luminaire 170W 170W Improved energyApplication wattage improved white lightconsumption 745 kWh/yr 745 kWh/yr light with highAnnual Cost Saving(energy) 30% quality color rendering CMH StreetWise 3 GE Title or job number 1/3/2013
  4. 4. livable & efficient „As a result of this installation, there is an enhancement of light necessary in this high-traffic area, without an increase in the wattage used, improving the social and functional environment. This first step for white lighting in Torino received very good feedback, which marks the opportunity for a more extended enrichment of the city.” Gianluca Ragaglia, Regional Sales Manager, Italy