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Shell Petrol Station LED Lighting Project of GE Lighting


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GE Lighting replaced a Shell petrol station's old indoor and outdoor luminaires for a modern, energy efficient LED solution, what provides focused, high quality lighting and results less energy consumption at the whole service station.

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Shell Petrol Station LED Lighting Project of GE Lighting

  1. 1. INDOOR/ OUTDOOR retail solution Reduced Energy Costs & Enhanced Customer Experience SHELL Petrol Station Hungary
  2. 2. SHELL Petrol Station Hungary Challenge. Shell decided to modernize the lighting system of the company’s petrol-station located at the M3 motorway in Hungary. Their purpose was to find a solution to reduce the station’s lighting energy consumption and provide high quality lighting in the shop and the parking area as well. GE solution. Thanks to the new, energy efficient LED lighting solution, the petrol station could reduce the energy costs by 50% while the CO2 emission is also significantly decreased. The new technology results less maintenance time and costs and ensure a safer operation. The indoor LED lighting enhances the consumer experience with a brighter and more pleasant shop area. Key Benefits. • Significant reduction of the energy costs and CO2 emission • Decreased maintenance time and costs • Improved consumer experience • Enhanced safety & security
  3. 3. Luminaire type Indoor lighting solutions Main characteristics New installation Light source T8 Tube InfusionTM ALIx Lumens (lm) 2150 2025 3210 Wattage (W) 23 27 32 Service life (hours) 40 000 50 000 >36 000 CRI (Ra) 80 80 =>70 CCT (K) 4000 3000 4000 75% significant reduction of CO2 emission GE solution provides. 50% reduction of energy costs of the parking area reduced maintenance cost Enhanced safety & improved consumer experience reduction of energy consumption over SHELL Petrol Station Hungary GE LED T8 Basic Tube ALIx Infusion™ M2000 Series
  4. 4. Environment-friendly & bright illumination for the customers „The upgrade of the lighting systems is a significant step in the development of our M3 petrol station. The new LED lightings are environment-friendly, energy efficient therefore they meet the expectations of the 21th century while offering a bright and friendly illumination for our customers.” István Tankó, FMC/PMC Engineer, Shell Hungary Zrt.
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