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Moulay El Hassan Bridge (Rabat) - Lighting Project with GE


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The Moulay el Hassan Bridge in the city of Rabat, one of the longest and most modern in the Alaouite Kingdom, is now illuminated thanks to GE Lighting's Iberia LED, a versatile outdoor luminaire that combines design excellence with energy savings and an extraordinary luminous quality.

For more information about this project, visit our official website at:

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Moulay El Hassan Bridge (Rabat) - Lighting Project with GE

  1. 1. quality& energyefficiency Reference Project Outdoor Lighting Moulay el Hassan Bridge, Rabat Morocco
  2. 2. Outdoor Lighting Moulay el Hassan Bridge MoroccoChallengeMorocco’s longest bridge required highenergy efficiency, low maintenance costs Key Benefitssolution with attractive design & excellent Up to 77% energy savings with LED solutiondelivery time Low maintenance costs High lumen output & light uniformitySolution Clean & bright appearance Safety & security offered by white light72pcs of Iberia LEDs were installed toensure perfect visibility of the 6 trafficwhite light, solution offers long termenergy savings and low maintenance Iberia LED
  3. 3. Outdoor Lighting Moulay el Hassan Bridge MoroccoLuminaire type GE LED IBERIA FIXTURE GE LED solutionMAINCARACTERISTICS NEW INSTALLATION providesLight Source Iberia LED – 63W Up toCCT 4100 77% safety energy savingCRI 70 vs conventionalSystem wattage / luminaire 63w solutionApplication wattage consumption 63w IncreasedService life (hours) 50.000Average illuminance Eav (lux) 17 high uniformity low on the maritim maintenanceAverange uniformity Uav 0,78 walk area costsRelamping time (year) 12 Iberia LED
  4. 4. light quality& reliability “We needed a brand that would assure a good product quality and this was provided by GE Lighting with its factories in Europe. This boosted our trust in the quality manufacturing & speed of delivery.” Mr Mehdi Meziane Belfkih, Director of Maroc Signal