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Mandrake Yacht Lighting Project with GE


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GE Lighting has designed the interior lighting of Mandrake, a high perfomance racing boat with its LED Tetra Contour systems.

For more information about this project, visit the official website of GE Lighting at:

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Mandrake Yacht Lighting Project with GE

  1. 1. design & flexibility Reference Project Indoor Lighting Mandrake Yacht ITALY
  2. 2. Indoor Lighting Mandrake yacht ITALYChallengeFamous yacht designer was looking for anenergy saving and low maintenance lightingsystem which is compatible with the narrow Key Benefits 40% energy saving compared to LFLspaces of the Fres 64 feet daycruiser. up to 50.000 hours lifetime wide range of colour temperatureSolution enhanced optical designTetra® Contour LED is a flexible LED strip flexible, ’Plug&Play’ technologyproviding significant energy & cost reductions,easy installation, less maintenance and moreconsistent brightness & uniformity Tetra® Contour LED
  3. 3. Indoor Lighting Mandrake yacht ITALYLuminaire type Indoor lighting solution GE’s LED solution MAIN CARACTERISTICS NEW INSTALLATION provides Light source LED TETRA® CONTOUR energy CCT (K) Dimmable Reflector 2700-6500 YES 330 view angle 40% saving Low maintenance System wattage / luminaire (W) 16 IP Rating IP66 Rated lifetime (hrs) 50.000 Operating temperature ( C) -40 to +55 Flexible Enhanced lightsource visuals Tetra® Contour LED
  4. 4. design &flexibility „To comply with the given size peculiarities, we designed an indirect lighting using the Tetra ® Contour LED. Due to the particular flexibility of the lighting product, this solution allowed the insertion of bamboo panelling that compose the interior of the boat, creating a unique lighting effect. ” Gianluca Ragaglia – Sales General Manger, GE Lighting, Italy