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John Lewis Ipswich store - Retail Lighting project with GE Lighting


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Realising the potential of LED technology within the retail space, John Lewis made the decision to trial energy efficient LEDs in its Croydon and Exeter City stores. This was such a success that John Lewis looked to luminaires incorporating GE Lighting’s Infusion LED modules for its new John Lewis at Home store in Ipswich.

As such, the John Lewis Ipswich store is the Partnership’s first 100 per cent LED store and the first to hit 10W/m2 for lighting. Delivering ground-breaking energy savings, GE Lighting’s LEDs are significantly enhancing the retail experience for customers and creating a pleasant working environment for John Lewis staff.

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John Lewis Ipswich store - Retail Lighting project with GE Lighting

  1. 1. INDOOR retail solutions Flexibility & sustainability. John Lewis UK
  2. 2. Challenge. UK retail chain John Lewis decidedto move to energy efficient LED technology motivated by its CSR goal to reduce energy consumption in its stores by 20 percent. They required a foture proof solution with excellent quality of light. GE solution. To meet these requirements John Lewis created their first 100% LED store, incorporating GE Lighting’s Infusion LED modules. The LEDs were installed throughout the store including the shop floor, office spaces and warehouses. Key Benefits. Ground-breaking energy saving 10W/m2 energy used by lighting Low maintenance Future proof solution Easy replacement High lumen maintenance John Lewis UK
  3. 3. GE solution provides. Outstanding light quality John Lewis UK Luminaire type Indoor lighting solutions Main characteristics New installation Light source LED Infusion Module CCT 3.000K CRI 80+ Lumens 1.000lm Service life (hours) 50.000hrs Applied Units 60 GE InfusionTM LED Modules Future- proof technology Reduced maintenance & energy cost
  4. 4. Barry Ayling, Lighting Design Manager at John Lewis Flexibility & sustainability. „We opted for GE Lighting’s Infusion™ LED module because, not only did it meet all of John Lewis’ lighting criteria, it had a twist and lock capability, which I wanted to embrace. This means we can re-lamp easily and just replace the LED engines for future energy saving and also if we need to change the beam angle or colour temperatures to suit the product”
  5. 5.