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Istanbul's Major Road Tunnels - LED Tunnel Lighting Project of Current, powered by GE


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Offering better visibility along with reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs, Current, powered by GE has delivered Turkey's very first LED tunnel lighting solutions – which are improving road safety in two of the country's major vehicle tunnels.

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Istanbul's Major Road Tunnels - LED Tunnel Lighting Project of Current, powered by GE

  1. 1. OUTDOOR solution Improved driver safety & reduced energy consumption in Istanbul's Major Road Tunnels Ayazağa & Beyerbeyi Tunnels Turkey
  2. 2. Ayazağa & Beyerbeyi Tunnels Turkey Challenge. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality wanted to change the old, outdated lamps in Ayazağa and Beylerbeyi tunnels, the two busiest roadways of the city. With responsibility for maintaining public infrastructure in a safe and efficient manner, the municipality was keen to reduce energy costs, while simultaneously improving the overall illumination within the tunnels. Solution. Regarding the contrast between the external and internal environment, Current, powered by GE put together an easiliy controllable lighting design to minimize the adaptation drivers’ eyes need to make as they enter the tunnels. By providing a clearer quality of white light and higher colour rendering, LED solution allows precision illumination of the carriageway, while decreases glare. What’s more, the modern LED lighting consumes far less energy and results 100 tonnes reduction of CO2 emissions annually. Key Benefits. • Easily controllable lighting design • Better level of illumination • Greatly improved road safety • Highly durable and reliable product • Quick and tool-less maintenance • Decreased energy consumption • Reduction in CO2 emission
  3. 3. Luminaire type Outdoor lighting solutions Main characteristics New installation Light source TLBt & TMBt Lumens (lm) 3000 - 15200 Wattage (W) 32 - 153 Service life (hours) > 60 000 CRI (Ra) > 70 CCT (K) 4000 significant annual reduction in CO2 emissions Solution provides. 3,5 decreased maintanance time and costs better visibility & enhanced road safety high durability: 60 000 hours lifetime TLBt Ayazağa & Beyerbeyi Tunnels Turkey years ROI: 46% annual energy saving in Ayazaga tunnel TMBt
  4. 4. Easily controllable illumination & greatly improved visibility “As two of the busiest roadways in the city, safety was our biggest consideration. Choosing an LED solution has meant that we are able to control the illumination levels much more easily, which in turn has greatly improved visibility and driver reaction times. The number of collisions has significantly decreased since we installed the LED solution, which is a major indicator of success for us.” Yusuf Boyraz, Electrical Engineer at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
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