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Hamleys Lighting Project with GE


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Internationally renowned children's retailer Hamleys has opted to illuminate part of its flagship store with ConstantColor CMH Ultra lamps from GE Lighting. Designed specifically with the retail sector in mind, the high performing lamps offer superior colour rendering to ensure the Hamleys' merchandise is displayed to the best possible effect.

For more information about this project, visit GE's official website at:

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Hamleys Lighting Project with GE

  1. 1. colourful & efficientReference ProjectRetail LightingHamley’s UK
  2. 2. Retail Lighting Hamley’s UKChallengeReplace traditional halogen lamps with anefficient, high quality solution that provides Key Benefitssuperb colour rendering & quality of light Superior colour rendering Extended maintenance cycles Long term cost savings Superior illuminationSolutionGE’s ConstantColor CMH Ultra lamps offersuperior illumination, exceptional colourrendering and higher efficiency CMH Supermini 35W
  3. 3. Retail Lighting Hamley’s UKLuminaire type Indoor lighting solutions GE solutionMAIN CARACTERISTICS NEW INSTALLATION Provides CMH SuperminiLight source ULTRA 35W Up toCCTCRILuminaire wattage 3000 88 35 25% maintenance Reduced longer lifetimeGross weight per piece (g) 12 superior 4xLumen output 3500 colour more rendering efficient CMH Supermini 35W
  4. 4. colourful &efficient “The ConstantColor CMH Ultra lamps from GE Lighting provided us with the next generation in retail lighting, with the quality of light, colour and efficiency all optimised. These light sources offer superior illumination, conveying the quality of our goods and also a richness of colour, which is so important in an environment designed with children in mind.” Keane Herman, Operations Manager for Hamleys Regent Street