Fenerbahce Ülker Arena - Stadium lighting project with GE


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One of Turkey’s largest sports and entertainment centres, the Fenerbahçe Ülker Arena looked towards the reliability and experience of GE Lighting to provide a complete indoor and outdoor lighting solution that was able to meet a range of complex demands. GE Lighting developed a bespoke scheme that combined high quality with durability, and with instant restrike – that was a key point when deciding on the products.

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Fenerbahce Ülker Arena - Stadium lighting project with GE

  1. 1. Reference ProjectStadium LightingFenerbahçe-Ülker Arena Turkeyquick start-up& low glare
  2. 2. SolutionGE’s EF 2000 Floodlight – having a start-up systemthat restrikes in little as two seconds - was installedfor the basketball arena. GE TOP DBX lamps arelighting the corridors and the changing rooms, 120Eurobays the entrances and the exits, and LunalysCMH is providing white light for the car parks.Key BenefitsFull solution provided for differentlocationsQuick start-upReduced glare effectEfficient white light in the outdoorareaChallengeFamous Istanbul sports club decided to replace theoriginal lighting system with a solution with no glare,providing high quality lighting for the televisionbroadcasting . The system reliability, safety and theshort start-up time were also essential elements.TOP DBX EBLunalys CMH EF 2000 FloodlightStadium Lighting Fenerbahçe-Ülker Arena Turkey
  3. 3. 3GE Title or job number4/29/2013GE’s solutionprovidesLuminaire type Outdoor lighting solutionMAINCARACTERISTICSNEWINSTALLATIONLight source TOP DBXEF 2000FLoodlightLunalysCMHBallast Electronic Hot Restrike MagneticSystem wattage /luminaire 52W 2000W 150WIP IP20 IP65 IP66 OpticHousing PCDie-castaluminiumDie-castaluminiumWeight (kg) 1 20 10Units Installed 2000+ Pcs 60+ Pcs 30+ PcsStadium Lighting Fenerbahçe-Ülker Arena TurkeyEF 2000 Floodlight TOP DBX EBLunalys CMHReduced glareeffectQuick start-up!TV broadcastoptimised lighting
  4. 4. Lutfi Akmanoğlu from Megapol Mühendislik, the M&E contractor for the project„ It was very important to trust the reliability and the experienceof a brand such as GE Lighting, since there were manyparticularly complex aspects involved. Avoiding glare, achievinghigh quality lighting for digital television broadcasting and thesystems’ reliability and safety were all essential elements for asuccessful result. "quick start-up& low glare