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Castellon City Lighting Project with GE


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GE Lighting, together with the municipal engineers, has headed the first public lighting undertaking in the city of Castellon with LED technology which, added to the use of mostly ceramic metal halide lamps, has succeeded in improving the quality of lighting in the city.

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Castellon City Lighting Project with GE

  1. 1. safety &energy efficiency Reference Project Outdoor Lighting CastellónSpain
  2. 2. Outdoor Lighting Castellón SpainChallengeUpgrade the lighting system of themedieval city to improve energy efficiencyand quality of light, eliminate light pollution Key Benefits& increase safety Up to 70% energy saving 3 & 4 places improved on the Energy Efficiency ScaleSolution Improved pedestrian & traffic safetyReplacing 1292 luminaires with LED, Lower light pollutionCMH & HPS lamps and provide elements Cleaner & brighter appearancefor luminous flow control Duna Premium CMH Iberia LED
  3. 3. Outdoor Lighting Castellón SpainLuminaire type Outdoor lighting solution GE’s solutionMAINCARACTERISTICS ORIGINAL INSTALLATION NEW INSTALLATION provides Duna Premium Iberia Up to 70% safetyLight source H125W CMH LED energy savingW 125W 70W 90W versus originalCCT 4000 3000 4100 installationCRI 40 90 70 increasedIP 66 65 higher lowerService life (hours) 15.000 15.000 50.000 uniformity lightAverageilluminance Em(lux) 5,90 8,41 20,09 on the street pollution Duna Premium CMH Iberia LED
  4. 4. safety & energy efficiency“There is a substantial improvement in the public lightingof the city, and we can also forsee a significant costreduction due to the improved lightsource technologyand the two-level electronic equipment that provideseven greater energy savings."From the statement of City Council of Castellón