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Bristol City Council Public Street Lighting Project of GE Lighting


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As the second phase of a major street lighting upgrade by Bristol City Council draws to a close, figures have shown that the energy efficient solutions supplied by GE Lighting have resulted in savings of over £1 million per year for the council. What’s more, the funding investment has been paid back a full year earlier than initially expected.

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Bristol City Council Public Street Lighting Project of GE Lighting

  1. 1. OUTDOOR street lighting solutions Energy efficiency & improved visibility Bristol City Council UK
  2. 2. Challenge. Bristol City Council wanted to replace their original street lighting with a new solution to substantially reduce operating costs. Energy efficiency and carbon reduction were also key requirements, while making pedestrians feel secure and creating ideal driving conditions. GE solution. GE Lighting has upgraded the street lighting, replacing 20,000 lamps in total in Bristol to deliver an energy efficient, white light solution with higher efficiency CMH Streetwise™ lamps. The solution provides clear natural light, which contributes to better visual comfort for both pedestrians and traffic safety. Key Benefits. Ł1 million annual savings Improved safety & security Dimmable ballasts for greater energy savings 18 months payback for main roads 36 month payback in residential areas 4000 tons of CO2 reduction per year Bristol City Council UK
  3. 3. GE solution provides. Bristol City Council UK ConstantColor™ CMH StreetWise™ Luminaire type Outdoor lighting solutions Main characteristics New installation Light source ConstantColor™ CMH StreetWise™ Lumens 16300 Wattage 150 W Service life (hours) 24 000 CRI 68 CCT 3050 Ł1million annual saving in energy cost 4000tonnes CO2 reduction / year Improved safety & security Payback 18 months for main roads 36 months for residential areas
  4. 4. Robbie Park, Principal Lighting Officer for Bristol City Council Energy efficiency & improved visibility “These are fantastic results that have had a major impact on our annual lighting bill and go a long way towards helping us reach our carbon reduction targets – which is good news for the council, the residents of Bristol and the environment as a whole. As well as the financial and carbon savings, the upgraded white light has improved visibility on our night time streets, making pedestrians and drivers feel more secure.”
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