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Birmingham Airport Lighting Project with GE


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GE Lighting has helped to make Birmingham Airport the first airport in the UK to showcase the iconic Olympic Rings, which were unveiled on April 23.

For further information on this project, visit the official website at:

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Birmingham Airport Lighting Project with GE

  1. 1. light quality& sustainability Reference Project Signage Birmingham Airport UK
  2. 2. Signage Birmingham Airport UKChallengeIlluminate the 2012 Olympic Rings on the Key Benefitscontrol tower at Birmingham Airport, at aheight of 37m, providing outstanding visual 90% less energy than conventionaleffect while ensuring very low energy usage lighting technology Even and bright illumination acrossSolution the face of each Ring380 of dimmable Tetra PowerMax LEDs with Very low energy usageGE OptiLens technology installed, operated Dimmable lighting systemby an extra low voltage supply to provide a OptiLens technologyvery even and bright illumination across theface of each Ring PowerMAX Single Module PowerMax Chain
  3. 3. Signage Birmingham Airport UKLuminaire type Signage solution GE’s solutionMAINCARACTERISTICS NEW INSTALLATION providesLight source LED Tetra PowerMax 90% less energySystem wattage 3.6W than conventionalCCT 4100 lighting technologyService life (hours) 50.000 Easy maintenanceLEDs/module 3 dimmable very lowMaintanance Cost 0 energy lighting usage system PowerMAX Single Module PowerMax Chain 3 GE Title or job number 1/3/2013
  4. 4. light quality& sustainability “The beauty of LEDs is not only their robustness and ability to operate in harsh environments, with extreme temperatures, but also their very low energy usage. As a committed Sustainability Partner and Olympics 2012 Sponsor, GE Lighting is proud to have contributed to such an historic project and to Birmingham Airport’s sustainability agenda." David Williamson, Regional Sales Manager - Western Europe, GE Lighting Solutions