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Balatonfüred Town Public Street Lighting Project of GE Lighting


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Balatonfüred Town Council in Hungary, as part of its greening strategy, changed its old lighting system to GE’s public LED lighting solution, with increased energy efficiency, long-life and low maintenance.
Balatonfüred is the first town in Europe to roll out GE's LED streetlights. Most streetlamps currently in place are in desperate need of an upgrade. Streetlighting accounts for a whopping 30% of the average local authority's energy bill – lighting is a very resource-hungry utility. It becomes especially wasteful when the lights aren't operating at their most efficient and therefore haemorrhages funds that could be better used elsewhere. In Balatonfüred, a town with a population of only 13,500 people, 1,400 GE luminaires have already been rolled out, and the town is already planning to install the lighting across the entire town and reap the benefits.

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Balatonfüred Town Public Street Lighting Project of GE Lighting

  1. 1. OUTDOOR street lighting solutions Small town, great energy efficiency. Balatonfüred Town Hungary
  2. 2. Challenge. Balatonfüred City Council wanted to replace their original street lighting to bring down operating costs and reduce carbon emissions. Energy efficiency was a key requirement, while making pedestrians feel secure and creating ideal driving conditions. GE solution. For roadway and street lighting GE offered the Okapi LED luminaire and ERS LED Roadway lights to save energy & reduce maintenance cost. The solution provides clear natural light, which contributes to better visual comfort for both pedestrians and traffic safety. Key Benefits. Improved safety & security due to clear natural light 55% saving in energy cost Reduced maintenance cost Balatonfüred Town Hungary
  3. 3. GE solution provides. Balatonfüred Town Hungary Okapi LED ERS LED Roadway light Luminaire type Outdoor lighting solutions Main characteristics New installation Light source ERS LED Okapi LED Lumens 3200-5700 1400-3400 Wattage 43-67 W 20-44 W Service life (hours) 50 000 50 000 CRI 70 70 CCT 4000-5700 4000-5700 Ambient temperature -40˚C to +50˚C -30 to +50°C 55% saving in energy cost Reduced maintenance cost better safety & security due to clear natural light
  4. 4. Dr. István Bóka, Mayor of Balatonfüred, Hungary Small town, great energy efficiency. “In this project we installed 1400 new luminaires, and according to the preliminary calculation we will save 55% on energy cost. We would like to upgrade the rest of the lighting sources to LED lights in the city, since we have very positive experience with the new technology so far.”
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