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Aviva Stadium lighting project by GE Lighting Europe


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With over 12,000 luminaires going into the new Aviva stadium, GE lamps were selected to provide a reliable and exceptionally long service life to extend the periods between relamping.

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Aviva Stadium lighting project by GE Lighting Europe

  1. 1. versatility & reliability Reference Project Indoor Lighting Aviva Stadium DublinIreland INDOOR stadium solution High performance & efficiency. Aviva Stadium Ireland
  2. 2. Challenge. Providing a lighting system to bar, hospitality & office areas with maximised efficiency & relamping periods GE solution. 7800 pcs of T5 LongLastTM linear fluorescent lamps & 4200 pcs of 35w CMH ConstantColorTM G8.5 Minis Key Benefits. Extended relamping periods Reduced maintenance cost Highly efficient, reducing energy usage Uniform clean & bright appearance 33% extra lumens Aviva Stadium Ireland
  3. 3. GE solution provides. HIGH savings of energy Reduced maintenance +33% bright light & appearance + long service life Luminaire type Indoor ceiling lighting solutions Main characteristics New installation Lamp source LFL T5 LongLast CMH ULTRA CCT 3500 & 4000 3000 CRI 85 90 Lumens 4.460 3.500 Service life (hours) 26,000 15,000 Applied Units (pcs) 7.800 4.200 Aviva Stadium Ireland 35w CMH G8.5 T5 LongLastTM
  4. 4. enhanced historical landmark John Sawyer, Director at Designed Architectural Lighting (Luminaire Company) High performance & efficiency. "We require the highest performance levels from the lamps we design into our luminaires and we knew the products from GE Lighting would provide a proven and robust solution that would enhance viewer's experience within the stadium. We are extremely happy with the results."
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