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Ankara tunnel - Outdoor lighting project with GE


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Tunnels have very specific demands due to limited access for maintenance and a harsh interior environment. When Ankara Municipality required an up-to-date lighting solution for the Celal Bayar Boulevard tunnels it looked to GE Lighting to provide reliable, trusted roadway lighting solutions. Long life was a key priority and GE’s Tunnel LED system was the perfect answer, as it achieves six years of 24 hours usage life, together with better light uniformity and lux levels when compared to conventional HID systems.

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Ankara tunnel - Outdoor lighting project with GE

  1. 1. Reference ProjectOutdoor LightingAnkara Tunnel TurkeyLow glare& high uniformity
  2. 2. GE solutionWorking closely with the EGS Engineering ProjectTeam, GE Lighting proposed 260 pieces of its 90WTunnel LED system. Offering the perfect combinationof aesthetics and functionality, the luminaire is idealfor the efficient lighting of low speed tunnels andunderpasses.Key Benefits6 years of 24 hour using lifetime44% reduction in energy using163 000 KwH electricity consumptionper annum57% reduction in operational cost2,5 years payback timeChallengeChanging the original HID system to a more energysaving and low maintanced system to reduce theclosures of the tunnels for reparing the lighting. Tolet the traffic ease and comfortably in and out of thetunnel was also a key point, to avoid the ’black hole’and the ’flicker’ effectOutdoor Lighting Ankara tunnel TurkeyTunnel LED
  3. 3. GE’s solutionprovidesLuminaire type Outdoor Lighting SolutionTunnel LEDMAIN CARACTERISTICSINSTALLEDPRODUCTLight source Tunnel LEDWattage 90CCT 5700 KCRI 70Lumen output 5400IP IP66Service life (hours) 50 000 hr @ L70Operating temperature ( C) -30 C to +40 COutdoor Lighting Ankara tunnel Turkey2,5 yearspayback57% operationalcost reduction44%energy usingreduction
  4. 4. “It was very important for the city to achieve the best possible illuminance level,without creating glare in the tunnels. Our LED Tunnel fixture uses an opticalsystem that provides high uniformity and excellent vertical light distribution withreduced glare. This creates a safe environment for traffic in terms of improvedvisibility and comfort.” – said Selcuk Mert, Sales General Manager of GE Lighting TurkeyLow glare &high uniformity