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GE is committed to leadership in the "next generation" of technology. We are well positioned to drive growth for the future with technical excellence in each business by developing a global technical capability, increasing new product growth and investing in global research.

Over 6000 scientists, researchers and engineers are helping redefine what is possible in the energy, transportation, aviation, healthcare, and consumer and industrial business.

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GE India Technology Center

  2. 2. GE India Technology CenterOver 6000 scientists, researchers and engineers are helping redefine what ispossible in the energy, transportation, aviation, healthcare, and consumerand industrial business. In addition to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai andHyderabad in India, GE has Research Centers in New York IUS), Shanghai(China), Munich (Germany) and Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) that are helping creategame-changing technologies and innovations to ensure GEs growth andleadership.
  4. 4. Hyderabad Technology Center (HTC), a part of the Energy Engineering Division & India Engineering operations is aglobal engineering team located in Hyderabad, India. The 720+ strong team is a vibrant mix of young and experiencedengineers across different domains with experience drawn from different industry verticals. HTC, based out of threelocations in Hyderabad has complete engineering responsibility on some of the ‘In India for India’ products like AirCircuit breaker for Industrial Solutions, EMS systems for Industrial and utility applications apart from leading theprograms and projects for global customers. HTC is among the top five sites for Energy Engineering in terms of totalnumber of engineers and is developing itself to be the center of excellence in the areas of Software, Electronics Design,Embedded Systems design and electromechanical design for Energy products and services.
  5. 5. Mumbai Technology Center (MTC) is a key product development site for the Measurement & Controls business in GEOil & Gas and the Monitoring & Diagnostics business of GE Power & Water. The team of over 150 experienced engineersdevelops cutting edge software and firmware for the market leading Bently Nevada asset condition monitoring andmanagement products that help our customers manage their critical and essential assets in the oil and gas and powergeneration industries. The team also develops solutions for monitoring GE’s fleet of gas and steam turbines.The MTC teams with domain expertise established over the last 20 years, leverage cutting edge agile development anddesign methodologies, technical practices, state-of-the-art tools and product platform strategies for leadership in theindustry.
  6. 6. Engineering Development Center (EDC), Chennai was set up when GE’s Power Conversion business established itspresence in India in 2005. To bring the benefits of power conversion’s solutions to a wider range of customers in India,a commercial organization was established in 2009. Over 600 professionals are employed in India assuringcustomers of a truly localized Power Conversion offering to fit their needs.EDC is one of the largest engineering centers for power conversion. The center employs highly skilled engineers whoprovide engineering and services support to projects across the globe and the Indian market. The Indian operationsupports the three power conversion platforms, namely, rotating machines, power electronics and control &automation supported by systems and projects engineering; value engineering & technology (R&D); and engineerproductivity & process practice. The engineering center has deep domain expertise in Energy, Industry, Motors andMarine. In addition to providing engineering and services support, the center is involved in power conversion India’s‘In Country, For Country’ product localization initiatives.
  7. 7. The John F. Welch Technology Center (JFWTC) in Bangalore is GEs largest integrated Research and DevelopmentEngineering Center. JFWTC continues to add breadth and depth in key technology areas, and has contributed todeveloping a number of innovative technologies either as part of global teams or independently, including:• Component design and analyses for the H turbine, which is the world’s most efficient gas turbine.• Development of an advanced combustor system, with reduced NOx and 20% increased efficiency of fuel burn, for theGEnx engine.• Development of a Smart Axle Counter System for the Indian Railways Signaling System.• Development of a dual flame stacked burner for the Profile 36” Built-In Gas Cooktop, resulting in increased heat inputand greater turndown ratio.• Development of flexible, eco-friendly polymers for submersible pump wire, replacing polyvinyl chloride (PVC), for theIndian market.• MAC 400 Ultra portable ECG for the Indian market – complete design, development and manufacturing.
  9. 9. JFWTCTODAYCenter Today• GE’s largest multi-disciplinary R&D engineering center• USD 200 million invested• 50 acres of land: 1.1 mill sq ft built area including 110 labs covering 4 acres• First site in India to be both Global Star and Healthahead certified• Zero Discharge facility• GE Volunteering hours total an annual average of 11,000 hours• Greater focus on India-specific product/technology with the new ‘One GE’ India P&L strategyAwards• 2008 ET Smart workplace Award• 2008 Golden Peacock Award for combating climate change• ‘Excellent Energy Efficient Unit’ Award at CII’s 10th National Award for Excellence in EnergyManagement• Individual and team global recognition for innovation and engineering and volunteering• Best landscape award in Bangalore for over three consecutive years
  11. 11. PATENTS• Over 1850 patents filed by the GE parent company have contributions fromGE ITC technologists and engineers, with about 425 being granted to date.Technology specializations in areas of:MaterialsImagingNanotechnologySensingTransmission and DistributionRenewable EnergyEnergy StoragePrognosticsBusiness specializations in areas of:EnergyAviationTransportationWaterHealthcare• Areas of recent focus include software and decision making science thatcuts across all GE businesses and products and also service relatedtechnologies developed to better utilize GE’s assets.
  12. 12. Making the Technology Center a wonderful place to workThe Center offers a host of learning anddevelopment programs, initiatives forwomen employees, a Health initiativeand community development initiatives.
  13. 13. The Center offers a host of learning and development programs, initiatives for women employees, a health initiative andcommunity development initiatives. Prominent among them are:• For Early Career and Mid Career Technologists - GEs Customized Development Program, The Edison EngineeringDevelopment Program offered to engineers includes Technical, Rotational Assignments, Technical Training,Professional Development and Leadership Training Opportunities.• The Advanced Course In Engineering (ACE) is a 3 year program to earn an advanced degree through classes held atGE, accredited by leading Universities at Massachusetts and Ohio.• The Crotonville Leadership courses are transformational learning experiences that connect our leaders andemployees with the broader GE community and help develop the leadership mindset that makes GE leaderssuccessful.• GE also offers a Technical Career Path that traces the career path of o Scientist or Engineer right up to that of a ChiefTechnologist who works on the worlds toughest challenges.Learning and Development Programs
  14. 14. • Restart is a hiring program to get women scientists and engineers who hove taken a career break, back to work• The John F Welch Technology Center also has an accelerated leadership program for women called the WomenInitiative on Learning and Leading• The center provides on exclusive car park and relaxation room for the expectant mother, lactation room and tieups with a day care facility. GE was voted among best 100 places to work by the Working Mother magazine in 2010.• For GEs women employees, the GE Womens Network (GEWN) offers professional development and career growth. InChairman Jeff lmmelts words. "GEWN is like a "product development" center. The only metric is the output - % ofwomen In leadership roles.”• GE Volunteers: GE Volunteers touch the lives of over 2000 children daily and contribute close to 11,000 hours ofvolunteering each year in activities including education, helping the old, computer literacy, health and hygiene• HAHA or Health Ahead: Happy Always is the Centers way to build a culture of health and wellness among itsemployees and their familiesDiversity Initiatives
  15. 15. CONNECTWITH US ON/GEIndia/GEIndia/GEIndia