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Gew in belarus

  1. 1. week.bel.bizMediaBarCamp9-12may,2013
  3. 3. GEW IN THE WORLDGlobal Entrepreneurship Weekthe world’s largest campaign promotingentrepreneurship. Innovators launch startups thatbring ideas to life, drive economic growth expandhuman welfare.
  4. 4. The initiative kicked off in 2006, launched byformer UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown andCarl Schramm, the president and CEO of theEwing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Sincethen, it has grown to 135 countries—withnearly 24,000 partner organizations planningmore than 37,000 activities that directlyengage more than 7 million people.
  5. 5. GEW IN BELARUS Since 2011 Center for BusinessCommunication «BEL.BIZ» isthe Host of the GlobalEntrepreneurship Week inBelarus. During one week eachNovember, lots of events andcompetitions inspire people toengage in entrepreneurialactivity while connecting themto potential collaborators,mentors and even investors.
  6. 6. •more than 2000participant;•conferences, trainings,educational master-classes, presentations,round tables and contests;•more than 20international guests.• BEL,BIZ Battle,Networking events andother interesting activitiesIN 2012 GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK INBELARUS GATHERED TOGETHER:
  7. 7. Moreover, the Minister of Economy NicolaySnopkov opened the Week. He mentionedthat GEW is the best basement for newbusiness and creation of good economicenvironment in Belarus
  8. 8. DURING THE WEEK:Lots of different activities were held: Mentorof the Year National Award where the bestand active mentor took the award from thehands of the Minister of Economy, lots ofmaster-classes held by professionalbusinessmen and trainers.
  9. 9. NETWORKING EVENTNetworking Event is a part of the GEW and simplicityand openness of the event make a very strongimpression. Participants were divided into severalgroups were they talked about themselves and theirbusinesses identifying common interests andcommon ground. During the event people changedtheir seats several times that helped each participantto get acquainted with as much colleagues aspossible. And when it was the time of freecommunication many were talking like old friends.
  10. 10. BEL.BIZ BATTLEOne of the event of theGlobal Week is BEL.BIZBattle that offers aninternational platform forambitious startups to pitchtheir business ideas infront of internationalinvestors and a wideaudience.18 teams willpresent their pitches forthe projects up to1.000.000 Euro
  11. 11. SPEAKERSDuring the Week more than 40 speakers fromthe USA, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Belarus andfrom some other countries share theirexperience with the audience and youngstartups. In 2012 there were not onlybusiness people but people from education,i.e., PhD MBA from Stanford University,Burton Lee and CEO of InnovationManagement forum and co-founder of GlobalEntrepreneurship Program to attract businessand global thinking in Swedish schoolsMikolaj Norek
  12. 12. SOME RESULTSAs the result of close cooperation and good impressionand image of the Global Week became the idea to holdGarage48 in Minsk at the beginning of the 2013.And there is one more example of cooperationbetween foreign investors and Belarusian startups,when mentors signed several contracts withbusinessmen from Belarus after the event.
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLEGlobal Entrepreneurship Week gave the possibility foryoung generations to find themselves in business and tocreate their own programs. This event is the best solutionfor those who wants to create something new, innovativeand prosperous. Coming to the event and listening to thewell-grounded businessmen people enrich their knowledgein the sphere of global business
  14. 14. INSPIRATIONAs an example for young peoplewill be Jamie Dunn. Jamie hassuccessfully built and exited hisfirst Business, Co-founded asubstantial Youth InvestmentFund and is now recognized asone of the Top 20 Young Peoplein the World, an award previouslywon by John F Kennedy. And justimagine that this guy is just 20year old! Of course it is veryinteresting how to organize yourbusiness in young life!
  15. 15. VOLUNTEERSAnd if to imagine what a huge amount of workwas done during the organization of GEW inBelarus there should be mentioned volunteerswho helped from the very beginning till the veryend of the event because of high interests in theirwork, responsibility and willingness to make asmuch as possible to make Belarus better!
  16. 16. MENTOR OF THE YEARMentor of the Year is thefirst National Award wherethe best and active mentorwas handled the awardfrom the Minister ofEconomy. The winner of2012 is Yuri Zisser- founderand co-owner of the largestonline resource BelarusTUT.BY
  17. 17. THE CHILD PICTURE COMPETITION The Child Picture Competition was in the end of the Week.The main object for children was to draw anentrepreneurship, to show what is that according to theirown point of view. And there are the best pictures drawn byhoping future entrepreneurs!
  18. 18. MEDIA ABOUT USThis event was highlighted by many of Belarusianmass media and none of them did not say anythingexcept prideful words that “GEW: the win ofentrepreneurship!” ( ) or “GEW: speaking the language ofbusiness” ( )
  19. 19. OUR AWARDSAnd one of the most surprisingwas that BEL.BIZ/Belarus isamong 5 top GEW organizersglobally . Belarus is not oftenamong top countries in globalawards and ratings, and Belarusalong with UK is the only countryfrom the European continent to beamong top 5 countries globally in2 nominations. The mostrewarding is the most grand-prixof GEW: the list of 5 top Countriesof the Year globally!
  20. 20. CEO of Center for Business CommunicationBel.Biz, Tatyana Marinich, was invited toStanford Engineerings European Innovation &Entrepreneurship Thought Leaders is a weeklyspeaker series invites industry leaders fromEuropes hi-tech startup, venture finance,corporate, university research & technologycommercialization communities to share theirinsights and experiences with aspiring andveteran entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley whereshe spoke about the improving the businessenvironment and the best results that werereached by the Global Entrepreneurship Week!
  21. 21. We will not stop at this point and we stronglybelieve that the next Global entrepreneurshipWeek will be organized much better. We knowthat our work helps not only people to reachsuccess in business sphere but the wholecountry and our aim is to be the best of thebest!
  22. 22.  One girl drew a dream shop. Adults becamediscouraged her, saying that it is impossible.Then she said, when I grow up, Ill make adream shop . You know when we were children,we had no barriers. The word "impossible" didnot exist. Almost for all entrepreneurs that worddoes not exist either. For entrepreneurs, forpeople who are not afraid of change, who arewilling to take the risk and responsibility, whoknow no borders, and boldly go forward. Theyalso dream, able to dream and, mostimportantly, turn their dreams into reality
  23. 23. PARTNERS GEW is non-profit event,where participation is free.The general partner of GEWevents in Belarus is U.S.Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID). Thegeneral sponsor of the Weekis Velcom, one of the mainmobile operator and 3GInternet provider. Moreover,the International FinanceCorporation, the BelVEBBank and the embassy ofGreat Britain have apartnership in organizingGEW in Belarus.
  24. 24. PARTNERS
  25. 25. OUR CONTACTS: