Non Designers Guide to Design


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GES' design team offers a clear-cut way on understanding some technical design processes

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Non Designers Guide to Design

  1. 1. Getting your graphics to the show on time Getting Started Graphics are needed Script: for an upcoming show and preshow promotion. The client hands off: ( 1 ) brand guidelines, ( 2 ) copy, and ( 3 ) images, Vector vs. Raster to a graphic designer to B r a n d gABC uide Raster, or bitmap, images are create the most awesome show campaign ever. resolution dependent. They cannot scale larger than their established resolution without losing quality. Design and Layout um ips et em Lor sit amipis Colors and o r r ad dol ectetu g elit.. s Con elitisc in cing fonts that anchor represent point your brand are added to create concepts and designs. Vector illustrations rely on mathematical equations to represent graphics. They may be infinitely scaled without loss of quality. Quality Control Don’t let exposed pixels ruin File Facts your brand’s at-show reputation. 1 inch final print package PMS colors should contain: Fonts used Linked images dpi1 inch Final art at 100% scale (dots per inch) is a (or an accurate aspect ratio with supporting resolution) measurement of the low resolution high resolution quantity of dots (or pixels) Preferred Production File Type (72 dpi or lower) (150 dpi or higher) of information per inch. AI / INDD / PDF When an image is resized, the pixels stretch and grow, and fewer dots are able to fit within an inch. The larger the dots become, the easier EPS they can be seen. This is called pixelation, which should be avoided. TIFF JPEG Pardon the interruption for some ... fun With Fonts What is your font saying about you? Using an inappropriate font can influence the impact of your message. Helvetica (the single most popular font family) or Arial are looking Dear Mrs. Eaves, Q: Why do I need to send my fonts even if they are common? for safety and anonymity Handwritten fonts are chosen by a user hoping to appear personal and friendly. :A - Lost in font-city, Arial Black Arial, there are many variations created by Choose Comic Sans and youre telling the world youre uninformed. different foundries and unexpected results Serif fonts, like Times, suggest you are hoping to be perceived as can happen if you leave it up to fate to pick traditional, trustworthy or respectable. your font. - Hope you found your way out, Mrs. Eaves Bold font faux pas font weight anatomy of a font there’s never any reason to use comic sans Thin Light Regular Medium Bold H E AV Y SerifS Serif short lines crossing the ends Sans Serif WITHOUT [Serifs] of a printed letter Color Which color model should your graphic files be using? Used in printed graphics, the Color is critical for CMYK color model refers to the four inks used in the printing C M Y K brand recognition. The Pantone Matching process: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black) System (PMS) was PANTONE 320 U developed so that The colors displayed on your TV or colors can be matched computer monitor are composed of R G B red, green and blue light. RGB values consistently across PANTO N E 320 are appropriate for digital graphics multiple platforms. U like website banners. Application The design is applied across multiple formats em ip sum Lor sit am et Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet r dolo and sizes (i.e. ecte ipis tur ad elit.. Cons elitiscing cing banners, postcards, Consectetur adipis emails, flyers, entrance cing elitiscing elit. graphics units, aisle signs etc.), are approved paying close attention to by client details all the details mentioned above. We always encourage What is the e series? collaboration between We are always looking for ways to improve our clients’ you and the designer, so experience. e series was created to demystify design and please dont hesitate to contact production for non-designers. It allows our clients to “talk the us with questions or concerns. talk” and really enjoy the walk.