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Archive and Data Management                            Training Center   Our center ensures excellence in creation,       ...
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Archive and Data Management Training Center


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Poster for presentation at EUDAT, Cultural Heritage On-Line, and, 8th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC13) conferences

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Archive and Data Management Training Center

  1. 1. Archive and Data Management Training Center Our center ensures excellence in creation, We train management and long-term preservation of data for multipurpose re-use. We help researchers and and archives realize the full value of investment in research. consult Reviewing existing data sources for potential re-use, replication, enhancement, and metho- dologies • Data preparation for reuse Describe data to be collected: ty- • registration with DOI pes, formats, standards, documen- • long-term preservation tation, methods, ownership, con- • dissemination sent, responsibilities, platforms for • provision of tools & standards working storage, back-up, quality • publishing research results assurance, long-term preservation through information systems plans Working from copies not the raw Implementing methods of collection, data. Keep copies of syntax files and description, assurance of data quality all analysis steps through checks and inspectionsActivities Our audiences We offer training workshops and consulting on data manage- • rincipal investigators who plan data management and are p ment and archiving topics: responsible for oversight• data management planning • Researchers who implement data• data sharing management• best practice on consent for re-use, copyright and use of exis- • individual researchers to maximize the utility of data ting data, confidentiality and anonymization, documentation • data archivists responsible for and data enhancement, methods of data sharing, file formats, digital curation, enhancement, and long-term preservation physical and digital storage• long-term archiving and preservation, data dissemination and security, licensing data for use, managing access systems, for- mat migration and verification Contact us GESIS -Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschafte Email: T: @archivetraining Web: