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Linking for learning by Thomas Bosch


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Präsentation im Rahmen eines Vortrags bei der 9th Summer School on Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web. Thomas Bosch (M.Sc.) |

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Linking for learning by Thomas Bosch

  1. 1. Linking for learning 5 Stars 1 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  2. 2. 5 Stars -- Who are we? Chris Dijkshoorn Thomas Bosch Uwe Stoll Qiang LI Daniel Garijo I’m Tom, I’m Cool! 2 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  3. 3. Linking for learning -- ObjectivesHow can the educational value of Wikipedia be raised? How can we measure the quality of Wikipedia articles? How can we propose meaningful related topics automatically? How can we ease the integration of Wikipedia with other educational resources? How can we recommend additional multimedia content?How can we interlink Wikipedia references to the web of Linked Open Data? How can accessibility and user experience be improved for educational use? 3 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  4. 4. Research problem 4 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  5. 5. 514/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  6. 6. Our Approach 6 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  7. 7. Application examples• Calculate mean H-Index of the authors of a given Wikipedia Article• Browser extensions showing information related wikipedia articles when browsing scientific resources (and vv.)• Inform authors if they get referenced• Enhance wikipedia by displaying the reference quality 7 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  8. 8. Results and Future Work Initial Dataset: 1000 Articles ~7 references per Article Speed ~800 Articles / sect = string.Template(""" Evaluation:wiki:${wikidoc} dc:reference Measure educational valuewk2ld:a${i}; of LD-enhanced Wikipedia a foaf:Document. Articleswk2ld:a${i} a foaf:Document; dc:title "${title}".n""") 8 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain
  9. 9. Thanks!Questions? 9 14/07/2012, Cercedilla, Spain