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Global Connections in Long-term care - IAHSA 2012


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The Excitement and Challenges of Partnerships: South Africa and Australia

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Global Connections in Long-term care - IAHSA 2012

  1. 1. Global Connections… The Excitement and Challenges of Partnerships: South Africa and Australia Margie van Zyl Director : Strategic Partnerships GERATEC
  2. 2. It all started on a dusty road in the rural district of Rorke’s Drift, KwaZulu Natal….
  3. 3. SAGE, Australia and EMSENI, Rorkes’ Drift, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa LONDON IAHSA sets the stage Emseni’s first ironing press – a gift from the delegates at IAHSA London The excitement…the first global connection is made and formalised
  4. 4. IAHSA LONDON 2009 was the springboard for this global connection
  5. 5. South Africa KwaZulu-Natal
  6. 6.  Durban  Pietermaritzburg  Wasbank  Rorke’s Drift  Kokstad KwaZulu-Natal
  7. 7. Connections facilitated since IAHSA London 2009: SOUTH AFRICA AUSTRALIA Elonwabeni Eldercare Inc. Emseni SAGE Issy Geshen St Joseph’s Sunnyside Park Grande Pacific SAAHA Aged Care Channel Crafters Raelea Emuseni ARCARE St Antonine’s Uniting Care NSW
  8. 8. St Joseph’s in Australia, and Issy Geshen Old Age Home in Durban, KwaZulu Natal
  9. 9. Grande Pacific, Gold Coast, Australia and Sunnyside Park in Pietermaritzburg, KZN Sometimes, like friendships, partnerships struggle, and don’t succeed. Possible reason: Partnership entered with different expectations. What began… • staff emailing and residents writing to each other
  10. 10. Aged Care Channel, Australia, has partnered with South African long term care facilities through SAAHA, the South African Association of Homes for the Aged. Regular donations of Learning Resources – training DVD’s and notes – have been shared, and used in training, particularly in the rural homes.
  11. 11. Global links need to be “relational” This programme is about • building authentic relationships • developing friendships • exchanging stories, happenings, ideas • triumphs and challenges, as well as • sharing resources, both material, financial and expertise
  12. 12. This takes TIME… and… PASSION Connections that last, and are sustainable, are connections of the HEART.
  13. 13. What are the benefits? • Fun • Friendship • Sharing • Learning about each other • Exchange of staff and residents Not just about finance and handouts.
  14. 14. Ultimately the global link should be interactive -exchanges between both staff and residents can be both formal and informal. An informal connection… between crafters
  15. 15. Each country needs a Champion – someone to enthuse other organisations, someone who is passionate and appreciative of the value of such connections. Each organisation needs a Champion. Organisations need to be encouraged to tell their stories: story telling is powerful, so too are pictures! It’s all about Champions… and visionaries... Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  16. 16. Some of the Challenges: • Introducing the concept of international friendships/partnerships to folk who have had no experience of such a “connection”. • Particularly in the rural homes in South Africa, people have worked for years in isolation. • New to networking, even local networking, the value of international networks has to be explained, understood and embraced.
  17. 17. A huge challenge for some rural homes is being without the internet due to poor reception deep in the hills, so reliance is made of faxing (when the fax line works!) EMSENI experiences this problem
  18. 18. Looking for an International Partner: Emuseni Centre for the Aged, Plessislaer, Pietermaritzburg – A sub economic home in the peri-urban area
  19. 19. EMUSENI: Showers & flooring in need of repair
  20. 20. St Antonine’s Home for the Aged Wasbank,KwaZulu Natal Meet Sister Lucia, the Director and Charles Ngubane, the Chairman, after their introductory slideshow…
  21. 21. St. Antonine’s greatest need… a new water pump
  22. 22. For the future… a connection between homes that have started the journey of the Eden Alternative in South Africa and Eden homes in other parts of the world. Sharing a philosophy of care makes for a good foundation of shared values in order to establish working partnerships. Eden in OZ and NZ and Eden UK have expressed interest.
  23. 23. So… watch this space as IAHSA continues to reach out, facilitate partnerships and create global connections of reciprocal value! Come along… Join hands too!
  24. 24. Margie van Zyl Director: Strategic Partnerships GERATEC, South Africa Contact: +27 84 556 2076