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George Survival Guide Social Media

  1. 1. iaL 1 SoC ia 10 Med vived o n: i sur Social Media Survival Guide B e P r e Pa r e d Business beware! Social media is now luring at every corner. Social Media is the next evolution in relevant and useful marketing approach Tweets, Friend requests, Blog new media marketing combining two of to the evolving world of social media. post. Your boss, your customer, online’s most powerful tools. Content and Companies that build conversations, your next door neighbor’s kid are community. Where the content is being understand why they are using the media all telling you, “embrace social created with conversations between tools, responsibly follow up, measure consumers and brands. Marketers have results and be true to their personalities. media or peril.” and now it’s up to strived to create this simple but magical you and you alone. What do you do? The George Survival guide relationship for years, starting with forums, C o m m u n iC at i o n email lists and the typical corporate provides models for developing web site. Brand marketers have been ti p s a consistent strategic approach dreaming about discovering mediums this to social media marketing. The impactful and inexpensive since the first • Provide relevant and useful survival guide provides a social cave drawing of the wheel. information to your audience media road map, an initial • Listen and respond overview of social media networks The new explosive growth of social and useful resource guides. networking is related to a change in • Be authentic and real consumer’s expectations to have an • Create a quarterly Yet web2.0 is a place worlds away experience with your brand not a one-way communication calendar from that to which most of us are relationship. Go beyond the traditional one- way communication of an advertisement accustomed, and is governed by it’s own physical laws that can not telling an audience about your features Survi vaL G u i d e be ignored. You are responsible and benefits. Consumers are now directly ro ad M a P engaging in relationships with brands to for your own survival. remember become part of the story. Becoming loyal Before you jump beak first and become George Brands is your essential purchasers of the companies that engage a twittermaniac, with a tweet here, a marketing companion. and armed in a real conversation about needs. As tweet there, everywhere a tweet tweet;, with the power of fundamental a culture, we have out grown the typical approach social media with your business marketing mixed with out of the branding advertisement that started with hat tightly secured to your entrepreneurial box creative thought, you will the Marlboro man print ads after WWII. head and build a mini-marketing plan. survive. You will flourish. (but we Lifestyles and brands have merged. Asking along the way, “For what job has still need you to sign the attached this been designed to do?” and “How do I waiver) And this is good news for companies that convert this activity into leads that become decide to develop a consistent, thoughtful, future business?”
  2. 2. ST e P oNe GoaL MeaSureMeNT Define Your Single Goal and Measurement: This single goal can be simple, it can be complex, but it needs to be known and measured for your success. This one goal method was the cornerstone of the Obama campaign, arguable the most successful social media campaign ever launched. The goal - “Create an opportunity for a person to do one thing” Once you have your goal, define ways to measure success. (leads, calls, downloaded swatches, etc..) (See Goal/Measurement chart to right.) S T e P T Wo WHY HoW FoLLoW uP Your Brand Promise involvement Start a conversation What is it that your company promises to do better than anyone else in your space. This will guide your conversations and allow you to be authentic. When you find yourself asking, “What do I talk about today” Go back to your brand promise. The answer is always right there. CHeCKL i S T interaction Become useful S Te P T Hree Actionable Engagement If you do nothing else before you start your social media campaign, take a moment and complete this grid. These are magic marketing steps taken from the brightest influence Become an authority, of the bright. (Intel’s Direct of Social share knowledge Media, Kelly Feller, Ascentiums Creative Director, James Rice and Consulting Guru, Richard Rosen) (See Why, How, Followup chart to right). ST e P Four: action Convert to a customer Activate Your Tools You have your survival road map. Now is the time to brave the social media world. Pick your networks and start your conversations.
  3. 3. TWiTTer WHaT To do: TiPS: TWiTTer reSourCeS: Drive Promotions Be obvious in your bio Create influence Be clear in your posts Drive Traffic to website Build a calendar and schedule Announce breaking news your tweets Respond to you @requests Be generous and RT often Check for messages directed at you direct Messages – Your online bio- private messages sent You have 180 characters. directly to you. Have to Be concise and engaging be a follower Your update window – type up to 140 character updates includes web links CHeCKL i S T You can update twitter with text messages Your timeline – iaL updates from users SoC ia 101 Med 3 you follow e Pa G
  4. 4. FaCeBooK WHaT To do: TiPS: reSourCe LiNKS: Build A Fan Page Celebration over selling Engagement Ads Your fans are your friends Groups Provide inside information and Get instant feedback and surveys opportunity Have a conversation Include video and photos Your update window - Create the conversation Your profile/fan badge- and share knowledge. Hint: keep the badge under 176 pixels wide Highly targeted behavioral ads CHeCKL i S T Company description iaL SoC ia 101 Med 4 e Pa G
  5. 5. LiNKediN WHaT To do: tips: reSourCeS: Develop a personal profile page Build business networking Develop a company profile page. Increase credibility through recom- (In Beta stage) mendations and answer ratings Join like business groups Increases your Google position Answer questions and post questions Ask survey questions for product/ company feedback Your company profile Searchable tags and here and on your categories personal page CHeCKL i S T Mini-blog updating news Your network and about your company recommendations iaL SoC ia 101 Med 5 e Pa G
  6. 6. SurvivaL Guide’S diGiTaL iq aGGreGaTioN: Gathering information from multiple makes that information readable by lots of different kinds of web sites, typically via RSS. Aggregation lets web sites software. Many blogs and web sites feature RSS feeds: a remix the information from multiple web sites, for example by constantly updated version of the site’s latest content, in a form republishing all the news related to a particular keyword. that can be read by a newsreader or aggregator. BLoG: Originally short for “weblog”, a blog is just a web page SoCiaL BooKMarKiNG: The collaborative that contains entries in reverse chronological order, with the equivalent of storing favorites or bookmarks within a web most recent entry on top. But blogging has taken off because browser, social bookmarking services (like or the explosion in blogging software and services -- like Blogger, Furl) let people store their favorite web sites online. Social TypePad and WordPress -- has turned blogging into one of bookmarking services also let people share their favorite web the easiest ways for people to maintain a constantly updated sites with other people, making them a great way to discover web presence. In addition to the classic text blog, we now new sites or colleagues who share your interests. have photo blogs (consisting of uploaded photos), audio blogs (a.k.a. “podcasts”) and video blogs (which consist of regularly SoCiaL NeTWorKiNG: Social networking sites uploaded video files). help people discover new friends or colleagues by illuminating shared interests, related skills, or a common geographic BLoGroLL: A list of recommended sites that appears in location. Leading examples include Facebook, LinkedIn, You the sidebar of a blog. These sites are typically sites that are Tube and Twitter. either on similar topics, sites that the blogger reads regularly, or sites that belong to the blogger’s friends or colleagues. The TaGS: Keywords that describe the content of a web site, term “blogroll” also evokes the concept of political logrolling bookmark, photo or blog post. You can assign multiple tags (when legislators promise to vote for one another’s pet bills) to the same online resource, and different people can assign -- which is not unlike bloggers’ habit of reciprocating links by different tags to the same resource. Tag-enabled web posting links to blogs that link back to their own blogs. services include social bookmarking sites (like, photo sharing sites (like Flickr) and blog tracking sites (like NeWSreader: A newsreader gathers the news from Technorati). Tags provide a useful way of organizing, retrieving multiple blogs or news sites via RSS (see below), allowing and discovering information. readers to access all their news from a single web site or program. Online newsreaders (like Bloglines, Pluck, or WiKi: A collaboratively edited web page. The best known Newsgator) are web sites that let you read RSS feeds from example is wikipedia, an encyclopedia that anyone in the world within your web browser. Desktop newsreaders download the can help to write or update. Wikis are frequently used to allow news to your computer, and let you read your news inside a people to write a document together, or to share reference dedicated software program. material that lets colleagues or even members of the public contribute content. PodCaST: An audio blog, typically updated weekly or daily. You don’t have to have an ipod to listen to a podcast; although you can download podcasts to an ipod, you can also listen to iaL podcasts on a desktop computer, or many other mp3 players. SoC ia 101 Med 6 e Rss: A format for storing online information in a way that Pa G
  7. 7. GeorGe BraNd MarKeTiNG SYSTeMS For nearly two decades, George has collaborated with our client companies to make George’s Marketing marketing matter. We’ve created campaigns that grow organically from the brand’s rules 1-5: thoughtfully-constructed personality, designed promotions that get customers excited and launched awareness-generating programs that take a brand’s visibility from zero -1- to sixty almost overnight. always keep your brand We’ve worked with companies large and small, new and established, conservative and present cutting-edge. -2- Our consulting starts by taking the time to learn your business and understand your approach marketing objectives. We use this solid foundation to build a program that gives you a winning competitive advantage. We believe that collaborating with you and your team creates from the inside out: first internal excitement about a marketing program and helps motivate your team members understand needs, then to carry out the program’s objectives for long-term success. offer benefits -3- Marketing is a business ryan Wagner Founder and Chief Marketing Guy strategy, not an GeorGe advertisement 503.519.8850 -4- every marketing tactic follow us at has a measurable objective--and all marketing is measured -5- exPeCT reSuLTS!