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Presentatation given at the MRI intiative


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Just a presentation of my work on modelling

Published in: Education, Technology
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Presentatation given at the MRI intiative

  1. 1. Riccardo Rigon’s Research R3 MRI Key Contact Workshop - Berkeley Dec 8 2013
  2. 2. Two models/frameworks I do hydrological models Especially two: GEOtop,, JGrass-NewAGE, They are both unconventional !2 R. Rigon
  3. 3. GEOtop 1. Radiation - distributed model - sky view factor, self and cast shadowing, slope, aspect, drainage 2. Water balance - effective rainfall - surface flow (runoff and channel routing) 6. vegetation interaction - multi-layer vegetation scheme - evapotranspiration 3. Snow-glaciers - multilayer snow scheme 4. surface energy balance - radiation - boundary-layer interaction 5. soil energy balance - soil temperature - freezing soil !3 R. Rigon
  4. 4. GEOtop For more information H21M. High Resolution Hydrologic Modeling: Challenges and Avenues for Development I Tuesday - 8:30 AM - 8:45 AM GEOtop, a model with coupled water and energy budgets and non linear hydrological interactions. (Invited) Stefano Endrizzi; Stephan Gruber; Matteo Dall'Amico; Riccardo Rigon C44B. C44B. Modeling of the Cryosphere: Energy and Mass Balance of Snow, Ice and Permafrost III Thursday - 4:15 PM - 4:30 PM C44B-02. GEOtop: Simulating the combined energy and water balance at and below the land surface accounting for soil freezing, snow cover and terrain effects (Invited) Stefano Endrizzi; Matteo Dall'Amico; Stephan Gruber; Riccardo Rigon !4 R. Rigon
  5. 5. Jgrass-NewAGE: more that a model Motivation Outline Hydrological Components Modelling Framework Conclusions NewAge Goals: GIS Integration Open-source Modelling with components Multi-language Multi-platform Reproducible research system 4 G. Formetta, Trento 19 April 2013 Formetta et al., CAHMDA IV Lhasa 2010 - July 21-23 !5 R. Rigon
  6. 6. Jgrass-NewAGE: more that a model over many modelling olutions for almost all ydrological omponents: awu Abera (DICAM) R. Rigon JGrass-NewAGE Approach November 20, 2013 5 / 23 !6
  7. 7. The Spatial Toolbox 4 GIS platforms and tools provided in various scripting environments some selected raster processing and (JavaScript and groovy) and is supported in HortonMachine tools are described in detail. I do tools for hydro-geomorphological analysis the uDig-scripting editor. In next sections, Figure 1: uDig GIS interface with spatial toolbox overlay and the three tabs: inputs, outputs and descriptions tabs at the bottom of the toolbox uDig Spatial Toolboox shows the lists of tools relevant for hydro- geomorphological application. 2 Raster Processing The Raster processing menu contains a set of R. Rigon tools useful for the preparation of topographic data for hydro-geomorphological Among the list of tools presented in table 2, a useful program for advanced raster map manipulation is the raster calculator !7
  8. 8. The Physics Process-wise Hydrological budgets Hillslope processes Rainfall-Runoff Landslides Snow modelling Freezing soil and permafrost !8 R. Rigon
  9. 9. A look to other stuff Something more exciting ? Thermodynamics of the hydrological cycle Optimality principles in the hydrological cycle !9 R. Rigon
  10. 10. Wha tI want to discuss Someone wants to join this modelling crew ? Some one wants to share her/his data with us ? Someone has ideas for projects where we can collaborate ? R. Rigon !10
  11. 11. Ulrici, 2000 ? Thank you For hydrological information use R. Rigon !11