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Toluca fun facts

  1. 1. By: Irlanda Morales González 1
  2. 2. What does “Toluca” means? Toluca's name comes from "Tollocan" symbol Nahuatl that means "place where the God Tolo is" in "Tolo" local God who has the sense of tilting the head and "can" that means place. Tolo God By: Irlanda Morales González 2
  3. 3. About its history During the War of Independence, in October 19, 1811 there were killed 100 insurgents , who were captured by the royalist soldiers in the battle of Calvary, hill that is located in the city of Toluca, whose square there is a monument Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, considered the father of the Mexican Independence. Calvary HillBy: Irlanda Morales González 3
  4. 4. Municipal shield of Toluca Toluca's municipal shield was designed in the year of 1979, the center of the shield contains a map of the territory, with red bottom delimited in black; in another part of the map, there is Tolocan's figure, constituted by the image of a “tepetl” in green color with three projections that represent the sign “tetl” (stone) and on this one, there´s the head of the god “Tolotzin”, in the inferior parts it has two figures in red and yellow and ultimately a tape with the legend " Toluca's Municipality”. Municipal shield of Toluca. By: Irlanda Morales González 4
  5. 5. Toluca's Cathedral The Cathedral of Toluca is constructed of gray quarry neo classic style, measuring 90 meters of length by 45 meters of width and with a height of 60 meters, devoid this of porch, the main face has eight column couples, it has a door in the centre and in two of the every side, there are niches with images, in the left side San Juan and Saint Thomas and in the right side San Peter and Santiago the Major one. On May 12, 1867 it was placed the first stone, the construction was suspended for 80 years and was dedicated on April 11, 1978. Toluca´s Cathedral By: Irlanda Morales González 5
  6. 6. The Portals The Portals are of quarry type “Carpanel”, that is to say three curvatures. The construction begins in 1832 and finishes four years later, they have 116 arches, they were constructed by Don Jose Maria Gonzalez Arratia. In his interior there is a wide variety of trades, where typical sweets and liquors of flavors can be acquired. The Portals By: Irlanda Morales González 6
  7. 7. Botanical garden Cosmovitral The Botanical Garden Cosmovitral with a structure architectural that belongs to the art called noveau, constructed with quarry and bitrales (3200metros squares). Inaguro in 1933, as " Market of Carmen ", which I work for 40 years, nowadays his use is of botanical garden. The author of the plastic design of the virtral is the artist Leopoldo Flores, the topic guira around the dialectical solution to the universal dualities. Botanical garden Cosmovitral By: Irlanda Morales González 7
  8. 8. Park “Cuauhtemoc” The construction of the park “Cuauhtemoc” begins in the year 1831 and is finished 11 years later. To the victory of the Mexican Revolution, Toluca's former Central Avenue received the name of Park Cuauhtémoc, in honoring to the last Aztec king; to complete this work, the government of Gustavo Baz Prada asked there was placed to the center of this land the sculpture of the recognized Aztec leader. The work is of the sculptor Tamariz, author is of great part of the statues. Cuautemoc´s sculptiure By: Irlanda Morales González 8
  9. 9. Museum Jose Maria Velasco This building re-dresses historical importance since in I stay the priest Michael Hidalgo and Rib in October, 1810, is his step to the Battle of the Monte of the Crosses. Nowadays the museum this one dedicated the Mexican landscape painter who takes his name. It possesses eight rooms, his array counts with mas of 40 works of the artist mexiquense, especially of Mexican landscapes, predominating over the technology of the oil. Museum Jose Maria Velasco By: Irlanda Morales González 9
  10. 10. Toluca's Municipal palace The building I construct him on the areas that I occupy the cemetery of the Franciscan Convent, for the Municipal President at the time Don Jesus Fuentes y Muñiz, on July 11, 1872 and finishing in 1883. Nowadays the building shelters the offices of the municipal presidency, the regidurias, the cindicaturas, the Secretariat of the Town hall. It possesses two solemn enclosures: the Presidents' lounge, and that of Chapters, which illuminates in his walls portraits of prominent figures of the national and local history. Toluca's Municipal palace By: Irlanda Morales González 10
  11. 11. Toluca's snow- capped mountain Toluca´s snow-capped mountain is located to 48 km to the southwest of the city of Toluca, it is the fourth elevation of the country with a height of 4680 meters on the level of the sea. In 1936, is declared National Park, for its landscape beauty. One of its characteristics is that it is possible to come up to the crater in car and to visit its two lagoons known as the Sun and the Moon, in this one skuba diving is practiced by highly qualified groups and it is possible to fish trout I plough iris. Toluca's snow-capped mountainBy: Irlanda Morales González 11
  12. 12. Reference • Mier, Alfonso G. Bravo y. «" Toluca a heritage to enjoy ".» (2007): 3,4,7,11,12,14,17,23,30. By: Irlanda Morales González 12