A Weekend With My Family


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A Weekend With My Family

  1. 1. By: Jacksiry Espinoza
  2. 2. • I woke up at ten in the morning and my parents and sister were still asleep. • After half an hour, my parents woke up and I told them that a friend was coming to our house to finish a school project. • Then, my sister woke up and we went downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast. • After having breakfast, I took a shower, while my parents were in the garden and my sister was watching TV. • At 12:30, my friend arrived and we started our project. • Meanwhile, my parents went to a restaurant to bring food.
  3. 3. • At 3 o clock, they arrived and we ate chicken together. • Hours passed by, and finally, at 5:30 we finished our project and my friend’s mom picked her up at 6. • After my friend left, we decided to hang out together, so we went to a mall. • Image from: http://www.plazascomerciales.com.mx/fotos/plazas/plazasoutlet.jpg «Las Plazas Outlet, Toluca»
  4. 4. • My father and I went directly to the movie store, and we bought a lot of movies and videogames. • Later, we went to buy jackets because here in Toluca, the weather is really cold. • Then, we found my mom and sister and we all bought “esquites”, (cooked corn kernels). • Image from: http://www.absolut-mexico.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/esquites.jpg
  5. 5. • It was 9 o clock when we got to the house, and I wanted to watch a movie. • So I chose one of the ones we bought. (Karate Kid) • We watched the movie in the living room and had fun for a while. • When the movie ended, it was about 10:30 and I went to sleep while my parents stayed in the living room watching TV. Image from: http://mundocinema.com/wp- content/uploads/2010/02/the_karate_kid_3809.jpg
  6. 6. • This day, we spent it at home. • I woke up at ten in the morning, and my parents and sister were already awake. • I asked them if they had already eaten breakfast and they told me they hadn’t. • My mom wanted to eat “tamales” and my dad and sister went to buy them, just across the street. Image from: http://blogs.elcorreo.com/blogfiles/vivamexico/tam ales.jpg
  7. 7. • While my mom and I waited, we watched a movie on the TV. • Before the movie ended, my dad arrived with the “tamales” and we ate in the living room because the movie was interesting. • After eating breakfast, everyone took a shower and my dad decided to go to a baseball game. • I stayed in my room reading a book and later, my mom went downstairs to prepare food. • I helped my mom and then, I went to my sister’s room to spend some time with her, but she was doing homework so I left her. • I went to my room and did my homework.
  8. 8. • Later, my mom called us to go downstairs and eat. • After we ate “tostadas”, my dad arrived and wanted to eat outside in the garden. • My dad was eating while I was eating my dessert, and then I fell asleep on the grass. Image from: http://www.saboresdelhogar.com/wp- content/uploads/2009/09/tostadas2.jpg
  9. 9. • My dad woke me up and I realized that he was done eating and the weather got colder. • I went inside the house and finished my homework. • Later, I used the computer for a while, and then we decided to watch another movie. • The movie started and half an hour later, my dad fell asleep and when the movie ended I was really tired and went to sleep. Image from: http://www.cine-adicto.com/wp- content/uploads/2010/02/imagine-that-poster.jpg