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The GSMA-defined IP eXchange (IPX) solution was created to
address these issues. IPX is a standards-based, secure and qualityenabled
managed IP network for delivering interactive multimedia
services across any type of service provider’s network, including
fixed, mobile, cable, ISPs, ASPs, and Over the Top (OTT).

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IPX Solution

  1. 1. GENBAND Intelligent IPX Solution May 2012
  2. 2. GENBAND Intelligent IPX SolutionIPX at a Glance Provided they follow commonly agreed upon technical speci-As more fixed and mobile carriers and service providers fication and use consistent commercial models, a variety ofincreasingly move to IP-based networks, the complexity carriers, including wholesale International Long Distance (ILD)required to interconnect these networks grows dramatically. operators, IP transit carriers, or GRX operators, can offer IPXStrategies for interconnecting IP networks, including those services. The GSMA IPX architecture was granted additionalbased on heterogeneous access technologies, have been ad legitimacy in late 2010, when it was adopted as a baselinehoc to date, resulting in solutions that do not provide well- for an interconnect specification composed by the I3 Forum,defined IP connection models, guaranteed Quality of Service a consortium of nearly 40 predominantly fixed telecommuni-(QoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), or a standard- cations providers.ized economic model for interconnect compensation. While the consensus forming around the IPX specification forThe GSMA-defined IP eXchange (IPX) solution was created to next-generation IP voice and data interconnection has helpedaddress these issues. IPX is a standards-based, secure and quality- to jumpstart the fledging market, several industry trends andenabled managed IP network for delivering interactive multimedia technological advances are now creating additional demandservices across any type of service provider’s network, including for the secure and guaranteed exchange of multimedia ser-fixed, mobile, cable, ISPs, ASPs, and Over the Top (OTT). vices. The rapid build-up of LTE-based mobile networks, many to be underlined by an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-based infrastructure, for example, is expected by industry observers to incentivize mobile operators to form partnerships with IPX providers, potentially accelerating the growth and develop- ment of IPX services. Benefits of IPX A key advantage telecom service providers hold over OTT players is service quality. Quality is paramount to the success of mobile service providers in particular. Achieving end-to- end service quality is not a trivial endeavor, however, as mo- bile operators are challenged by over-the-air packet loss and propagation delay. An IPX-based transit route, accordingly, is viewed by many operators as the only acceptable intercon- nection option that can guarantee service quality. Potential costs reductions is another benefit. The steadyThe IPX specification provides a blueprint for the construc- erosion of per-minute long distance charges and the widetion of a next-generation interconnect solution that conforms penetration of alternate IP termination options offered by OTTto four key principles (see below), which the GSMA has providers, threatens the sustainability and growth of carri-deemed vital for a successful IP Interworking solution. ers, such as Wholesale ILD providers, whose business model heavily relies on high-volume origination and termination1. Openness to connect all types of service providers of voice minutes. IPX offers these carriers the opportunity to2. Guaranteed quality create new monetization opportunities, such as charging for3. Cascading payments guaranteed quality of services or new interconnection op-4. Extremely efficient connectivity regime – one contract, tions, including transit only interconnection and service-based many connections. bilateral and multi-lateral interconnections. To GRX operators, the opportunity exists to create new revenue on top of exist- ing volume-based data interconnection by evolving toward IPX compliance. 2
  3. 3. GENBAND Intelligent IPX SolutionAdditional IPX benefits are summarized in the following chart: IPX Challenges Interconnecting disparate TDM networks is far simpler than Benefits to IPX Providers Benefits to Service Providers the interworking of IP-based networks because much of the Provides value-added Enables competitive differ- complexity of TDM interconnect has been worked out over services, such as interwork- entiation by delivering new recent decades. Moreover, TDM communication is governed ing between mobile and interactive IP services, such largely by a single control protocol and media type (voice). fixed operators, by enabling as voice, video and mes- Accordingly, the interworking of IP traffic, which involves signaling normalization and saging, over an end-to-end multiple control protocols and media types, poses significant media transcoding IP network challenges. The IPX, therefore, is tasked with overcoming The ability to increase Allows service providers to multiple barriers that are not associated with TDM interwork- revenue by charging for effectively compete with OTT ing. To overcome these barriers, an IPX provider must have guaranteed-quality VoIP ser- players by delivering guar- the ability to offer service providers the following: vices across fixed, mobile, anteed quality of service and OTT service providers • Awareness and deep visibility into services being Provides differentiated multi- Obtain both technical and exchanged service, multi-lateral intercon- commercial interoperability • Enforcement of quality of service at each interconnect nect over the same intercon- assurance hand-off nection backed up by SLA • Ability to assure end-to-end security and quality and quality assurance • Mitigation of interoperability risks Enable secure and seamless Ease technical, commercial, • Ability to maintain per-service, per-connectivity-based interconnections between and administrative burden SLAs service providers and appli- to maintain multiple bilateral • Correlation of session records for accurate billing and cation/ content providers agreements by having single mediation contract with IPX provider for multiple interconnections The IPX Proxy Provides new services such Reduces CAPEX and OPEX The critical element in an IPX network is the IPX proxy. as VoLTE roaming across to maintain multiple tech- Located at the borders of an IPX network, the IPX proxy’s IMS networks and RCS-e nologies to interconnect with main functions are to provide security and interoperability, interconnects across islands peering partners enforce quality and commercial policies, account for all sessions of mobile networks that traverse the IPX provider’s network and provide advanced Offers new session-based Extends service reachability policy-based routing. To provide these functions in an IPX setting, rather than minute based by interconnecting with a a market-ready IPX proxy solution should feature strict compli- services, by providing inter- large community of service ance with the requirements of the GSMA IPX specification, as connects for rich IP-based providers across the globe well as offer a resume of extensive deployment in major IPX multimedia services such as networks around the globe. VoIP, video telephony, IM, presence, image transfers, GENBAND Intelligent IPX Solution and video transfers, etc. GENBAND is a market-leading supplier of next-generation voice and multimedia infrastructure equipment. The GENBAND Improve their time-to-market Intelligent IPX solution enables secure and seamless IP intercon- to deliver new services nection of fixed and mobile voice and multi-media traffic. Unlike backed up with QoS and solutions that address only a portion of IP interconnect require- SLAs ments, GENBAND’s Intelligent IPX solution is a standards-based, single-vendor solution that enables the interworking of traffic from GSM and non-GSM operator networks, TDM-based fixed and mobile networks, and SIP-based VoIP and multimedia networks. 3
  4. 4. GENBAND Intelligent IPX SolutionGENBAND Intelligent IPX Solution ArchitectureGENBAND’s standards-compliant, secure, simple and modu- diversity ensures broad global coverage and service extendibil-lar architecture enables IPX providers to offer predictable ity to any service provider, including TDM, IP, Cable, OTT, ASPinterconnection services with robust security and seamless or ISP , irrespective of the mobile or fixed origin or destinationinterworking between myriad devices, protocols and net- of traffic. A complete list of protocol and specification support isworks. The scalable commercial offering assists operators in contained in the following chart.launching new revenue-generating services that are backedup by service level agreements (SLAs) that can be matched GENBAND IP Solution Offers Market-Leadingagainst each diverse service flow. Protocol DiversityGENBAND’s IPX solution provides unmatched capabilities:Robust security: Security features include topology hiding,B2BUA, IP rate limiting, TLS, IPSec, SRTP, access control list,dynamic blacklisting, authentication, media filtering, trafficpolicing, deep packet inspection, logging and auditing.Any-to-Any Interconnection: Supports interfaces such asC7/SS7, Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) for legacymobile interconnects, SIP, SIP-I (with large number of nationaland international ISUP variants), SIP-T, H.323 and Nb/Nc. This 4
  5. 5. GENBAND Intelligent IPX SolutionSeamless interworking: The GENBAND IPX solution en- Intuitive routing: To further improve the quality of inter-ables seamless interworking between adjacent networks owned connects, GENBAND’s IPX solution ensures route quality,by multiple operators for the delivery of voice and multimedia performance, and profitability through global addressingservices. It provides a wide range of flexible policies to seam- and routing based on criteria such as cost Least Cost Routinglessly interoperate multi-vendor and multi-protocol environments (LCR), profitability, percentage distribution, network analyticsutilizing different network addressing technologies, whether and service quality and route availability. The GENBANDIPv4, IPv6 or variations of SIP. It provides IP-to-IP media trans- solution supports standard interfaces to query external routecoding and trans-rating with extensive codec support for fixed servers using ENUM or SIP Redirect (RFC 4904), enablingand wireless interconnects. the blending of on-board route policies with external route databases.SMART interconnects: In addition to supporting basicQoS assurance mechanisms, such as traffic classification using Simple and sensible operations: A major require-DSCP marking and CLID transparency, GENBAND’s IPX solu- ment of network operators is that new platforms can easilytion provides Session Management Analytics and Reporting integrate into existing infrastructure and back-office systems,(SMART) Management. SMART Management is designed to ensuring that Operations, Administration, Maintenance, andmonitor, analyze, report and enforce network-wide quality and Provisioning (OAM&P) costs are minimized. GENBAND’s IPXperformance at interconnection points on IPX proxies. It pro- proxy simplifies operations by providing easy-to-use menu-vides extensive service visibility with built-in Key Performance driven controls to centrally manage, provision, and administerIndicators (KPIs) to monitor network- and service-level quality the quality and performance of all interconnection pointsat each interconnect hand-off and enforces policies to assure across the entire network.SLAs. Detailed billing and settlement: Ensuring the trafficWhile a properly designed IPX proxy ensures a secure, robust traversing an IPX provider’s network is properly monetizedand interoperable IP border, the SMART management solution is a paramount concern. The GENBAND solution producesprovides visibility into the traffic that traverses the network authoritative session detail records (SDR) for every sessionedge, adding the analytical capabilities to dynamically modify type -- (voice, video and IM) – providing more than 100 fieldsthe call routing behavior based on a combination of business of information that can be utilized for billing, settlement,policies, network QoS and interconnect performance. The performance measurement, and troubleshooting.result is a network that is not only robust and secure, but onethat provides the business flexibility needed to deliver high Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): The GENBANDquality services. IPX proxy delivers several unique capabilities designed to drive costs out of the overall IPX solution. The solution’sGENBAND SMART Management Solution architecture enables operators to build new services without adding new hardware, a critical cost element for operators. GENBAND’s IPX is complemented by a common manage- ment system that further enables operational costs reduc- tion. By delivering the solution on commercial off-the-shelf hardware, with common sparing and inventory for multiple applications functions, the GENBAND IPX proxy offers excel- lent investment protection. Another TCO-reduction feature of GENBAND’s IPX proxy is a media transcoding solution with a centralized pool of DSP resources that can be shared by multiple IPX proxies. This further enables cost reductions by optimizing the utilization of expensive DSP resources. 5
  6. 6. GENBAND Intelligent IPX SolutionTurn-key solution deployment: GENBAND’s state- into the IPX network. Virtualization also enables a unique op-of-art professional services capabilities complement its IPX portunity for IPX providers to generate new revenue streamssolution with skilled personnel to assist IPX providers at every by offering managed and hosted SBC services to servicestep in the adoption process -- from design through deploy- providers and other international wholesale carriers.ment and service management. GENBAND leverages bestpractices and years of experience in migrating more than 40 GENBAND IPX Solution Elementsmillion TDM lines to IP to provide turn-key implementation of GENBAND’s end-to-end, standards-based IPX solution utilizesan IPX solution with end-to-end accountability. GENBAND’s S3 Intelligent Session Border Control- ler, G-Series media gateways, C-Series call controlDelivery of new revenue opportunities: GENBAND’s and GENView RSM. The S3 SBC provides advancedIPX solution creates new opportunities for growth and IP In¬terconnect and IPX proxy functions, such as sessionex¬pansion by enabling operators to expand their network management, security, policy enforcement, IP signaling andcapabilities and offer new types of services. These new media protocol interworking and advanced real-time sessionservice opportunities, which are highlighted in the following monitoring and management. The market-leading G-Series me-chart, are intuitively segmented into four classes. dia gateways provide interworking and transcoding of voice and multimedia across IP, TDM, fixed and mobile networks.Opening up New Revenue Opportunities GENBAND’s C-Series call control solutions provide media resource and gateway control, as well as IP-to-TDM signaling interworking (SIGTRAN, SS7, BICC) and advanced voice and multimedia services. Common management is provided by the GenView™ network management system with built in SMART Management solution. GENBAND’s IPX solution is further differentiated from com- peting platforms when delivered on the GENBAND GE- TM NiUS platform, the industry’s only unified IP switching and networking platform supporting multi-purpose IP solutions. The GENiUS platform integrates all the components – secu- rity, interworking, call control, routing, media handling, and management – in a scalable IPX offering. The ATCA-based GENiUS platform includes and advanced middleware layer (GENWare) and an integrated common management layerVirtualized SBC: Built on the market-leading GENBAND (GENView) that enables operational simplicity.S3TM SBC, the GENBAND IPX proxy solution is unique in sup-porting a virtualized environment, allowing a single system tobe segmented into multiple, virtual ones. Each partition canbe managed and branded individually, allowing operatorsto construct a “cloud-based” offering. This capability alsoremoves the requirements for IPX operators to deploy SBCs asdedicated hardware for each service provider interconnect 6
  7. 7. GENBAND Intelligent IPX SolutionExtend Your Network without Limits withGENBAND Intelligent IPX SolutionWith the communications industry continuing to evolve at arapid pace, operators require solutions that can solve today’srequirements and adapt to meet tomorrow’s challenges.Operators pursuing opportunity in the IPX environmentrequire solutions that can assure complex services integrateand operate across multiple technological ecosystems anddo so while providing a higher level of service quality thanever before. GENBAND’s Intelligent IPX solution has beendesigned to meet the needs of IPX providers, enabling thesecure, simple, and scalable support of multimedia sessionconnectivity between diverse IP networks.About GENBANDGENBAND is a global leader of IP infrastructure solutions,enabling enterprise, service and content providers around theworld to evolve communications networks through IP innova-tion. The Company offers market-leading Switching, Ap-plications, Networking and Service solutions, with productsdeployed in over 600 customer networks spanning more than80 countries. GENBAND is headquartered in Frisco, Texas,and has vast resources in R&D, sales and support spanningmore than 50 countries. To learn more, visit us on the web atwww.GENBAND.com. 7