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Kassie: TPEP presentation

  1. 1. + Washington State Teacher Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP) Kassie Swenson Human Resources, Renton School District
  2. 2. + How Can TPEP Be Successfully Implemented?
  3. 3. + The Four P’s: Purpose, Picture, Plan and Part  Purpose: People need to understand the logic before they will turn their minds to it.  Picture: People need to experience the look and feel of the outcome imaginatively before they can give their hearts to it.  Plan: People need a clear idea of how they can get where they need to go.  Part: People need a tangible way to contribute and participate. The Four P’s are taken from William Bridges’ book, “Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change”, p. 60
  4. 4. + Why a New Evaluation System: What is the Purpose?  The new evaluation system is a four-tiered system providing guidance on how to improve through professional growth opportunities vs. a two-tiered system that provided little guidance on how to improve.  The teacher and the principal evaluation overlap and the content in the principal evaluation provides the “how” of developing teacher capacity.  The evaluation’s rubric is useful for teachers and principals to guide and track their progress and growth.  Incorporating student growth in the evaluation ensures students can reach their full learning potential. Information from: Educational Leadership article, “The Two Purposes of Teacher Evaluation” by Robert J. Marzano, http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/nov12/vol70/num03/The-Two-Purposes-of-Teacher-Evaluation.aspx TPEP WA website: http://tpep-wa.org/wp-content/uploads/TPEP_Module-Student_Growth.pdf
  5. 5. + What Does It Look Like (Picture)  OSPI has provided resources and support for TPEP; districts personalize them focused on their unique objectives and professional development needs.  Districts paint the picture to teachers and principals how they will be supported to grow professionally through this new process.  The picture depends on the framework selected: Danielson, Marzano, CEL or AWSP.  The district needs to constantly and consistently communicate with staff the plan and the benefits of the new teacher and principal evaluation system.
  6. 6. + What Does It Look Like (Teacher’s Perspective) This North Mason School District teacher, Rachel Sites, shares her perspective in an effort “to paint a picture of what the process can look and feel like” http://tpep-wa.org/wp-content/uploads/TPEP-Capturing_Learning_Pts-Sect-5.pdf
  7. 7. + What is the Plan?  The district and site administrator need a plan to successfully implement TPEP  District leadership needs to have and communicate the evaluation process at the building.  What about district and school culture? What are the plans for sustained professional growth?
  8. 8. + What Part Does the Principal and/or Teacher Play?  Principal      Create a culture focused on professional development and data driven dialogues. Set up and follow timelines and meetings. Locate resources for teachers to support them on the journey.  Tpep-wa.org; iTunes University; CEL, Danielson or Marzano framework books and resources Celebrate accomplishments. Teacher    Participate and collaborate with others to enhance practice to increase student achievement. Utilize the growing resources and tools to support your professional growth with the new evaluation system. Communicate with your principal and/or TPEP support person regarding any questions or suggestions that will support individual professional growth needs.