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Data pp by emily ross for ed psych510


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Data pp by emily ross for ed psych510

  1. 1. Data . . . Giving You Resources 6 Selected Articles Emily Ross EdPsych 510
  2. 2. What the Right Data Can Do Edie Holcomb How do you improve student learning and growth? Emily Ross EdPsych 510
  3. 3. Straw Men and Performance Assessment Dr. Douglas Reeves Testing – done WELL and balanced – should be a staple of education Emily Ross EdPsych 510
  4. 4. Multiple Measures Victoria Berhardt Use data effectively to: 1. understand student growth 2. apply it effectively for change Emily Ross EdPsych 510
  5. 5. Building a High-Performing Data Culture Nancy Love Effectively improve student learning regardless of demographic differences using collaborative inquiry Emily Ross EdPsych 510
  6. 6. Taking Data to New Depths Nancy Love Analyzing data in a sound and productive way “superficial data analysis can be worse than none” Emily Ross EdPsych 510
  7. 7. Coming to Terms With Classroom Assessment Frey and Schmitt Understand definitions of differing assessments before attempting to utilize them Emily Ross EdPsych 510
  8. 8. Data . . . Giving You Resources Emily Ross EdPsych 510 Be smart . . .