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GE디지털 월드테크(GE Digital Wurldtech)


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GE 월드테크는 디바이스 제조사와 시스템 운영자와 함께 사이버 위협으로부터 중요 인프라를 보호하고 있습니다.

Wurldtech, a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric
Company (NYSE: GE), works with device manufacturers and system operators to protect critical infrastructure against cyber threats.

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GE디지털 월드테크(GE Digital Wurldtech)

  1. 1. Fact Sheet Overview Wurldtech, a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), works with device manufacturers and system operators to protect critical infrastructure against cyber threats. Customers benefit from Wurldtech’s industrial mindset, operational technology (OT) cyber security expertise and purpose-built technology. As part of GE, the Digital Industrial Company, Wurldtech customers can leverage GE’s deep experience as a leading global company for over 120 years. The result for customers is increased operational integrity, regulatory compliance, and increased safety of people, processes and equipment. Wurldtech was founded in 2006 and acquired by GE in 2014. It is part of GE Digital. Products and Services • The Achilles Test Platform (ATP) is used by manufacturers of control systems and critical infrastructure to minimize vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. The ATP is a leading communications robustness test platform designed to monitor network and operational parameters, allowing vulnerabilities to be discovered, identified and resolved before products are introduced to the market. • OpShield is a security solution designed to protect control systems and operational technology (OT) assets. It provides protection from cyber threats and vulnerabilities in operational environments, and delivers defense-in-depth for oil & gas, power generation, transportation, healthcare and other industries. OpShield monitors and blocks malicious activity and minimizes disruptions to enable highly available operations and secure productivity. • Wurldtech Services help organizations understand the risks to their operations, design effective cyber security strategies and deploy the right operational resilience measures to protect people, processes and technology. The suite of services includes: – Security Health Check Services – quickly understand current security posture and immediate threats – Security Assessment Services – address critical vulnerabilities and long-term security improvement needs – Security Training Services – improve the cyber security knowledge base for executives, operators and developers – Software Security Services – mitigate software vulnerabilities before they can be exploited – Device Security Services – address device design flaws and reduce the risk of disruption – Security Certification Services – ensure security controls and processes meet or exceed industry and regulatory benchmarks Key Customer Benefits • Optimize uptime • Secure operational assets Wurldtech A GE Company
  2. 2. fact sheet © 2016 General Electric Company – All rights reserved. GE and the GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company. No part of this document may be distributed, reproduced or posted without the express written permission of General Electric Company. This document and its contents are provided "as is," with no representation of warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of design, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. All other liability arising from reliance upon any information contained herein is expressly disclaimed. GEA32351 (06/2016) Wurldtech Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Improve regulatory compliance • Enforce supplier security • Support process integrity Vertical Markets Served Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Distribution, Transportation and Healthcare Revenues Wurldtech is a division of GE Digital. GE Digital is a $6B software and analytics company within GE. By connecting over 50B devices, GE Digital will help industry obtain unprecedented levels of efficiency. Wurldtech is challenged with ensuring that those connected assets are protected and can participate in the Industrial Internet safely and securely. Number of Employees GE Digital has 30,000 employees in over 100 countries and Wurldtech has several hundred employees worldwide. Communications/Media Contact Connie Higgins, Wurldtech 1-510-362-6812 For more information or a product trial, please contact Wurldtech sales: Toll free: 1-877-369-6674 1-604-669-6674 Email: or visit our website at