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The Medical Quality Improvement Consortium from
GE Healthcare is a rapidly growing community of over 500
Centricity* Practice Solution (CPS) and Centricity EMR (CEMR)
customers who contribute de-identified patient clinical data to
a centralized data warehouse to enable quality benchmarking,
Meaningful Use reporting, public health reporting, and research
opportunities. Data from over 25,000 providers and approximately 25 million unique patient records are represented in
the data warehouse today.

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Centricity Practice Solution MQIC Info

  1. 1. Medical QualityImprovement Consortium (MQIC)Quality Reporting Services and Quality Submission ServicesThe Medical Quality Improvement Consortium fromGE Healthcare is a rapidly growing community of over 500Centricity* Practice Solution (CPS) and Centricity EMR (CEMR)customers who contribute de-identified patient clinical data toa centralized data warehouse to enable quality benchmarking,Meaningful Use reporting, public health reporting, and researchopportunities. Data from over 25,000 providers and approxi-mately 25 million unique patient records are represented inthe data warehouse today.Becoming an MQIC member requires no additional out-of-pocketexpense for CPS and CEMR customers. An important benefit ofmembership is access to Quality Reporting Services through aweb-based portal as well as the Quality and Reporting tab inCPS version 10. Quality reports for programs such as MeaningfulUse and PQRS, are included with support for more programsplanned. These reports help members stay current on regulatoryand incentive programs. Clinicians and practices can benchmarktheir performance on quality measures against recognizedstandards, and the reports can be used to determine whetherpatients are receiving evidence-based care.Quality Reporting Services leverages your secure internetconnection to extract and transmit de-identified clinical data toGE Healthcare’s HIPAA-compliant data warehouse on a nightlybasis. Specific patient identifiers and other protected informationare deleted from the data prior to transmission. Consistent clinicalvocabularies and a data harmonization process are used toensure data consistency and report accuracy.Quality Submission Services is an additional offering thatfacilitates participation in quality programs including thePhysicians’ Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and ElectronicPrescribing (eRx) programs. GE Healthcare has the capabilityto submit MQIC members’ quality data to CMS for purposes ofqualifying for both programs. As a certified vendor, MQIC offersa selection of PQRS measures and has submitted annual reportson behalf of over 3,500 providers. This service is available at amodest additional fee.Quality Reporting Services and Quality Submission Servicesare essential components of GE Healthcare’s certified solutions(CPS and CEMR versions 9.5 and above) for the Meaningful UseEHR Incentive Program. MQIC members are using QualityReporting Services to generate reports necessary for theMeaningful Use attestation process.Supporting Clinical Research through the vast wealth ofde-identified clinical data contained within MQIC, GE Healthcareand its partners use the data for quality initiatives and otherprojects related to healthcare improvement and disease reporting.Projects have included the determination of risk factors forH1N1 influenza to enable early surveillance in a real-world,ambulatory setting. MQIC members make a significantcontribution to the advancement of clinical knowledge andpublic health by contributing to this valuable data resource.
  2. 2. © 2012 General Electric Company – All rights reserved. General Electric Company reserves the right to makechanges in specifications and features shown herein,or discontinue the product described at any time withoutnotice or obligation. Contact your GE Representativefor the most current information. GE and GE Monogram are trademarks of GeneralElectric Company.* Centricity is a registered trademark ofGeneral Electric Company. GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric Company.† Modest additional feeGE HealthcareMedical Quality Improvement Consortium540 West Northwest HighwayBarrington, IL 60010U.S.A.MQIC@ge.comwww.gehealthcare.com/MQICMQIC Membership Benefits• Quality Reporting Services allows practices to benchmarktheir performance against evidence-based care guidelines• Quality Submission Services provides a reporting service forprograms such as PQRS and eRx†• Quality reports, including those used for Meaningful Use,are directly integrated into Centricity Practice Solutionversion 10 and are available to all users through the MQICweb portal• Clinical data are de-identified, cleaned, and harmonized topermit standardized reporting and data analysis• De-identified clinical data contribute to population-basedresearch projects• MQIC membership and Quality Reporting Services areavailable at no additional cost for CPS and CEMR customersFor More InformationTo join MQIC, or to schedule a demonstration to see the benefitsof MQIC first hand, please contact us at MQIC@ge.com. You canalso visit www.gehealthcare.com/MQIC for information on howGE Healthcare helps you demonstrate the quality of care youdeliver to your patients.Customer SuccessCoxHealth, a three-hospital organization with more than 60 physician clinics and over 480 physicians,cites the success they have had through use of GE Healthcare’s MQIC Quality Submission Services:“ The GE Healthcare IT team pulled off quite a feat with the CMS PQRS reporting project.GE’s MQIC service has provided our organization with a viable avenue for participating inthe PQRS program. We had declined to use the claims-based method for data submission,due to the administrative complexity of this option and the significant time investment.Until GE’s MQIC registry certification, we just didn’t see the advantage of the PQRS programin terms of a return on investment. The government’s new HITECH Act for Healthcare hasmade it clear that quality outcomes measurement is increasingly important, and we believewe are prepared to take advantage of this focus, through our use of MQIC andCentricity EMR.” Sharon Duvall, MT(ASCP) and CPHQ Performance Improvement Facilitator