Going beyond Meaningful Use with EMR solutions from the Centricity portfolio


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The IT tools and services you need now.
The support you need for the future.
GE Healthcare is focused on providing customers with the
partnership they need to demonstrate Meaningful Use. Our
comprehensive EMR solutions from the Centricity portfolio, deep
domain expertise, company stability, and most importantly our
customer relationships help us provide the tools and services
to help drive improved care and lower costs for more patients.

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Going beyond Meaningful Use with EMR solutions from the Centricity portfolio

  1. 1. Going beyond Meaningful Usewith EMR solutions from theCentricity portfolio
  2. 2. The IT tools and services you need now.The support you need for the future.GE Healthcare is focused on providing customers with thepartnership they need to demonstrate Meaningful Use. Ourcomprehensive EMR solutions from the Centricity portfolio, deepdomain expertise, company stability, and most importantly ourcustomer relationships help us provide the tools and servicesto help drive improved care and lower costs for more patients.A comprehensive Meaningful Use packageComponents for your Stage 1 ToolkitEMR PlatformGE Healthcare offers two EMR platforms to meet the complexneeds of practices. Both are certified as complete EHRs forMeaningful Use under the 2011 criteria.Centricity Practice SolutionAn integrated ambulatory Electronic Medical Record(EMR) and practice management system, CentricityPractice Solution provides the core functionality neededby clinicians and by the front office and billing staff.Centricity EMRA proven ambulatory EMR system, Centricity EMRprovides the core functionality, needed by clinicianswhen a standalone EMR is desired. This solutionintegrates well with revenue cycle management,patient management, and practice managementsolutions from GE Healthcare and other vendors.These certified solutions provide an excellent foundationfor demonstrating measures required by the Centers forMedicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In combinationwith the GE Healthcare offerings outlined in the followingpages, your organization will have a comprehensivesolution for Meaningful Use and beyond.Patient Portal(Required)GE Healthcare’s patient portals extend your providers’ workflowout to patients with easy-to-use self-service tools that easilyintegrate into or help create your practice’s web presence. Theyprovide a secure online channel for patients to communicatewith providers, complete pre- and post-visit forms, request anappointment, and view and download their personal healthinformation, thus helping to satisfy Meaningful Use Patient andFamily Engagement criteria.Secure Clinical Messaging(Recommended)Messaging allows your providers to securely communicatewith each other, with providers outside the walls of yourhealthcare organization, and with patients. This value-added functionality is helpful in meeting CMS requirementsrelated to exchanging clinical data as well as increasingpatient and family engagement.“Using Centricity Practice Solution allows us to keepahead of the game to fulfill the Meaningful Userequirements. Beyond the financial incentives,Meaningful Use is actually more about high qualityand efficient medical practice – it’s about doingwhat we do best.”John Berneike, MDSt. Mark’s Family Medicine ResidencyUtah HealthCare InstituteSalt Lake City, Utah
  3. 3. Interfaces(Required)Interface utilities support the easy exchange of lab results,billing information, demographics, clinical notes, and otherdata between the EMR system and third-party systems.Lab Interface Configuration(Recommended)This configuration service enables your practice to easilyimport clinical lab tests from regional and nationallaboratories as structured results into the EMR.Public Health Agency Interfaces(At least one is required)Immunization Registry Interface ConfigurationThis configuration enables proper implementation of theinterface for many state-specified immunization registries.Public Health Syndromic SurveillanceInterface ConfigurationThis configuration service enables the proper submissionof clinical data to public health agencies such as thosesupporting cities, counties, states, or even nationally.Centricity Clinical Content (CCC) form set(Recommended)This collection of pre-built forms and templates enablesphysicians and other clinicians to easily enter data intothe EMR system in a structured way for analysis. Capturingdata in a structured manner is a key component in manyof the Meaningful Use measures, and is an inherentfeature of Centricity Practice Solution and Centricity EMRavailable to users of pre-built or custom-built forms.Visual Form Editor(Recommended)Developing encounter forms that match the providers’workflow makes it easier to capture the right data at theright time. As your practice evolves, Visual Form Editorhelps providers incorporate care model improvementsinto daily practice. GE Healthcare’s use of standardizedclinical definitions sets the EMR software from the Centricityportfolio apart from other offerings because it enablesusers to more easily share forms and compare data.Quality Reporting ServicesPre-built quality reports allow you to easily evaluate yourcapability to meet quality performance measurements,including Meaningful Use requirements, so you are notburdened with pulling data and creating custom reports.When you become a member of our Medical QualityImprovement Consortium (MQIC), you receive access toQuality Reporting Services at no cost. De-identified datais processed by a secure, HIPAA-compliant data warehouse,which then provides access to clear and actionable reportsto quality administrators and physicians.Quality Submission ServicesThis premium service facilitates participation in qualityprograms including the Physicians’ Quality Reporting System(PQRS), the Electronic Prescribing incentive program (eRx),and Bridges to Excellence Diabetes Recognition program.GE Healthcare has the capability to submit members’ qualitydata to CMS and others for purposes of qualifying for thesespecific programs. Modest fees apply for this service.
  4. 4. By your side with Services and SupportMeaningful Use/EMR Managers WorkshopEngage with GE Healthcare experts in a dedicated trainingsession to understand how Centricity Practice Solutionand Centricity EMR functionality can help you demonstrateMeaningful Use and evaluate your organization’s progressin adopting your EMR.Customer Education ServicesGet the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to adoptCentricity Practice Solution and Centricity EMR and theright workflows to help you achieve Meaningful Use – fromoverall infrastructure and technology to managing effectivechange to software-specific solutions. We offer an array offlexible learning options to meet your individual training needsincluding classroom and online training options or you canwork with an expert to design your own training plan.Meaningful Use AssessmentsTo make sure you are on the fast-track to realize thepotential of the ARRA HITECH program, GE Healthcareoffers value-added Meaningful Use assessment services.Once the installation of Centricity Practice Solution orCentricity EMR is complete, you can contract with ourEMR Consulting Team for a special on-site Meaningful Useassessment to help you understand your progress towarddemonstrating the Meaningful Use criteria. GE consultantswill assess your practice’s use of Centricity Practice Solutionor Centricity EMR, including incorporation of decision supportand ePrescribing into workflows, applications such as apatient portal, and interface and interoperability functions.Your practice will receive an evaluation scorecard for planningany optimizations and help in creating an action plan tomake full use of your EMR capabilities.World-class Customer SupportOur committed GE Healthcare support engineers and ITprofessionals are dedicated to supporting customers atevery step towards achieving Meaningful Use and beyond.“The solutions that GE Healthcare offers go beyondsolely offering an EMR, but also include critical solutionsfor patient engagement and communication. Togetherwith their MQIC service for quality improvement andreporting, GE Healthcare has made readiness forMeaningful Use very straightforward for us. We choseCentricity because there is such a partnership betweenGE Healthcare and its users.”Alice Masciarelli, RNAdministrator at DentonCommunity Health ClinicDenton, Texas
  5. 5. Going Beyond Meaningful Use:Optimizing Your InvestmentA number of additional technology solutionsand consulting services can help you go beyondmeeting Meaningful Use requirements and makeoptimal use of your solution from the Centricityportfolio. Our customers have found the ability toincorporate voice-activation, faxing and documentmanagement solutions, and Centricity ElectronicData Interchange (CEDI) to be just a few powerfulexamples of components that help you get evenmore out of your solution. In addition, GE Healthcareoffers a wide variety of professional consultingservices ranging from EMR optimization to revenuecycle health checks. Contact your GE Healthcarerepresentative at centricity@ge.com for further details.
  6. 6. Stage 1 Meaningful Use CriteriaThe following table lists the Stage 1 functional measures thatyou will report to CMS about your Meaningful Use of EMRtechnologies through attestation. Next to each measureis a brief description of how the above solutions fromGE Healthcare can help you meet each requirement. With acomprehensive solution from GE Healthcare, your practicecan go beyond Meaningful Use to build your best practice.Core SetCriteria Requirement How GE Healthcare solutions can help1 CPOE used for medication orders 30% Add medications and prescriptions directly intoa patient’s chart with Centricity Practice Solution(CPS) or Centricity EMR (C-EMR)2 Drug to drug, drug to allergy interaction checks Y/N Be alerted to interaction checks throughout theclinical components of CPS or C-EMR3 Prescriptions transmitted electronicallywhen permissible40% Electronically prescribe medications directly topharmacies and mail order from CPS or C-EMR4 Problems entered as structured dataor none noted80% Add problems based on ICD-9 to a patient’sproblem list with CPS or C-EMR5 Medications entered as structured dataor none noted80% Add medications leveraging industry-acceptedcodes to a patient’s medication list with CPSor C-EMR6 Allergies entered as structured dataor none noted80% Add medication allergies using the same codesas medications to a patient’s allergy list to enableinteraction checking with CPS or C-EMR7 Demographics entered as structured data 50% Enter all required demographic fields directly oraccept through an interface with CPS or C-EMR8 Vital signs are recorded in patients’ charts 50% Leverage the Centricity Clinical Content formsto enter vital signs9 Smoking status recorded in patients over 13 y/o 50% Leverage the Centricity Clinical Content formsto enter smoking status10 Implement 1 clinical decision support rulerelevant to specialty or high clinical priorityY/N Leverage the Centricity Clinical Content forms toprompt you when tests such as a HgbA1c is due11 Report quality measures to CMS – 3 core(up to 3 alt core) and 3 othersY/N Use Quality Reporting Services to easily determinethe numerator, denominator, and exclusions foreach quality measures, and once required by CMS,automatically submit these values electronicallywith Performance Reporting12 Upon request, provide patient electroniccopy of health information within 3 days(diagnosis results, prob/med/allergy)*50% Communicate with patients via secured emailwith secure clinical messaging13 Clinical summaries provided for each office visitwithin 3 days50% Deliver visit summaries with secure clinicalmessaging14 Test certified EMR to electronically exchangekey clinical data**Y/N Securely exchange clinical information withsecure clinical messaging15 Conduct or review security risk analysis andimplement security updatesY/N Have the confidence that GE’s solutions supportthe proper tools by being certified such that yourhealthcare organization can implement soundsecurity processes* Starting in 2014, this Stage 1 measure will be replaced with a Stage 1 measure to enable more than50% of patients to view online, download, and transmit health information within 4 days.** Required only through 2012 for Stage 1 and will be replaced by more robust requirements in Stage 2.
  7. 7. Menu Sets (select 5 of 10, with one of the 5 addressing either public reporting option)Criteria Requirement How GE Healthcare Solutions can help1 Provide drug formulary check Y/N Review drug formulary information withelectronic prescribing in CPS or C-EMR2 Clinical lab tests (neg/pos or numeric) are enteredas structured data50% Receive lab tests from national laboratories,hospitals, etc. through supported standardswith the interface engine3 Generate lists of patients with specific conditionsto use for quality improvements, standardizedmanagement, or outreachY/N Execute an inquiry in CPS or C-EMR to easilyidentify patients meeting conditions or requiringfollow-up care4 Provide patient electronic access to healthinformation (lab results, prob/med/allergy lists)*10% Enable patients to easily access the clinicalinformation via a patient portal5 Send reminders to patient (per patientpreference) for preventive care/follow-up20% Use inquiries in CPS and secure clinical messagingto effectively provide reminders to patients6 Provide patient education materials 10% Easily provide the patient an electronic copyin several ways, such as a patient portal, securemessage or a secure thumb drive7 Perform medication reconciliation of relevantencounters and each transition of care50% Reconcile medications for patients, leveragingthe electronic prescribing functions withinCPS or C-EMR8 Provide care summary for each transition ofcare and referral50% Provide care summaries with secure clinicalmessaging9 Test certified EMR capacity to submit electronicdata to immunization registryY/N Submit information to state supportedimmunization registries with immunizationinterfaces10 Test certified EMR capacity to submit electronicdata to public health agenciesY/N Submit clinical data to a variety of public healthagencies (city, country, state, etc.) with theassistance of custom interface solutions* Starting in 2014, this Stage 1 measure will be replaced with a Stage 1 measure to enable more than50% of patients to view online, download, and transmit health information within 4 days.For the latest certification information,visit www.gehealthcare.com/meaningfuluse
  8. 8. © 2013 General Electric Company – All rights reserved.General Electric Company reserves the right to make changes in specifications andfeatures shown herein, or discontinue the product described at any time without noticeor obligation. Contact your GE Representative for the most current information.*GE, the GE Monogram, Centricity and imagination at work are trademarks ofGeneral Electric Company.GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric Company.About GE HealthcareGE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologiesand services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Our broadexpertise in medical imaging and information technologies,medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery,biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performanceimprovement and performance solutions services help ourcustomers to deliver better care to more people around the worldat a lower cost. In addition, we partner with healthcare leaders,striving to leverage the global policy change necessary toimplement a successful shift to sustainable healthcare systems.Our “healthymagination” vision for the future invites the worldto join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovationsfocused on reducing costs, increasing access and improvingquality around the world. Headquartered in the United Kingdom,GE Healthcare is a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE).Worldwide, GE Healthcare employees are committed to servinghealthcare professionals and their patients in more than 100countries. For more information about GE Healthcare, visit ourwebsite at www.gehealthcare.com.GE Healthcare540 West Northwest HighwayBarrington, IL 60010U.S.A.@GEHealthcareITVisit the GE Healthcare IT blog athttp://www.ge-health-it-views.com/