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Why Efficiency Matters. See how just a 1% gain saves you millions in TCO.


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When you talk efficiency, you have to understand Total Cost of Ownership.

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Why Efficiency Matters. See how just a 1% gain saves you millions in TCO.

  1. 1. GE Critical Power Look closer at power eYciency. See how just a 1% gain saves you millions in tco.
  2. 2. Data Centers Use Approximately 3% of all Electricity Generated in the US 55% Server 12% Electrical Distribution Losses 3% Lighting 30% Cooling
  3. 3. What is tco? Total Cost of Ownership tco = CapEx + OpExp ( ( ) ) ( ( ) ) tco is a critical metric to understanding true and long-term costs when designing a new facility or selecting new equipment. When You Talk ups EYciency, You Have to Understand tco
  4. 4. IT Server (3 yr. Life) UPS (10 yr. Life) $500,000 $400,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 0 1 MW 1 MW Equipment Type (Life in yrs.) Energy Op Ex ($ MM) 2-3 Years Typical Server life span 10-15 Years Typical ups life span Data Center tco evaluations for an asset like a server, with a typical life span of two to three years, is a very different calculation than the long-term critical power requirements of a complete data center with a life span of 10 to 15 years. Assessing Your Equipment Life To realize long-term beneWts and cost savings of a tco evaluation and purchase model, data center managers have an opportunity to align their CapEx-centric purchasing team to the OpEx goals of their operational teams. ” HARRY HANDLIN Director of Critical Power Applications GE’s Critical Power Business “
  5. 5. 96.5% a tco evaluation of the OpEx costs of operating a ups over 10 years creates an operational savings of $1.4 million when energy eYciency improves a single percent − from 93 to 94 percent eYciency. With newer ups technologies that oVer up to 96.5 percent eYciency, that savings jumps to almost $3.4 million. Therefore, a one percent gain in energy eYciency matters. Scenario 2 10 1 Megawatt UPS’s At $0.10 KW/hr Over 10 Years With 94% Efficiency Will Cost $10.7 Million Why 1% Matters Scenario 1 10 1 Megawatt UPS’s At $1.4 Over 10 Years With 93% Efficiency Will Cost $12.1 Million Million in Savings $0.10 KW/hr
  6. 6. (10 MW data center/10 yr. life, $.10 kW/hr.) $7.3 $10.7 $12.1 $2.9 $2.9 $2.9 96.5% 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 94% 93% $4.4 $7.8 $9.2 OpEx CapEx Total cost of ownership (tco), the sum of capital expenditures (CapEx) and operational expenditures (OpEx), is a critical metric to understanding true and long-term costs when designing a new facility or selecting equipment. Yet with the explosion of data center expansion, identifying tco variables when specifying, building and operating a data center may be more elusive, costing companies millions of dollars every year. tco vs. EYciency
  7. 7. Case Study: CoreSpace When running a data center, there are a few things that are just key to the business…reliability, eYciency, supportability…and availability… because your customers require you to be online and working 24/7. LIANA DUNLAP President & ceo CoreSpace ” “ Click the play button to view the Video Case Study on YouTube
  8. 8. Before: DISTRIBUTED UPS 100kVA ANNUALLY 345,000 BTUs 230UPSs After: CENTRALIZED UPS 32kVA ANNUALLY 2UPSs 14,000 BTUs Reliability & Uptime • ups back-up and power quality • Improved server uptime and customer service • Cut it staff hours responding to ups or power-related issues ROI • 25% ahead on planned three-year roi • Recaptured valuable floor space • Lowered battery replacement cost Why Percentages Matter for CoreSpace ge’s eBoost Impact Energy Efficiency to the Extreme • $88,800 in annual energy savings • 99% efficiency in eBoost mode • 96% reduction in btu energy and cooling
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